Nikki Reed: Why Twilight is Popular

MTV: What’s the biggest difference, in your personal opinion, between the three “Twilight” books currently being filmed as the “Saga”?

Nikki Reed:
The biggest difference? Well, I know the similarities — it’s an ongoing love story. I guess the action increases and the excitement and visual stimulation. But I think “New Moon” really revolves around this intense love triangle, and with “Eclipse,” it’s more heightened.

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  1. silver-swallow says:

    love her so much!!! ashley greene always seems to get the attention as well as kristen for being everyones favourite twilight girl. Nikki often isnt mentioned becase she plays a character that many people aren’t fond of. I’ll admit that I actually like Rosalie and her bitchy ways, and out of all the cullen girls, im team Nikki through and through!!! she’s awsome, such a sweetheart. hope we see many more interviews with her to come.

  2. I’m not to good at getting my point across but I’ll try:

    I’ve read the books twice. TWILIGHT: The biggest difference to me is the subtlety sensitivity
    of falling in love and knowing it’s dangerous but you love someone so much that danger doesn’t matter. I know Edward and Bella are meant to be together. The book and the movie gave me that same message, so no really big difference that way. However, in the movie not one scene of any of the Cullen’s actually “feeding” on an animal. I’m cool with that; I’ll let my imagination do what it does best. We didn’t see in the film the actual “feeding” of the Nomads either. We did however witness the dismemberment of James with the twisting off the neck, the fire and all that. YA/RATED PG-13
    New Moon – once again RATED PG-13. I didn’t watch the movie yet so it’s hard to comment, obviously…. THE BOOK however, I’m ok with it being YA/PG-13. From Twilight Lexicon I’m reminded that: Bella is horrified by the killing of the tourists & after learning that Gianna is fully aware of the Volturi’s feeding practices and hopes to become one of them, Bella feels disgusted. The feeding…… will that be in the movie, or left to our imagination?
    Eclipse & Breaking Dawn – oh my gosh! Here is were my biggest concerns come in. Rated PG-13 for the sake of the following, can you imagine how angry all those teenagers will be if it’s rated R? I think if they keep true to the book and rate it R, I will not be surprised? The honeymoon, Bella’s first “feeding”, the army of new vampires, the birth of Renesmee, Jacob keeping Bella warm in the tent from the book…. I can go on and on but I’m sure you get it. I hope they explain the imprinting thing properly so Jacob doesn’t look like a ….? cuz of the age thing. . . . . . I’m finished here. Either way, I’ll love the movie(s) no matter what I’ll always have my books (Thank you Stephenie) and I’ll start on my 3rd time around reading ‘em
    BTW – I watched the Haunted Airman and still wondering why it was rated R.

  3. Rosalie's Pain says:

    Am I the only one who is over Taylor Lutner. Not only that, but at the end of New Moon and through Eclipse he seemed like a cry baby because Bella did not want to be with him. Moving on. I love Rosalie, her and Leah Clearwater are by far my favorite characters. Okay, everyone says that Rosalie is mean to Bella in the first three books. Fair enough, I read the books and felt the same way. However Rosalie did explain to Bella her reasons for her behavior. My other point, Edward is also a jerk to Bella throughout the first three books. Yes, he loves her and would not want to hurt her, but Rosalie does not want to hurt Bella either. Besides, lets not forget that at the end of New Moon, Rosalie and Edward vote against Bella becoming a vampire.

  4. I too disliked Rosalie (and think Nikki Reed did an excellent job of making that easy for me! LOL). But the more I think about it, the more I’m changing my mind about her character.

    I LOVE Emmett…who doesn’t?? And Emmett obviously sees something worthwhile in Rose that WE don’t! I think she has a softer side that only he sees. It would be interesting to know more about their personal relationship in the story…

    Hmmmm…..that’s a great idea for a fanfic!!!! (I’m thinking now….)

  5. One of the many things I liked about Eclipse was the twist in regards to Rosalie’s “hatred” of Bella. We come to understand her better as a character after she tells Bella how she ended up becoming a vampire and why she wants Bella to weigh all the options first. It was good transistion into Breaking Dawn and the reason why Bella would call Rosalie for help and not Alice. I can’t wait to see the next two films. I hope for those that have not read the books yet,will be able to follow the storylines as they get even more complex than the first

  6. It appears that my comment doesn’t belong here. Sorry about that. I don’t know what I was thinking!

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