Hot Topic: Times Square Preliminary Details

The Trinty Blog did a little investigation and has the following photos and information from their trip.

“Alright, here’s the scoop we got from a Toys R Us employee who just so happened to be a total TwiHard herself (made it easier to pry information out of her!):

– This exclusive Hot Topic/New Moon “boutique” is not currently open to the public. It is believed to be opening this weekend, possibly as early as tomorrow. The Volturi chairs still need to be hung and they haven’t finished stocking the shelves and putting out all the merch (yes, there is MORE than what you see!).

– The dirtbikes and Volturi chairs are OFFICIAL from the New Moon set in Vancouver – they are inaccessible to the public. Basically, they are a “look don’t touch” type of deal. As mentioned above, the Volturi chairs will be hung up high out of reach of the public.

– This exclusive Hot Topic/New Moon “boutique” will run through December – which means you better get there ASAP!”

See more on the Trinity blog and realize that Hot Topic/Toys R Us Still have details to iron out here. There absolutely will be an event in Times Square, just what is happening and what the procedure is,  is a bit unclear at present.

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  1. Wish I lived in NY! It would be great to see the actual props from the movie.

    • according to the toys r us website, when u buy $50 worth of twilight merch u will get a bracelet for a autograph signing with kellan lutz and nikki reed @ 4:00 pm.

  2. Okay did I totally missed something what is going on in NY at Toys R US?

  3. Oh sweet-I work in Midtown

  4. Yeah I just called them and they are like ” We don’t have anything scheduled for that day” lol

  5. Why do I have to live in Montreal? My parents won’t let me go there alone, and they can’t come with me because they’ll be busy. Plus, I have school. I need to go.

  6. Anne Marie says:

    The Times Sq event isnt like the other HT ones, right? Where you have to be there at 8am tomorrow? Thanks!

  7. Summit needs to give some more information about the NY event. Everyone from the Hot Topic has no idea what is going on. Most of them say there is nothing happening tomorrow. *confused here* we need info!!

  8. i was at the store today nobody knows whats happening they told the customer service people on the ground floor level to call the events number which dosent say anything about twilight anything

  9. Does that mean no wrist bands tomorrow?

  10. Could they be afraid to announce it, or maybe its secret from their employees to because of leaks, I mean, someone leaked the pics right? They may be afraid of a stampede.

  11. I was there this afternoon! I couldn’t understand why all that merch was there lol this explains it. BTW it’s definately open to the public now =)

  12. I passed by the store this afternoon and didn’t know it was there!! I’m going tomorrow, you can be sure! I really want a “Team Edward” Hoodie and a picture with the motorcycles

  13. I want to go to this so bad. But I’m on my way to the Hot Topic in Utah so I can get my wristband !
    I think the people in NY will get Kristen, Rob and Taylor. They don’t want to let the cat out of the bag maybe.

  14. so give me the bad news, time square, did they give out wristbands?

  15. so, now I called toys r us they said no hot topi in their store. that the news on web was error! BS I dont beleive it.didnt ppl go to store and see it for themselves?
    soooo confused

  16. I just called like 20 mins ago and they said no Hot Topic store + the guy who answered seemed really pissed!! like a lot of people have been calling today!

  17. Stood in the rain at ToysRUs Hot Topic from 4:00 this morning to 8:00 to get Twilight Tour wristbands and when the store opened they didn’t have the wristbands – they were sorry “for the inconvenience”.

    • OMG!!!! What happend twifriend…. in the article they said that they were not doing anything at this store..i think everyone got confused….

    • Yeah my friend and I went there too around 10:30 am and they explained that the event in New York is going to be held differently. But they wouldn’t fill us in on it yet. I don’t believe they know themselves.

      We felt so silly dressed up as Alice and Jasper just for the occasion too. But at least the employees knew who we were, one even said she wished there was a bracelet she could give us. I did buy some new moon merc also to make up for the trip.

  18. I went to the store tonight and no bracelet… But i bought some stuff to wear on the event, whenever it is

  19. I was just in New york, and i saw it in person friday it was open, i have pictures of everything if anyone would like, just email me.

  20. Hi all! 1st time I am posting here…just wanted to share the info I received tonight from inside sources that I have…The Regis and Kelly show is blacked out from 11/18 thru 11/20th due to Twilight New Moon ( I was only able to get tix from inside sources for 11/17…not so sad after hearing Keanu Reeves is on the guest list! Most of the events in Times Square, NYC is geared for younger fans. But…I was informed that there will be an outdoor Times Square event ( the stage is already being setup as I am writing this!) as well as an outdoor gated area for fans for the Today Show, which starts at 7 am…God only knows what time fans should arrive to secure a good location/position!!??? Also learned there will be a 9:30 pm screening of NM w/cast…somewhere near Times Square…will hopefully have more info on that in the hours to come :-/ All the best who will have their wishes granted and to those who have not…there is always You Tube and Awesome fan sites to lesson the depression!!! XO to all!

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