David Slade Tweets Xavier Samuel Photo

David Slade Tweeted a picture of Xavier Samuel in character as Riley. David said, “In celebration of wrap first Eclipse cast photo Xavier Samuels between set ups as Riley Biers.”  Well, looks like we now know what Riley’s last name is, at least in movieverse.


  1. nnnatalie says:

    oooh, biers 🙂

    i like it 🙂

  2. If the photos that DS posts have anything to do withthe photography of the movie and the atmosphere that Eclipse is going to have, then I have to say that I am truly excited!!!

  3. hes hot. too bad he is SUPPOSE to be a minor role.

    • What’s your point? He’s part of the cast, no matter how small his role, and David is showing a cast photo.

  4. Fianlly, an actual cast photo from Mr.Slade. Love the dark and rustic feel. Looks great.

  5. wow I love this guys photography!

  6. I promise, he looks just like I imagined. The only other one that did for me was Kellan, he looked like the Emmett in my head. I can’t imagine different ones now, but before I had different images of the rest. The pic is very good. TY David

    • I love seeing the actors picked for certain roles. Even though I know the characters are supposed to be young looking, with names like Eleazar, I always picture an old man with a long gray beard. Caius looks nothing like how I imagined, and I’m glad.