Alex Meraz: People’s Sexy Man

In the issue that hits stands in November, Alex Meraz is featured as People magazine’s “Sexy Man of the Week”. According to People you can “…pick up a copy of this week’s issue to see the super-hot photo!  He spoke to People during his photo shoot about when he feels his sexiest, what he finds sexy in others and what he did to get his body ready to play Paul in New Moon.”

See the video here.


  1. Rosalie's Pain says:

    Um, I have to say, there is something about a masculine men’s man. I think Alex does a great job as Paul and the way he goes about protecting his people. Who doesn’t like a guy to protect them and make them feel safe. Not only that but he is the HOTTEST warewolf!

  2. I love alex he is great paul i couldn’t picture anyone else and yes he is the definition of sexy. cant wait to see his up coming movie

  3. @ Rosalie i agree i love taylor put alex has him hands down they are the best two looking wolfs

  4. I’d like an order of Alex Meraz to go, please!

  5. The guy’s happily married. Darn it…

    But a girl can still look….

  6. He’s probably the sexiest man i have ever seen , like seriously , he’s like so HOT !

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