Underage Actors, Sexy Poses, Double Standard?

Yahoo raises an interesting question regarding under age actors and sexy modeling shoots.

“Remember the huge uproar in April 2008, when 15-year-old Miley Cyrus appeared in “Vanity Fair” wrapped in a sheet, with her right shoulder and the top of her back visible, implying that, under the sheet, she wasn’t wearing a shirt? That week, the cover of the New York Post read “Miley’s Shame,” the Christian Coalition called for the Hannah Montana star’s employer, Disney, to reprimand the teenager, and finally Miley was forced to apologize in a statement to People Magazine, saying: “I never intended for any of this to happen, and I am truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone.” The pandemonium was so huge that critics ranging from the ladies of “The View”, to Bill O’Reilly, to Miley’s fellow Disney star Joe Jonas all expressed their disapproval over what they saw as the sexualization of a child to sell magazines.

Now, with the premiere of his movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” less than a month away, magazines, websites, and TV are blanketed with images of 17-year-old star Taylor Lautner, shirtless and showing off the body he trained for months to perfect for the role. And yet, none of the cultural critics who turned Miley’s photos into a full-blown “scandal” have said a word about the sexualization of Taylor, who, at 17, is just two years older than Miley was during her “scandal” and is also a minor. So, does Hollywood have a double standard? “

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So what do you think: double standard or is there a difference between a sexy pose at 15 and a sexy pose at 17?


  1. Men and boys walk around all the time topless, they are guys, they can do it, we can not, we have boobies lol. In addition, Miley was 15 years old, Taylor is 17, in most states, 17 is considered an adult for males. He is also 10x more mature than Miley ever was IMO.

    • mschicklet says:

      Well maturity doesn’t have anything to do with it. But yes, in some states (and countries) he is no longer a minor. However, the universal “age of consent” for most things is 18. It’s just recognized that way, regardless of individual state or country laws. Therefore, right now he is a “minor.”

      • 17 is the age of consent, not 18, at 18 you are legally an adult. On the “double standard” however, it isn’t. SHE was 15 that is what makes it in bad taste of not only hers but that her parents allowed it. What makes it irresponsible is that she does work for Disney and has young girls looking up to her and watching her every move, someone involved should have known better. Now for Taylor Lautner, a lot of the shots are out of the New Moon movie itself, if Cyrus had pictures published in a bathing suit it wouldn’t have been an issue, Lautner’s pictures are no more revealing than a bathing suit. So there is no double standard because they are not related photos. His pictures are not alluding to the fact that he is naked under the clothes, Cyrus’ are, maybe not intentionally but they are. I like Miley Cyrus I think she is a very beautiful and talented young lady and have no doubt that she will always do well, I in no way blame her for that photo, she was 15 and regardless of her career she was still a child that needed an adult to help her make good decisions. Just thought that needed to be said.

        • mschicklet says:

          In many places, the age of consent IS 18 (not 17) and so it’s widely accepted that 18 is when you are an “adult” and at 17 you are still a “child” or “minor.” At 17, you are not thought of as an adult universally, even if individual states have that legislation in place.

        • AGREED!!

    • This is a very good thing to bring up. However, I agree with Kimberly. Whether I think it is right or wrong, Hollywood will always be that way. We just have more to cover up lol

      • mschicklet says:

        But overall, Hollywood and many of the much older fans oversexualize more than he has been sexualized to begin with (by the moviemakers, magazine photographers, etc). People make it into something more than it really is. And it does make me uncomfortable to see women in their late 20s and 30s making comments about what they want to do to Taylor in bed. I would feel just as uncomfortable if those were older men making those comments about Miley, or any other “teenager.” Because when it comes down to it, age of consent or not, both Miley and Taylor are teenagers. It’s just icky, for lack of a better term lol

      • mschicklet says:

        I guess that wasn’t all I had to say about it lol. I do want to say that it did bug me that the blame was put on her, instead of her parents or the photographer. I don’t like the shaming of a young girl like that.

        Also, I agree with Hayley above about the type of pose/setting of the shoot. If Taylor were shirtless in a bed, with a sheet covering his lower body, it would be just as suggestive as Miley’s pic. Whereas if he were just shirtless and Miley were wearing a bikini top or something, that wouldn’t be that big of a deal to everyone. Hope that makes sense.

    • phillygal says:

      I agree, a main difference in the ‘double standard’ is that it exists b/c guys can walk around topless, it’s not a big deal to see a pic of a shirtless guy, but girls cannot. A picture of a shirtless girl is leaning towards pornography. This is the society we live in, that’s the way it is. And ask any parent who’s had both, there is a difference between a 17year old guy and a 15year old girl, lol. Even if Miley was 17, her picture of her ‘topless’ being covered in a sheet implies she just had sex, or did something of the sort, whereas a picture of a guy with no shirt does not convey the same message. Life’s not fair, live with it

  2. I think the difference is that guys don’t have, ya know, “stuff” on the upper half of their body. Girls are supposed to cover up their “stuff”. Miley’s photo suggests that she’s not wearing anything up top, thus becoming sexual, whereas Taylor’s being shirtless is natural (look at bathing suits. do guys ever wear tops?).
    Plus, 17 is almost adulthood. And he has to be shirtless in the movie, so the cat’s out of the bag on how hot he is. 😀

    -Team Edward! <3

  3. I suppose there might be a double standard, but I think the real question to ask is there a difference between a sexy female pose or a sexy male pose. Of course, it is much more accepted for men to walk around without shirts, so Taylor showing off his abs is much different than Miley showing her bare back, because unlike Taylor, her pose seems to be actually suggesting something. So I guess what I’m saying there is a double standard in one way but as the way society views differ between males and females, the two can’t be very well compared.

  4. Sherie gordon says:

    I really didnt think that Miley’s pic were a big deal i didnt see the difference if she was wearing a shirt that was backless or a dress i really didnt get the big deal, know if she posed for with her hands covering up the upper half of her chest then thats another thing all together boys are boys and girls are girls they will always get away with things that we ladies can not so just deal.

  5. mschicklet says:

    Neither of them should be sexualized the way that they have been. That’s all I have to say about this.

  6. How is miley one bit sexy in that photo? She looks sickly and cold. Theres nothing even to hide behind that blanket anyways. Taylor is just barely not showing his nips also.

  7. I had seen Miley’s pics and heard of the scandal but that was about it. I didn’t realize until now that she was only 15 years old at the time. In my opinion, the critics were right. Fifteen years old is way to young to be posing in such a suggestive manner (there are a lot of sickos out there!) As for Taylor, I don’t see anything wrong with the picture shown. But, if he were to pose for Calvin Klein…THAT would be unacceptable and a line would be crossed.

    • mschicklet says:

      I agree with you, Renee. But I do think that it was more the photographer’s fault and her parents’ faults than Miley’s fault. People came down hard on her for all of that. I could imagine how humiliating that must have been.

  8. Well I completely agree with Kimberly that there is a big difference. Also what I think many ppl found disapproving of Miley’s “sexy” pose is because she’s working for disney and is suppose to be an idol for little girls. What is my 5 year old sister suppose to think when she sees Miley expose herself like that. On the other hand, Talyor’s case is different. Girls watch him pose and melt….he’s playing his role.

  9. I agree that neither of them should be exploited the way they are. BTW, in many cities in the US, it is not illegal for a woman to go topless. I personally think that men (and boys) go topless in many places they really shouldn’t.

    • I wouldn’t call it exploitation. Taylor willingly agreed to it, and I’m sure that he doesn’t mind being shirtless. Besides, he seems pretty proud of his physical accomplishments for the film, and I don’t think that the photograph is suggestive in any way. For me, seventeen is a fine age for making choices like this.

      It’s not like Taylor is stripped down to his underwear.

      • A person can be exploited when they are willing. PR people know that pictures of Taylor topless will sell more movie tickets/magazines, etc. and encourage him to take off his top whenever possible. That is exploitation. BTW, he has made comments about how uncomfortable he is taking his top off.

        • Hmm. I’m still not sure.

          In American culture, would you say that a shirtless male is closer to the norm than a shirtless female? You practically see shirtless males in clothing advertisements, and so on and so forth. Would a shirtless female with a full-on shot of her breasts in public be more revealing and controversial?

          Most likely.

          • mschicklet says:

            It’s better to compare a female in a bikini top vs. a shirtless male, due to the anatomy differences that others have mentioned. And either way, it’s more about how “suggestive” the photos appear to be, and how the public perceives them (most of the sexualization comes from people’s interpretations, and then they go out and tell people “oooh he/she looks so sexy” and then people’s views on the pictures change). And again, the issue is that they’re both so young.

        • mschicklet says:

          I completely agree with you.

          • The question isn’t if it IS more controversial. The question is SHOULD IT BE more controversial. Should there be a double standard? No, there should not be. If 40 year old women start drooling over Taylor, we think that’s okay. If a 40 year old many started drooling openly over Miley, we would have a problem. As far as the issue with womens’ breasts, they are only sexual because we have decided that they are. They are no different than any other body part. If we were told since childhood that the fingernail on your left pinkie was an object of sexual desire, we would all be covering that up. And, we would all spend a tremendous amount of energy trying to get other people to uncover their fingernail on their left pinkie.

          • Sorry…typo… 40 year old men, not 40 year old many.

          • mschicklet says:

            I think people SHOULD have a problem with a 40 year old man drooling over Miley AND a 40 year old woman drooling over Taylor. But from what I can tell you agree with me, jd?

          • I absolutely believe there is a problem with both. For some reason, though, it has become “cool” for an older woman to drool over a young man – even a boy. I watched a show on tv tonight where one 40-something woman said to another 40-something woman,(in a somewhat lusty voice) “I’ll take your son’s virginity if you want me to.” Had that been a conversation between two men, it would not have been seen as funny.

  10. yes there is a double standard. when girls show skin its considered trampy but when a guy does it its considered sexy. while i believe this i also take note that taylor is 17, which i a lot older and mature in my eyes then 15. She was pratically still a child and he’s close to becoming an adult with a lot more responsiblities.

  11. I don’t know. Generally, it’s much less revealing when a male has his shirt off. When you’re at a beach, many of the guys are shirtless in the sun. Furthermore, I think that seventeen is considered old enough in many areas. There’s nothing suggestive about Taylor’s picture, and I’m sure that he’s proud of the training that he had to do for New Moon.

  12. I think there is also a difference between a 15 year old disney channel star who is fully aware that she is a role model for VERY young children and has accepted a role as a disney actress, not a sex symbol and a 17 year old boy who is in a movie that reaches fans of ALL ages.

    Also Taylor has never had any “suggestive” photos taken of him, all his shirtless pics are him posing and smiling or goofing around or tossing a football. Miley’s pictures are clearly suggestive in a sexual manner.

    I admit, I might be slightly biased because I have very little respect for Miley Cyrus, for many unrelated reasons, but these are my thoughts on the matter.

  13. I think there is a double standard, but I’m okay with that. If I had a daughter I would not want Miley to be someone she looked up to and then think that posing half naked at 15 is okay…its not. I would not have a problem with my son looking up to Taylor. It is perfectly acceptable in our society for young men to go without shirts…its not okay for women and that is just fine with me.

    • I think that looking at it as a double standard depends on the culture. Taylor is practically shirtless as one of the wolves in New Moon due to their conservative attitude where clothes are concerned. His photograph doesn’t look nearly as suggestive. It’s no more suggestive than a model at a clothing store with an open shirt and noticeable muscles.

      At seventeen, being shirtless is not really unacceptable for a male. Culturally, America is much more nervous with topless females in the public eye.

      • silver-swallow says:

        completely agree with this. considering everyone has seen topless men AND boys many times in their life at the beach and such, i dont know why is suddenly become such a problem. Yes, TAylor has a wonderfuls et of ab’s, but ywould you be upset if your child saw a shirtless guy walking down the street in the sun?! not really. if your child saw a topless WOMAN? no, thats too much.

        also, the use of the bedsheets…. theres a world of difference betwenn taylor posing shirtless and posing completely nude, but for a sheet covering his private parts. A HUGE difference.

        too big a deal is made of taylor flashing his abs, whereas miley… that was too much.

  14. I don’t really see the comparison of the two pictures. Taylor is standing there with an open shirt showing off his abs. I don’t really feel like there is anything suggestive about his picture. Miley on the other hand is in nothing but a sheet with bed head…”trying” to look seductive or something like that. There probably is a double standard, I just don’t really see it with these two particular pictures. Plus I agree with rainbow…I think there is a maturity difference between 17 and 15.

  15. is there a double standard? hell yes. but how much the media pays attention to it plays a huge role in what is and isn’t unacceptable. and they just so happen the pick at women when men have more freedom.

  16. mschicklet says:

    It also makes me sad to see Taylor saying he’s embarrassed about it. I know he has said in the past that he gets uncomfortable with all the gawking. No matter what age he is, he deserves to be recognized for more than his body (which is far too sexualized by society). The fact that he is still so young just makes it even sadder. I would say the same thing about Miley and any other young stars.

  17. AFAIK, Chris Weitz was brought in to direct NM to make the Twilight franchise more appealing to males. So far, it looks like he did a great job. I cannot possibly imagine a more unappealing ad campaign for most heterosexual males than the current marketing direction — “see New Moon – we have lots and lots of part-naked muscle-y boys.” I understand that part of that direction isn’t coming from Summit’s marketing department, but if they don’t get a hold of this soon, it’ll be a girls-only (and gay males) movie. Totally bummed.

  18. I think the main thing is that there is a BIG difference between a guy being topless and a girl being topless. Aside from that though, personally I also think there is a big difference between 15 and 17. I know it’s only 2 yrs but it’s a very defining 2 yrs in a persons life. A lot of growing up and maturing is done in that time and I think that most 17yr olds are leaps and bounds beyond where they were at 15. At 17 you are on the verge of adulthood. Also there is the fact that Taylor’s character in the movie requires him to be shirtless during most of the film. Therefore it stands to reason that the majority of promo photoshoots done for the film would involve him being shirtless. Just my opinion…I can see the point of the article to an extent but I don’t really think the two situations are at all relevant to each other.

  19. This is not exactly a double standard. There is a HUGE difference between 17 and 15. And she was just barely 15 while he is almost 18. But yes, its a total double standard that a girl is persecuted for something like this while boys will never be. And to everyone here who is saying its ok, No it is not. Its just more of the supression of women left over from hundreds of years of men ruling the world. This same double standard goes for adults too. But neither of these kids should be publisized this way, boy or girl. They are too young.

    • You say that it’s not exactly a double standard, and then dive into the typical feminist argument. If it’s “not exactly a double standard”, why would Taylor be persecuted in such a way? Honestly, I’d say that Miley Cyrus *is* a more dominant media figure, considering that Twilight brought Taylor into the spotlight. There’s a considerable difference between a shirtless male and a shirtless woman in American culture. Even some females here have acknowledged that discomfort, considering the bodily differences and the more “exposure” from females.

      Besides, Taylor is shirtless quite a bit in the film, so I’m sure that it’s not much of an issue for him. Taylor is much older than Miley, and – in my view – much more mature as an individual.

      • If you had bothered to read my comment at all you would see that I said the age difference made the situations different. He is almost 18 and not exactly a child. But he is being sexualized in the promotion of New Moon, which he is too young for. I mean really what was the point of that shirtless shot in the first New Moon trailer back in May?
        But I meant what I said with “typical feminist arguement” but I wasn’t talking about these specific cases. Its not fair that men can wear whatever and not be sexualized. If miley was wearing a bikini people would still be saying she isnt wearing enough.

        BTW, Do you have to comment on everything?

        • Do I have to comment on everything? I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that you are only able to submit one response on an active debate that’s constantly changing as new arguments are presented. Lol.

          There is something wrong with making a feminist argument – or any argument, for that matter – when the content is ridiculous and worded in a laughable manner, such as “men ruling the world”. That’s more of an insult than a convincing argument for the supposed victimization of females.

          I did “bother” to read your comment. Your assumption is that I did not properly read the comment if I fail to arrive at your desired conclusion. You said, “This is not exactly a double standard. There is a HUGE difference between 17 and 15.”

          You seemed to be implying that their age differences made this “not exactly a double standard”.

      • mschicklet says:

        There’s nothing wrong with making a feminist argument. And anyway, that’s not even the issue here. I think the issue isn’t even about these particular pictures. It’s about the fact that both of these teenagers are being perceived sexually, when really they shouldn’t be. They are both very young.

        • Thank you mschicklet (love your name btw)
          that is exactly what I meant.

          • mschicklet says:

            Thanks and no problem. I commented waaaay too much on this thread haha. Normally I like these types of topics, although I’m a little weirded out about it being on this site… I usually think of these Twi fan sites as fun, easygoing sites, away from all the serious madness we see in the news. Twilight IS escapism, afterall 😉

          • LOL very well said.

        • To clarify: I have no issues with a reasonable argument for feminism and social justice. However, something as nonsensical as “men ruling the world” is more of an insult than a compelling argument.

          I would say that Twilight has more mature themes than the content of a typical Disney show. Many parents and young girls view Miley as a genuine role model. I don’t think that Taylor has the same “kiddie” appeal, so a controversy surrounding him wouldn’t have the same impact. We have to consider their career differences and the individuals that they represent.

          • mschicklet says:

            Sure, the fact that she is a spokesperson for Disney and a “role model” for the 5-14 age range is the biggset reason people were so upset.

            Feminism isn’t really the issue here, although if we were going down that path, the feminist argument would be that Miley herself shouldn’t have been shamed so much when 1) since she was a minor, her parents had to consent to the photo shoot with the photographer that wanted to go that direction, and 2)it’s very possible that if Taylor at 15 years old were posed with a sheet covering his lower torso, people would be “ooh la la”ing at him rather than telling him HE needs to cover up.

            Regarding this issue as a whole though, I just don’t like seeing these two very young people have their bodies put out there on display and scrutinized and judged and gawked at by the public. Neither of them deserves to be talked about in sexual terms by the public (go to most other web site comment threads and you’ll see what I’m talking about), because they are so young. I feel bad for both of them.

          • I think my main issue is that this is something quite common in American culture, despite how justified it may or may not be. Shirtless men are closer to the norm than shirtless women.

            I could be mistaken, but many of the people that were upset over Miley’s suggestive photographs tended to be parents/kids that were fans of Disney. Taylor being shirtless is not one isolated photo shoot, considering that we do see him shirtless in the movie several times. I would absolutely say that Disney holds its representatives to a higher standard when it comes to maintaining a public image.

            I don’t know. Shirtless men don’t bother me, and Taylor looks older than he actually is sometimes. However, I would agree that some of the fan comments about his physical training are ridiculous and excessive.

          • mschicklet says:

            And see, that last part of what you said is MY issue with this entire topic. I also saw some of those same really over-the-top and inappropriate comments when the Miley photo surfaced. If they were both adults, I’d be less upset. But they’re not.

  20. Great find, this is a really interesting point to bring up!

    The scandal over Annie Liebovitz’s photos of Miley Cyrus always seemed blown out of proprtion to me. I think the biggest issue with that particular photo is that she is an entertainer who is marketed primarily towrds children, in Disney shows. Parents whose children are fans of her are going to always see her in that light, and make a big deal of her representation this way. I’m guessing Liebovitz was not too concerned about the average demographic of her subject’s fans when making the portait, and she shouldn’t have been. The fact that they made Miley apologize is ridiculous, IMO. How many models do we see on a daily basis that we wouldn’t even guess are her age, being sexualized to sell any number of products? I’m not saying it’s right because everyone else does it, but to single her out because of her affiliations in the industry is unfair.
    As for Taylor, his sexualization in the marketing of New Moon is extreme, but it’s true that no one really seems to mind the fact that he is a minor. They make it VERY easy to forget that little detail.
    To say that it’s no big deal because guys are topless all the time, and girls should cover up because there’s more to hide, is exactly the kind of double standard that the article is talking about. Like was mentioned, the image of Miley isn’t exactly ‘sexy’, in the traditional sense – she looks disheveled and sort of sickly. The direct gaze is what really gives the image its sexual charge. Taylor’s images (generalizing here, but from what I can remember) are usually overtly sexy; greased up, athletic, pin-up boy type look. Liebovitz’s image of Miley is one of a clearly young girl, portrayed in an adult context. She LOOKS young, fragile, and it makes people uncomfortable to recognize a sexual connotation in the pose/set-up/eye contact. Especially because this particular young girl is known, in her career, as a children’s entertainer. Her sexuality makes people (parents) very uncomfortable. On the other hand, Taylor is more often portrayed in a way that his youth is disregerded altogether. There’s never anything that would indicate to the viewer that he is a minor. More often, he is portrayed as a sexual object. He does not have the body of a child (whereas Miley does) so it’s easy to look the other way.
    It would be interesting to consider what would happen if their ages were reversed. If their careers were the same, the images the same, but Miley was 17 and Taylor 15, would the same response come from the public? I somehow doubt it although I can’t help but remember the scandal over David LaChappelle’s portrait of Britney Spears in Rolling Stone when she was 17. Again, I think that had a lot to do with the demographic of her fans, but it would suggest that gender has more to do with the reactions of the general public than exact age.

    • I do agree about Miley being a Disney figure first and foremost. Taylor is best known for the Twilight Saga movies, which are rated PG-13. In comparison, Disney figures are undoubtedly cleaner in their presentation, whereas the Twilight stars are more mature and laid-back. I remember when Rob accidentally cursed in an interview. 😛

    • Oh, and after reading all that, I scroll down the main page and see the photoshoot with Boo Boo Stewart, topless of course. Looks like soon enough we’ll be able to make a direct comparison with a 15 year old male actor! haha

  21. I agree with most opinions stated here. With boys, they often walk around without a shirt on outside of their homes and no one will say anything about it (okay it depends on the situtation – a shirtless boy in an office building on Wall Street will likely be disapproved of). The point is, no matter where, a girl walking around with just sheets barely covering her top would not be considered appropriate – not even a grown woman, much less a minor. If there is any double-standards to this, it is not only in Hollywood. It would be a general double-standard in society.

    • yes, “walking around” with just sheets on would be inappropriate for anyone I imagine (toga parties aside) but Miley’s image is not a candid shot of her walking down the street, it’s a studio portrait, and Vanity Fair is known for its revealing portraits that often push boundaries.

  22. This is silly. Boys walk around w/o a shirt on at the beach, by the pool etc. It’d be different if Taylor was wearing speedos or something but him being bare chested is not over exposure. He’s a guy!

  23. No their isn’t a double standard. First of all, Miley was 15 which is a big difference from being 17 like Taylor. Also the photos of Miley implied that she was thinly veiling a sexually explict part of herself. The difference is that in our society a man being shirtless isn’t as sexual. We’ve all seen our dads, brothers, even totally random men without shirts without thinking anything of it. But with women being without a shirt is much more sexual. That’s the difference.

    • Absolutely agreed.

      I don’t think that Taylor has to censor himself as much, considering that Miley is supposed to be a fairly “clean” representative for the Disney brand and its typically younger fanbase. Twilight has content that’s a bit more mature.

  24. it’s definitely a double standard. People kept mentioning how guys can go topless, but girls have breasts, blah blah blah… she wasn’t showing her breasts. If she’d worn a sleveless or backless gown to an awards show no one would say boo and it would show the same amount of skin.

    • I think that the shot of Miley was more suggestive. In American culture, I don’t think that topless females are as common in the public eye as topless males. Some of us have seen our brothers, male friends, fathers, etc without a shirt in the yard, doing sports, etc. However, I don’t think we’ve seen too many shirtless women outside doing these same activities. It’s more of a cultural thing than a double standard in Hollywood specifically.

  25. Well, there’s a slight difference in age there, but I’ve always been a little uncomfortable w/ all of the shirtless pics of Taylor that are unnecessary. Women are drooling over this kid and he’s not even legal yet. It’s a little creepy. I don’t think it would even be appropriate for 14 or 15 year-old girls to put shirtless pics of him up on their walls. Some of his poses haven’t been so innocent, like the ones where he’s wearing a white shirt and is drenched in water. Bottom line, the point of these photos is obviously to show off his body and he is still just a kid.

    • mschicklet says:

      Agreed. It weirds me out even more because most of the fans that make suggestive comments about him are more than a few years older. I’d feel exactly the same way if “fans” of Miley were saying the same things, even now (she is almost 17). Like you said, Carrie. They’re kids. It grosses me out.

  26. yeah it is a bit weird – but then would they say that he is too young or whatever to play a character who is topless a lot of the time?

  27. There has always been a double statrad against men and women its so crazy

    Dont blame the underage miley blame her “people” they are the ones that have a say on what she does

    Sadly I want to forget Taylor’s age lol he is 17 years old with a body of a 20 something year old its ridiculous he is soooooooo hot it drives me mad!!!

  28. yes, he’s still a minor – yes, there’s a double standard. women and girls tend to be judged more harshly than men, partially because we are considered more vulnerable, and partially because there’s somehow more of a perceived moral burden for women rather than men. HOWEVER, that said, i thought it was ridiculous for people to freak out about those pictures of miley cyrus (they were quite artistic and not really all that lust-inducing – certainly not like the pictures of taylor lautner with his abs out like an old school calvin klein ad) in the first place. she did nothing to be ashamed of, nor did taylor. neither set of pictures is pornographic. we just live in an overly-media-saturated society that will take any excuse to freak out over *GASP* scandal.

  29. Taylor (17) showing off hard work in the gym is different from a pose showing Miley (15) looking like she just had some seriously hot sex!

    If Taylor’s pics become sexualized, then that would definitly be wrong. A simple pic of him partially or completly shirtless is very different from what we saw of Miley last year.

    I personally can chose to not drool over a 17 yo boy. I think it’s creepy that he says grown women are throwing panties at him. That’s disgusting and way over the top.

    If a man behaved that way toward a teenage actress, we’d call him a pervert. He’s a kid ladies. Get a grip!

  30. A teenage boy with his shirt off?!?! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!

    Honestly? Is this a question?

  31. lorrainebow says:

    When they are showing more than what is shown at the beach, I’ll worry. Is it a slow news day or something? There is so much cooler twilight stuff out there to talk about 😉

  32. I think that Miley´s picture was beautiful. It´s so typical Americans (sorry) who are so obsesses with everything that comes to boobs yet they can´t even look at a back of someone. I know that Miley was just 15 when she took it but common, since when is the back of someone boobs??
    Also Taylor with his shirt off is just fine. What bugs me is that when you look at both of the pictures people are not talking about Taylor in the same way. Don´t you think that people have judged young female actresses for too long. She can´t even walk to a club and she is a drunk or something worse. I have nearly never seen accusations like that on young male actors. Which is kind of lame because young, male boys tend to go into this sort of business rather than girls.
    I am not saying that Miley or Taylor are in drugs, but I think that people should think about what hollywood and press is doing to those young kids and thankfully Taylor seems like a guy who would not do it.
    In relation of the photos which are fine, Miley´s picture was beautifully done and you have seen worse. I saw a picture in vogue the other day and it was so over the line. Why do people not talk about that. Anywhoo this is just my opinion.

  33. On a similar note but slightly different firstly my perspective is a little different as being from the UK the age of consent is 16 so there seems a big (if arbitrary) difference between the two. I also agree that it is the norm to see men walking around shirtless but not women topless!
    Also i think it’s something about the fact that the idea of women lusting over men seems less….i dunno…aggressive than the other way around….

    For example at Comicon this year although i felt sorry for rob and taylor the thousands of girl fans screaming at them seemed normal, even a little funny but as soon as the guys started whooping for ashley (who is, i might add, not even a teenager) it felt a bit sick and uncomfortable…. but really there was no difference between those guys shouting i love you ashley and all the girls screaming i love you rob/taylor….. and even though i knew that it still makes me cringe every time i watch the video

    anyway just my input 🙂

  34. he’s a guy- it’s not considered sexual to have no shirt for guys. Girls on the other hand…

  35. taylor lautner is male and has no upper rude parts unlike miley. A male with out a shirt is something seen every day so its not like he has no pants on or anything like that. thats why mileys shirtless poise was so wrong and taylor lautners shirtless pose wasn’t.

  36. I do think there are double standards. Just look at the hype caused when Demi Moore started dating her “toy boy” Ashton Kutcher, whereas when a man does it eg Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, no one even bats an eye lid.
    True that males can wear shirts without it being classed as “sexy” however, the way that they’ve been advertising Taylor, has definitely been in a sexy way.
    I can’t say I’m fussed with the way he’s been getting media attention, but it is annoying when there are double standards like this, but it does go both ways, not to sound too political here ;), but it’s seen as acceptable for women (say in ads etc) to cop a feel on a guy, whereas when it’s turned the other way around it’s classed as sexual harrassment. These types of things work both ways, not just one or the other

  37. higgin704 says:

    Big difference. Taylor’s photo(s) are something you see every day in my town. Guys walking around without a shirt. However, in my town, you don’t often see girls walking down the street naked with a suggestively placed sheet. Sorry, you just don’t.

    • lorrainebow says:

      I agree with you..It is not something you normally see, but don’t you think we should move past double standards? Even though I know that the world is this way, but it doesn’t mean that it’s right. A woman may be walking down the street with a very low back shirt nursing her baby and covering up with a sheet…it’s a stretch, I know 🙂

  38. lorrainebow says:

    I see what everyone is saying here…but I am trying to be above the double standard. Yes, Miley was shirtless, but she wasn’t showing anything which isn’t considered to be okay to be shown walking down the street. I do believe that we are too sensitive to body parts, but that may be because I am a nurse and I have seen it all. I don’t go around flaunting what I was given, but to those who do..Good for you, you’re confident ;). When I go to watch New Moon I’m going to wear my, “I’d bet she’s tougher than that…she runs with vampires shirt”…and I’m keeping it on!!
    As another aside…I think the fact that all of us women thinking Taylor looks good without his shirt is proof we are moving past that double standard 😛

    • higgin704 says:

      I see your point, in part. However, they have provided poor examples to go by. You are comparing apples to oranges. If Taylor had a sheet covering parts of his lower half, I would totally agree.

      However, so many seem to miss the point that MEN AND WOMEN HAVE DIFFERENT PARTS

    • higgin704 says:

      I see your point, in part. However, they have provided poor examples to go by. You are comparing apples to oranges. If Taylor had a sheet covering parts of his lower half, I would totally agree.

      However, so many seem to miss the point that MEN AND WOMEN HAVE DIFFERENT PARTS and no amount of women’s lib is going to change that.

      Right now what we have is an upright, shirtless 17 year old, which we see every day in the world compared with a topless (and bottomless?) 15 year old with a sheet in a bed with bedhead. It isn’t the same, and they should have used better examples to compare.

      • lorrainebow says:

        Another side to this argument could be that at 15, there are a lot of girls living the situation that was being suggested by the suggestive bed head pic. I have a young daughter, and I can’t hide what is out there. I just need to make sure that she is aware that what Miley did isn’t cool. I didn’t find it offensive. I just didn’t think it was a smart thing for her to do.

  39. I’ve been debating on whether or not to weigh in since yesterday afternoon.
    Based on the 2 pics fetured above I think the reason I view Miley’s pics differently than Taylor’s is not because they are male and female.
    I have a problem with the “suggestiveness” of Miley’s pose. Miley looks as if she was caught in a compromising position and is trying to recover her dignity and hide herself; Taylor on the other hand is simply buttoning a shirt.
    I think it’s that simple for me.

  40. I only read the first few comments, but I think the biggest difference is the Miley is a proclaimed Christian,”virgin,” “good girl,” and Disney star. Taylor to my knowledge has not claimed any of them.

    When you put yourself that high up in the public eye, you fall a lot harder.

  41. I don’t think either photo is sexual. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. She is not showing anything but her shoulder. It’s not a very good picture of her and I don’t like it, but I don’t find it sexual or offensive.

  42. Beth Pryor says:

    I think the difference lies in what these two seperate people are to the young fan-base…there are not young boys running around saying they want to be just like Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black. However, there is an EXTREMELY large amount of young girls wanting to be just like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus…they buy her clothes and toys and pretend to be her… I just think it’s about the role these actors/entertainers play in our children’s lives…

  43. Christina says:

    I personally think it’s all how the photo is shot. You also have to think, in the case of Taylor, guys go shirtless all the time. That’s normal. He’s not even fully shirtless, his shirt is unbuttoned. Miley was covered up, too. But, it doesn’t look like she has a shirt on. I love Miley and Taylor, they are both great actors. But, for some reason, I think it’s a little risque how Miley posed at her age. Taylor is closer to being an adult. But, what if he posed in his underwear? It’s still not okay, he’s still underage. Like I said before, it’s all how it’s shot. And shirtless guys are something you see everyday. Not 15 year old girls who are possibly shirtless and covered by a sheet.

  44. I think a lot of people are missing the point. Yes it is socially acceptable for males to be shirtless in public, but this picture, and all the others, imply sex. When he is shirtless in the movie, we all know that it is because he is running a fever, not trying to be sexy. The recent poses are meant to be sexy and provocative. Whether he is “legal” some places or not, why can’t we just protect our children a little longer and wait a few months. Personally, as good as he looks, I can’t forget Shark Boy! LOL

    • higgin704 says:

      You know, this might be the first valid point to this arguement. The intent with Taylor’s picture may be “sexy”, and perhaps that does raise the stakes a bit. I can understand this arguement, and I agree with it.

      However, for me, it is a really clear cut issue on which picture is less acceptable. I frequently take pics of my son at the beach in his swim trunks, and for that matter, of my daughters who wear bikinis. That is culturally traditional beach wear, and I see no problem with it.

      However, I would, of course, never think to take a picture of my son or daughters in bed with just a sheet covering them. Moreover, I would be happy to remove the arms and eyes of anyone else who would want to do so. To me, the two pictures aren’t even remotely comparable.

      Now, had Taylor had a pic in bed with a sheet covering him as Miley did, I would have a problem with that. Conversely, if Miley had a pic taken in a bikini (IMO, the equivalent of a barechested male), I would have absolutely no problem with that.

    • I agree. The obvious intention of these photos are for these kids to appear sexy and I, for one, don’t think it’s appropriate for teenagers to be portrayed as sexy. Jacob and the rest of the wolf pack are often shirtless because they’re constantly running a high temperature, but what’s the reason for Taylor to be shirtless in non-promotional pictures?

  45. I agree with most above– totally not a double standard. The whole feel to Miley’s pics were post-coital. Taylor simply has his shirt open. Second, Miley is a Disney product and with that comes a certain responsibility. In fact, I don’t think she has ever been in anything (movies or TV) that was not kid-related– ok, a bit part in Big Fish as a kid.

  46. Yes there IS a double standard!!! And it’s worse if you’re a “Disney star” or “Nickelodeon star”.

    I saw nothing wrong with Miley’s pictures. My god…the girl has to branch out sometime!!! She can’t stay cutesy pie teeny bopper FOREVER!!! Geez…

    Of course, Taylor’s shirtless images are part of the promotion for the wolf pack in New Moon. Don’t see anything wrong with that either!

  47. Genevievech81 says:

    I feel that Milys career is not based on what her body looks like so the shoot she did was not helping to her career and was taste less. I mean come on she works for the Disney channel and her audience its a bunch of children. Then for Taylor he has his shirt off the entire movie so by him doing photo shoots the same way I don’t see what the problem is. They type of story from he Twilight Saga is for older teens and young adults not children. Also there is a two year difference in age because he is closer to the legal age then she was.

  48. There isn’t a double standard. It’s all in the context folks. Miley Cirus’ picture is implying sexual maturity. You don’t see anything, but the intent was to leave that for your imagination. In short, Miley, even though she was only 15, was posing in a way that is cleary adult. What makes things worse, is that her family are all devout Christians and regularily support Christian causes. So to Christian families, who have praised her for her “clean” lifestyle, it was like a slap in the face. There is NOTHING wrong with a incredibly beautiful girl being modest, and it sent out the wrong message.
    Taylor’s pictures aren’t explicitly sexual. Yes… I know you cougars out there think he is sexy, but there is a difference. I can guarantee you, if Taylor posed in an explicitly sexual way, with nothing but a towel around his waist, (not only would he probably be totally embarassed. :p) but the same people would cry foul.

    • I agree, Taylor’s pose is more “sunscreen commercial” than “come hither sexy” and that is the big difference. The bed-hair and smeared lipstick combined with wrinkled sheets do a lot for Miley’s pic that have absolutely nothing to do with her bare back.

      And again, it is culturally accepted for boys. men to walk around shirtless: doing yard work, in their swimwear, etc. Had he been in bed, with wrinkled sheets covering only his “manly parts” with candlelight and a seductive smirk (instead of his big, toothy grin) I think it would have been just as scandalous.

  49. Personally, I think there is a significant difference in the pictures of Miley and Taylor. The pictures of Miley that sparked the debate were of her appearing naked just covered by a sheet. There was a sexual undertone to them. The pictures of Taylor were him with clothing on minus the shirt. He is shirtless in a good part of the movie because that’s the way Stephenie Meyer wrote it. It is ok for a male to be shirtless at any age, but not a female. That’s just how God made us.

  50. I think there’s a valid debate about double standards but these 2 examples are apples and oranges. Miley’s product is her image. Taylor’s product is his body (at least for the marketing of New Moon). He’s practically contractually obligated to show himself. Miley? Not so much. And as for adults macking on teens? It’s all harmless fun and sometimes escapism gets you through the day. (Although throwing panties is over the top!)

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