See Twilight Before New Moon

This just in from Summit:

“Responding to the fans of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, Summit Entertainment announced today that it will re-release TWILIGHT, the first film in the franchise, at select theatres nationwide on November 19th, a day before the highly anticipated release of the movie’s sequel, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.  Despite the first film already being on DVD, fans across the nation have been calling out to see the film once again on the big screen and the studio is honoring their request.

Summit is working with exhibitors to screen TWILIGHT one night only with screenings in the evening just before THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON arrives in theatres.  Select theatres will offer tickets at a reduced price.”


  1. The AMC I work at in Michigan is doing this, we have a combined deal where New Moon alone is $10 but if you buy for New Moon and Twilight (at 9 pm) it’s 15, so essentially making Twilight half price…it’s pretty popular

    • I bought tickets to see both movies at the AMC in Charlotte, NC last week. I can’t wait!

      • have you not already seen twilight?

        • I’m pretty sue most everyone here has seen Twilight but it doesnt make it any less exciting to see them back to back on the big screen like that. I am doing it with my daughter cuz it sounds fun, and I am a mega fan, and I think it was a really awesome idea for those of us who would choose to do nothing else. Plus the theaters and summit will al make a little more cash off this empire. I am REALLY excited!

          • I just seen twilight for the first time last week.. I seen previews before it was coming out and thought just another stupid vampire movie.. who watches that anyway? well i was baby sitting for a friend and they put it in, as i was telling them no as they were walking out the door.. who thought at 6am that i was going to sit and watch a vampire movie.. not me! well i was hooked in the first 10 minutes. i watched the whole thing even though i was exhausted.. I have to say im hooked on it now, i love the movie twilight! or maybe its just edward!lol.. just heard the last night about the second one. Im sure im too late on finding tickets and such for that one, but id really like to see it..

    • The Cinemark in Boca Raton were I work hasn’t said anything yet, but it took me a couple of days to get them to put the pre-sale in. (Which I was the first sale for them 12:01am show)

    • i bought tickets over a month ago,i’m so crazy lol, but can not wait!!!!

      • hehe yeah I bought tickets as soon as I got the e-mail from fandango that they were which was back in september…

    • Hey,

      I live in MI and really want to see the Twilight/New Moon combo. Which theater do you work at? Are you selling tickets in advance (I hope)!



  2. wow!…don’t know if I’ed personally do it…but it’s a great idea…bring on new moon!


    • Of course that’s National Skip Day 2

      • I’m seeing it 3 times that day. Midnight 11:00am and 11:00pm. My goal is to beat my Twilight record on seeing it 43times. I goaling for 45 for New Moon.

        • 43 times? instead of seeing new moon 45 times…why not do something productive or worthwhile with your life?

          • I think 45 times is productive! and personally if watching a particular movie that amount of times makes someone happy then i say go for it…i will be watching it myself enough times…and garaunteed like twilight it will become one of the movies that most of us put on most evenings when we have nothing more to watch….after all who wouldnt want to spend thier evenings having wicked thoughts about Edward Cullen?? lol

          • i cant say i dont love the movie
            but id much rather spend 86 hours reading the books over and over again… i probably already have.. considering i found the books MUCH better than the movie, i do still love the movie, and im going insane waiting for new moon

          • I kno, the movie was good but the books are way better!! I’ve read them like 30 times, except for breaking dawn. I’ve only read it twice.

          • I am going to have to agree. That is a little ridiculous. You have spent 86 hours watching the same movie over and over. Come on!?!

          • I find this to be a completely inflammatory and hurtful statement. Seeing any movie 43 times is not something I would personally like to do because I would get bored of it. But to insinuate that spending the equivalent of rougly 15 minutes per day over the last 335 days of her life doing something that obviously makes her happy makes her an unproductive person? I think it is more likely for those who spend time online posting vitriol to be seen as unproductive.

            To Elizabeth – not my cup of tea (though I probably have watched it a dozen times this last year), but kudos to you on your personal record. Have fun this year with New Moon.

          • watching any movie that many times is just silly, but i suppose you arent out on the street killing people or something so have fun trying to break the record

          • Let’s not get our nighty in a knot over how someone is obsessed. We have to have some fun in our lives. Me, I watched Twilight for about the 10th time last weekend. I finished reading New Moon for the 3rd time last week. And to show I have some different things to obsess about I watched Smallville Season 9 Episode 5 Roulette 8 times already. Girls just gotta have fun!!!!!!

          • Hey, I haven’t counted the times I’ve seen Twilight,or how many times I’ve read the series. I just can’t get enough…I love the story and the way it makes me feel. I read “Riseing Moon” or what little we were allowed to read. I wish Stephanie would do an Edwards perspective on the whole series, it would help us understand why he was so possesive of Bella a little more and what his feelings were….STEPHANIE, I hope you read this…THINK OF IT YOU HOOKED US…WE ARE YOUR FANS..PLEASE GIVE US MORE TWILIGHT !!!

          • Mkwilly,
            What is “Rising Moon?”

          • Midnight Sun draft on stephanie meyers website….it’s is a litle over 260 pages of Edward’s perspective from Twilight. it’s very good…i wish she would continue. Edward is the main character in my opimion and i would love to hear his side.

          • Oh, I read Midnight Sun…just didn’t know what Rising Moon was.

          • raising moon?…I think you mean “midnight sun”…which is from edwards perspective…maybe you should check it out…it’s on stephenie meyers website.

          • There are a lot more people that have seen movies multiple times and it’s okay. What about those who have seen “Rocky Horror Picture Show”? and you might want to think beore you speak, I’m the projectionist for the movie theater, that’s my part time job while I go to college. And yes it may get a little old, but it was JUST CLEAN FUN. And the other employees are also having fun with the new record.

          • Don’t sweat it Elizabeth!! All the ppl who are making negative comments are just Negative ppl who take pleasure in trying to bring the rest us down to their level! Even if it wasn’t your job, if you enjoy it… WHO CARES!!!

          • Ivy, Stephanie and Mary-why do you care how many times someone has watched a movie that they obviously love and makes them happy? They aren’t harming anyone or anything, especially you! So maybe you should take your own advice and do something productive and worthwhile rather than criticizing and hurting someones feelings for something that has no effect on you what so ever! Back off!
            Elizabeth-Thats cool that you’ve seen it 43 times and good luck with making your goal for New Moon! More power to ya 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • I thought that seeing it 6 or 7 times was alot, but if I could afford to I probably would have seen twilight at the cinemas just as many times.

        • Christine Frey says

          Seeing a movie repeatedly is no different from playing your favorite music over again. It’s also no different from seeing 20 different movies, except that you already know this one is to your liking.

        • I hear ya I have seen Twilight so many times I can say every word with the movie I cant wait for new moon

        • Hey Elizabeth, I’m absolutely sure you’re not the only one who has seen it a zillion times. I know someone who has seen it….are you ready?…over a hundred times! So in the grand scheme of the Twilight universe, you’re not even at the top of the Totally Obsessed list! I am not that in love with the film that I would see it so many times, although I liked it it well enough. On the other hand, I saw The Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring about 40 times, so I understand where you’re coming from. I guess we all have our weaknesses 😉

          • oh another Lord of the Rings fan. i have the trilogy and even when it comes on cable tv i find myself watching. twilight has been the same for me as is pride and prejudice. why waste time on movies you may not like at all…i would rather watch one of my favorites…grease is the word!

      • You are now bordering on psycho.

    • Well here in mexico the fist day i bought the tickets i thought i was going to watch it on nov.20 but there is also on nov.18 at 12:00 am so i`m watching it nov.18 can´t wait just 16 till the movie premier

  4. This is a great idea…too bad all the New Moon showings are already SOLD OUT.

    • Actually they arent all sold out. I am in Seattle and you can still get tickets.

      • Hey Marilyn,

        Whereabouts in Seattle? I’m going to the midnight in Marysville and they still have tickets available too.

        In regards to the Twilgiht fan that watched Twilight over 43 time. You go girl! Personally, I’ve watched it over 160 times and I always did just before I went to bed after reading Twilighted fan-fiction!
        I’m happy, work full-time, wife, mother of 3 sons, grandmother of one grandson and I’m a young 49! I’m proud to say….I’m a TwilightMom and a Twihard!

  5. Times like this i really wish i didnt live in a small community

  6. i have pre-ordered tickets 2 c new moon and i`ve seen twilight a million times and i`ve read all the books

  7. Uptown Theater in DC is doing this. . .we have our tickets!!!

  8. lorrainebow says

    Oooohhh…this is perfect!!! Can’t wait!!! I’ve had my New Moon tickets for a month, and I just got my Twilight tickets!!!!! WoooHooo!

  9. does this include only USA??

  10. what everyone so crazy about twilight for??

    • eternitys_charm says

      did you mean that as “Twilight Saga” in general, or just the “Twilight” movie?? If it’s the first one…umm well this is the twilight sight, everyone here is pretty much twilight crazy. If it’s the second one, beats me, I’d rather just stick with the DVD, basically the same thing as seeing it on the big screen…to me.

  11. I think this is a fantastic idea! Too bad they’re not offering this at the theatre I had pre-ordered New Moon tickets at(20 Grand Omaha, NE). My friend and I were just talking last week about how we’ll meet up at my house first and watch Twilight over a few drinks and then go catch New Moon.

  12. i knew they were doing this at AMC and i already had gotten my tickets at Regal, then yesterday on Regals’s site i found out and called, i only have to pay $5 to see twilight b4 new moon. :… plys it starts at like 9 and we have a random hour to kill in between.. :/

  13. Are they bringing it to baton rouge, la

  14. Riaa Bakerrrr says


  15. I mean, I can actually say I’m obsessed with twilight, but no need to see the film 40 odd times. The film’s not even THAT brilliant, it’s good, but it’s the books that I love, really.
    I do like the look of New Moon though, I hope it’s better than Twilight!

  16. Does anyone know if you can look for this on fandango? I look for my theaters and the search didn’t pull up anything

    • I found out about our local Twilight showing through Fandango. Just be sure to choose Nov 19th as the date for the movie. I was let down at first because I kept trying to find it on the 20th.

  17. Is it only in the states you can watch it on the 19th or other countries also???

  18. Looking for a theater that will do this in Vancouver (BC, Canada).

  19. Hey,
    I was jw if anyone knew if this was happening in canada also. it seems like its only going on in the us

  20. i want to know if its going on in ontario..mainly hamilton, chatham, or london…pretty much anywhere lol

  21. RobertLover says

    I have tickets to see New Moon at 10pm on the 19th!!! they’re doing it at 10 instead of a midnight showing, so we see it two hours early! can’t wait!!! 😀

  22. Hey. Im from sweden and I have tickets to see twilight the 19th and after midnight its time for new moon.

  23. Angie Fewin says

    I got my tickets for both shows too, but no discount…both shows were $9.50 each. I’m in Illinois, near the Wisconsin border. I don’t mind paying full price, it’s worth it and I can’t wait!! Hopefully in June they do Twilight/New Moon for Eclipse’s premiere!!! 6+ hours of Rob & Kristen would be fantastic!!

  24. I saw the movie 20 times!!! no smiles for me, please!
    but the books I’ve read only 15 times!! whole series of books! can I Ph.D. in Twilight!

  25. I’ll be there in Belgium too… seems like a lot of people are thinking the same as I was, because tickets were sold out in no time in Antwerp !!!
    Twilight at 22:00 and New Moon at 00:01, nobody wants to miss such a night… even if it’s on a weekday (wednesday) and we all have to go to work the day after :s

  26. I can’t attend this because I’ll be on a train from Chicago to my home town from 6 pm until 10:30 pm… and then we’re headed straight for the theatre. But it still seems like a little too much sitting in a theatre for me… Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight and seeing it in theatres was awesome (I went 3 times), but I can only sit still for so long. I’m already pushing it with the 4 1/2 hour train ride and then 2+ hour movie, LOL.

  27. day sounds really exciting

  28. oooooooooooohhhhhhhh im soooo xcited cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. If u don’t agree w/people watching the movie a bunch of times then don’t go to this site and read the posts. “do something more useful w/ your life”. The movie is fab. If u don’t like twilight then don’t come to this site 🙂

  30. I got my tickets for both too. Some ppl above think it stupid, we your stupid rofl Why not see part 1 on the big screen again and watch part 2 right after. I think its brilliant idea. Thank you summit. I get to see a lot more Edward aka Rob on the big screen. Woot woot

    • Here here! No one thought it was stupid when the Star Wars movies were shown again because Star Wars 3 came out! Thank you Summit for giving me another chance to see Twilight on the big screen

  31. I got my tickets for both too. Some ppl above think it stupid, well your stupid rofl Why not see part 1 on the big screen again and watch part 2 right after. I think its brilliant idea. Thank you summit. I get to see a lot more Edward aka Rob on the big screen. Woot woot

  32. can you believe there are no AMC theaters in LAS VEGAS?>! Please, someone tell me otherwise.

  33. OMG! This is awesome!!
    But isn’t international,right?

  34. i’ve already booked the tickets. looking forward to this o bad! here in sweden you can’t choose, it’s both movies on the ticket you buy, but who can turn twilight down??

  35. im going to see it at 10 pm on november 19. Special advance showing 😀

  36. i cant wait for new moon and plan to see it as many times as i can, i find it hurtful that ppl think this is a waste of time. what gives them the right to judge what makes people (millions of people) happy, just because its not their idea of fun. it is these people who need to get a life and leave true twilighters alone

  37. I am really sad to read the negative comments directed at the fans of the Twilight saga. I am a grandmother with a professional career and a very full life. Yet, my love of the books and the movie(s) has enriched my life to a much higher degree. Those people who do not understand the devotion of the Twilight fans should stay off of the Twilight fan sites and direct their time and attention to something they think is worthwhile.

  38. Why, haven’t Summit had enough money from Twilight last year? or may be do you think that it’s for the fandom sake, for those who haven’t seen it blablablabla.
    Money, money, money…and they are quite succeeding making it at some obssessed twi-hard expense, without forgetting people who are willing their children to miss school to see NM at midnight (irresposible, what an example to a child…missing school to see a movie!)
    To like the saga is OK (it’s a good one), to like the movies is OK (because the saga is good and the actors/directors also), but all this obssession… I just can fathom!!

    • **Can’t fathom.

      • WELL SARA!!ITs all in fun..Why not ya only live once…Us twihards well we cant control ourselves lol…Seriously the novels are wonderful.We all just love the characters b/c everyone can relate to them.We all enjoy the edward character b/c most guys today are not like ed.Young girls might not have ever been exposed to an “edward’ kind of character befor.These novels can be enjoyed by all and just took off like the great harry potter!!!

        • the books and movies are enjoyable, indeed. But people saying that watching the movies over 40 times makes them happy should really worry about their mental health!!
          Wake up people! enjoy your movie and get back to REALITY!

          • Awww Sara… try and not get your panties all twisted -up over something YOU have NO control over. If it will make you happier and less depressed then I’ll only see New Moon 39 times! *smile* it’s all in the fun, and don’t waste your precious time here getting angry. Take a chill pill. *wink wink*

          • LOL!

          • Well, let me tell you that I am not angry at all 🙂 [I really don’t care what people do of their time]

            The obssession is just unfathomable for me especially coming from grown people, they can watch it hundreds times if it makes them happy for -apparently- they have money and nothing else intersting in their life to do.

  39. fiona reed says

    i just cant wait for newmoon i would love to see twlight before watchin newmoon but then again i watch it around 3 times a week on dvd!!!!sad to some maybe but i love it just a shame cinemas here in the uk dont seem to be doin a twight show before newmoon

  40. Does anyone know if they are showing Twilight then New Moon in the DC area(Leesburg Area)? I can not wait for the new movie!!!

  41. evita gildharre says

    love edward cullen….jacob is sooo hot

  42. Well i will be a little late seeing New Moon which is really ok but i will be there as soon as i can my husband comes home from a deployment opening day.So i will take seeing my hubby

  43. I guess its a good opportunity, but I feel like watching it on dvd is better–you get to pause,see extended scenes, etc…I’m just waiting for New Moon MIDNIGHT!

  44. Only problem at my theatre is once Twilight is over, you have to go to the end of whatever line has already formed for New Moon. I’m sure there will be lines a couple hours before the midnight showings. I wish the tickets for Twilight gave me seating priority, but no such luck.

  45. I called Edwards theater and they said we would have to line up again to watch NM. It’s only less than an hour, can you imagine the line. That’s not right.

  46. Everyone in the States, you are so lucky to be able to see Twilight and New Moon back-to-back…and this soon! Do you know how long it took that to happen for Star Wars fans…like 20-years and that was only because George Lucas decided to finish the series. But my point being…thank you Summit for being so GREAT to all your fans! I am in Italy and hope to find an English-speaking theater when it is released on the 18th here…so maybe I will get lucky and have the opportunity to watch like 5-hours of Rob Pattinson too! If not, the person going for the personal record of 45 viewings…can you make it 46 and throw one in for me?!!!

    • hey if you get any info on that please inform me. I’m currently staying here in milan and i’m having a hard time locating a cinema that will be showing new moon on its original language…ahhhhhhh please email me back thanks

  47. A friend and me are attending a “double feature” like they this in Germany on the 22nd. 3 day before the official start of New Moon in germany. We can’t wait. The cinema is showing Twilight before New Moon in 5 cinemas at the same time… the place will be packed with fan girls and mums *lol*

    I want a showing “for girls only” 😛

  48. I can’t wait!

  49. Maria Nieto says

    That is so great……Im happy for this notice……and i count the days for arrive New Moon to my country…..Nov 27

  50. I loved the Twilight movie, so I’m happy to see that it’s being re-released on the big screen for interested fans.

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