New Moon TV Ads

Vitamin Water also has wallpaper you can download

Volvo has its What Edward drives contest


  1. Melissa12345 says:

    *facepalm* cool vid tho lol xD

  2. The second “Volvor” video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Summit Entertainment. Guess this nicely ties in with the previous copyright and trademark discussion. It was fun while it was up 🙂

  3. God, this is so lame. Yeah, the vid is cool, but how much milking is there going to be? I dont like it that they’ve made the Twilight Saga in to such a marketing THING. Just let us enjoy the movies and the cast. I’m not going to buy a Volvo or vitamin drink just because it has Twilight written all over it.

  4. Vitamin Water? Really? Let the product whoring begin…

  5. Not sure if it’s the same thing but I just saw a volvo ad on youtube with edward in it. Search: “new moon volvo commercial”

    • christine says:

      Just tried to find it again, but youtube took it down. But I found this blog of this person who has downloaded all the clips and put them up on the blog where they can’t be deleted. It’s There is even the kissing scene that I never saw before.

  6. GRACKED ME UP!!!!! I Know after along day i run in the house just like ms.bella to get my V.water fix… Strangely i have never seen edward in my house or jacob in my bedroom LOLOLOL…….

  7. god that was funny…I hope they don’t sell out
    to too many advertisers…it’s such a shame.

  8. FilDeCuivre says:

    That vitamin ad made me lmao and of course I had to watch that other ad from youtube as well. It’s weird to see how many things there are that Twilight gets mentioned somehow.. 😀

  9. Bella Swan says:

    That is so idiotic!!! Vitamin Water, God, really? I can’t believe it. That’s horrible. I thought Summit and Twilight had a little more brains than that. Check back later.

    • Isn’t Vitamin Water owned by Coke? Imagine how much money they threw at Summit. It’s not surprising really. And the Volvo ad just confirms what a lot of us have been saying all along – the only reason Edward’s car keeps changing is to advertise the latest model.

      It’s so annoying. Summit doesn’t have to be in love with Twilight, but they don’t have to keep reminding us that it’s just a money making venture for them.

  10. Vitamin water? Oh please! This is just getting ridiculous.

    I’m thinking of going back in the Twihard closet and hiding until the shameless promotion is over and done with.

    Sigh…I’m so embarrassed.

  11. Ok, this is really getting ridiculous…

  12. Well, at least now we can stop speculating as to why they changed the colour and model of Edward’s car. It was all in preparation for this ad. (If they made them both silver it would be harder to tell them apart.) Personally, I feel nauseated by this ad. These movies will last forever, and Summit allowed Volvo to do this just to sell cars. They should feel ashamed of themselves, but we all know they don’t!

    • anothermom says:

      Summit is able to make a better movie for all of US because of big names wanting to make money too. That is the way the ball bounces…

  13. Nice video, but it’s like the Twilight Saga is being used for everything now. The second clip isn’t available anymore.

  14. turns out we’re getting edward’s new volvo.. twilight’s cool and all, but it actually makes me sad that i have to drive that in 4 months.

  15. ang ganda…gwapo n

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