Hot Topic Announces Cast and Bands at Tour Stops

Hot Topic just announced which cast members will be at their locations and which band members will be with them. No word ffrom Nordstrom yet. Note that there are very specific details for each site on where and how to line up, a HUGE improvement over last year’s safety debacle!


11/06/09 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood & Highland


11/08/09 Denver, CO Park Meadows
Cast Appearing: Alex Meraz “Paul” & Kiowa Gordon “Embry”


11/09/09 San Francisco, CA Stonestown Galleria
Cast Appearing: Ashley Greene “Alice” & Kellan Lutz “Emmett”


11/09/09 Washington, DC Fair Oaks Mall
Cast Appearing: Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Jamie Campbell Bower “Caius”


11/10/09 Chicago, IL Westfield Fox Valley
Cast Appearing: Ashley Greene “Alice” & Kellan Lutz “Emmett” Band Appearing: Anya Marina


11/10/09 Houston, TX Houston Galleria

Cast Appearing: Alex Meraz “Paul” & Kiowa Gordon “Embry”


11/10/09 Philadelphia, PA Cherry Hill Mall
Cast Appearing: Charlie Bewley “Demetri” & Daniel Cudmore “Felix” Band Appearing: Hurricane Bells


11/11/09 Miami, FL Dadeland Mall
Cast Appearing: Alex Meraz “Paul” & Kiowa Gordon “Embry”


11/11/09 Minneapolis, MN Mall of America

Cast Appearing: Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Jamie Campbell Bower “Caius” Band Appearing: Anya Marina


11/12/09 Boston, MA Natick Collection
Cast Appearing: Ashley Greene “Alice” & Kellan Lutz “Emmett” Band Appearing: Hurricane Bells


11/12/09 Seattle, WA Westfield Southcenter
Cast Appearing: Charlie Bewley “Demetri” & Daniel Cudmore “Felix” Band Appearing: Anya Marina


11/12/09 Atlanta, GA Mall of Georgia
Cast Appearing: Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Jamie Campbell Bower “Caius”


11/13/09 Phoenix, AZ Scottsdale Fashion Square
Cast Appearing: Charlie Bewley “Demetri” & Daniel Cudmore “Felix”


11/14/09 Salt Lake City, UT Fashion Place
Cast Appearing: Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Jamie Campbell Bower “Caius” Band Appearing: Anya Marina


*Limit one wristband per person. A very limited number of wristbands will be available.

Also check out a special visit from cast members in Times Square! Stay tuned for more details!

Special thanks to His Golden Eyes and Lauren for assitance with this post.


  1. i wanna go to the one in atlanta but it prolly wont happen.

  2. I want them to come to Toronto, the area or just Canada in general so I can see them :). Don’t see it happening though.

  3. ok, so why is there nothing listed for the Los Angeles location???? WTF??!!

  4. I’m with shayks… do I really wanna stand in line for LA wristband if we don’t know who is gonna be there??? Also, does anyone know what time on Nov. 6th???

  5. again nyc a secret. I only live 20 min from city, but the nm comes out that nite rele strange!

  6. So stoked about Anya Marina coming as well to Chicago! I’m in love with her song!

  7. OMFG!! The chicago one is like 15 minutes away from where i live!!! and I have nooo freaking school that day!!! IT’S FATE!!! now i just have to convince my mom…..

  8. What about NYC?
    and does anyone know how much the t shirt costs?

  9. oh my gosh, one of these things is actually happening at my mall? i was just there in hot topic yesterday. my friend was working there and she didnt mention it. i do want to go, but i don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. i never win at huge crowds 🙁

    and crystal, do you not have school due to parent teacher conferences that day? thats why i dont have work that day (i work at a school by the mall haha).

  10. rebecca.crugar says

    Would it have been too hard to have at least 1 person worth going through all that trouble to see?

  11. No one ever comes to Detroit……. 🙁

  12. Wow..was going to go to the Seattle stop but kind of glad I’m not now..only D-list cast members showing up sad that only last year Rob and Kristen and Taylor were at these tour stops and signings..and now they dont do any of them

  13. Twilight is borne out of Washington State… so WHY do we always get the background characters visiting here!? It’s not worth the money. I’ll just go to the free portion of the event.

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