Hollywood and Highland Musical Guests!

This just in from Shockhound:

“The tour kicks off with a massive shindig at LA’s Hollywood & Highland mall, featuring performances by Death Cab For CutieBand of SkullsSea Wolf andAnya Marina, as well as a Q&A session with some of the cast members. Musical performances and the Q&A session are open to the public; but if you want to get your Twilight goodies or various parts of your body signed by the cast members, you’ve got to go to the Hollywood & Highland Hot Topic at 8 AM on Saturday, October 31, where the purchase of a commemorative Twilight Saga: New Moon T-shirt will get you a non-transferable wristband that will guarantee your access to the November 6 signing.
The other dates on the tour will feature either Anya Marina or Hurricane Bells, as well as additional cast Q&A sessions and signings. Can we get an amen — or at least an OMG!?”

Check it out on Shockhound!


  1. ok…now cast members…GO!

  2. so, im going to this… and im going to buy my tee shirt & get the wristband. I just wish I knew who from the cast will be there. I know Rob & Kristen are going to be back in LA, so I hope they will make it… but I highly doubt it.

  3. can’t wait my friend and i are going on Saturday. i just don’t know how early should i be there.

  4. you guys are so lucky… i’ll never get to go ’cause they never come to small, useless, stupid malaysia.

  5. I’m hoping Rob Kristen and Taylor will be there. It could happen cause they are taping the Jimmy Kimmel Show that day which is right across the street from the hollywood and highland mall. Crossing my fingers for it to happen. how early are y’all camping out, thoughts? cause ive never done it be4 but i really want to. if you are going please let me know since im going solo. email me @ luckystars72004@yahoo.com so we can maybe trade info.

  6. what time does it start ?! does anyone know?

  7. i think they will definitely be there because they are only seconds away from hollywood and highland when they will be taping the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I can’t wait!


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