Rachel Ray Wants A Twilight Movie Fan

According to Rachel Ray’s website:

Do you get weak in the knees when you hear the name Edward Cullen? Reciting lines from the movie is normal to you, considering the fact that you’ve watched the movie 10 times…or even 15? Is the biggest feud in your life Edward vs. Jacob? Wish you lived in Forks, Washington? Will you be first in line at the movie theatre to see the next installment, “New Moon?” We want to hear what makes you the biggest Twilight movie fan, so tell us today!”

Then there is an online entry form to fill out where “you will have a chance to enter a special giveaway!” Beats us what the giveaway is.ย  How about a pasta dinner with the wolfย  pack, or antipasto with the Volturi? Your guess is as good as ours, so what do you have to lose…just enter!

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  1. 10-15 times?! That’s not a real Twilight fan! Try 50+ times instead, and then we’re talking. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I am not your typical “Twilight” fan. I’m 41 years old, an actress and I am married with no kids.
    The reason I love Twilight is because the love story is timeless.
    The love that ‘Edward’ has for ‘Bella’ is so rare and beautiful, its what we all dream a true love feels like. There is such an undertone of longing and it speaks to all hopless romantics out there, regardless of age.
    While I am fully aware that this is a literary fantasy and there are definately aspects of the story that are overly dramatic, its a world that we all wish we could be a part of because it reminds us of a time when we believed anything was possible.
    A world where you didn’t have to look like a beauty queen to get the most beautiful boy in school to pay attention to you. He loved you for you, regardless of how you looked physically.
    Its a world you can lose yourself in and believe once agin in magical creatures such as Vampires and Werewolves.

    • radio_announcer says:

      nice statement. i agree with you completely.

    • You dont have to be young to like anything Twilight…I know tons of peeps who in the 40’s range! They say it brings back those feelings of first love and some say they know about the love triangle themselves!! I hate when they say its just about teenagers..its about us all!! Girls, maybe even some boys too!

    • Bravo!

    • Well said! I’m right there with you. It would be nice to see someone like you participate in Rachael’s show.

  3. Andrea Femoyer says:

    Hi Rachel, I am actually writing you for my daughter, Camella Marie. She is going to be 12 on Nov 20th and we are playing hooky to go see the movie.
    She has watched Twilight 25 times-in a row– during the summer–we all told her to get a life!! She adores Edward and now thinks that Jacob is cute too. She even wrote Robert Pattinson , at least 5x, when he was filming Remember Me in Manhattan–she never received a letter back, or even a picture–but she is still a BIG TWILIGHT FAN/EDWARD CULLEN/ROB PATTINSON fan!! Please pick her.
    Andrea Femoyer
    PJS, NY


  5. Holly Graziano says:

    doset evryone wish they could have edward? not becasue hes amazingly beatiful but becasue his love for bella is so strong. I am personally jelouss of bella and wish a 1000 times i could take her place. Also iv watched the fil over 30 times .. i love it and is waiting for new moon!
    Team edward ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  6. Stephanie says:

    I am not a typical Twilight fan. I am a single mother of two boys, 14 and 11. My oldest son actually read the first couple of books first and told me he liked them, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I fell in love with them. I think that’s because of the love story. Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship that is so deep and so unbelievably true that it lasts a lifetime? The families of both main characters are unconventional, but they love each other, too.
    Stephenie Meyer is a wonderful writer and sets up such a great values system in the books as well. That’s why I didn’t mind my boys reading them. Even though the stories aren’t real, you certainly walk away from them with a sense of learning something and being part of something wonderful. I’ve seen Twilight probably 20 times. I have it on DVD and on my iPod Touch. I have the soundtrack and I’m on my third reading of the books. I can’t wait for New Moon to come out. My younger son is really into the stories as well. We’re excited for the new movie!

  7. I had to post again, after visiting her site. It turns out everyone can enter. That’s really cool, since most Twilight comtests are for US residents only. Thank you, Rachel Ray for giving All Twilight fans a chance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. @Lisette – right on. that exactly how i felt reading this series.

  9. Like I wrote to Rachel Ray this is my story.

    I have been a fan of Twilight since August 2008. I know it seems like maybe I jumped on the bag wagon but it’s not how it exactly happened. For fantasy reading I have been a Harry Potter fan for years. I am not really into vampires so I ignored Twilight for years. Then I heard they were going to make it into a movie and Robert Pattinson was going to be in it and I had liked him a lot in the Goblet of Fire. 2008 was probably one of the hardest years of my life. I am a survivor of being a rape victim. So many horrible things happened to me last year that just completly broke my spirit. I had to have three surgeries last year and by August I was in a horrible funk that I could not shake. During one of my 4 hospital stays, I needed a hobby and got into autograph collecting. Wanting an autograph from Rob I saw more info about his new movie Twilight. Finally I told myself that I should read the book first before I see the movie so I dragged one of my friends to Borders to get it. She tried to convince me not to get it cuz she knows I hate vampires but I insisted for Rob’s sake. I read the book through the entire night until it was finished. I begged for New Moon and was able to get it that day. Again I stayed up through the night for it. My mom came down with a cold the next day and asked me to babysit two of my nephews for her. I told her I would only if she got me Eclipse and Breaking Dawn which had just come out a couple of days before. All in all it took me 5 days to read all 4 books. I saw the movie 5 times have read Twilight and Eclipse 7 times and New Moon 4 times and Breaking Dawn 3 times. I am completely obsessed with this beautiful love story. In Feb I was able to meet 8 of the cast members and have collected autographs from 20 different cast members of the movies. Most importantly I am still missing Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart. I am one of Nikki Reeds number one fans and would go as far as to say she is my girl crush. I have so much of the twilight merchandise and am traveling to San Fran again this up coming Feb to meet more of the cast memberes. Twilight has brought me for the most part out of my depression and I am forever greatful to Stephenie Meyer for writing her dream for her fans to enjoy

    • i am so sorry that you had to go through all the stuff you went through last . hope you are chosen to go on the rachel ray show because you deserve it after you been through you had to be a really strong person to be able to make it through and were able to keep on living your life . and you didn’t let what happend to you ruin your life you kept on living know matter what. good uck i up you win. lisa

  10. AliceRoxx says:

    The love story is just timeless. It’s so easy just to be able to slip into their world, the writing makes it so imaginable and you feel like you really, really know the characters. Bella is someone that is so easy to relate to, even if you don’t agree with her decisions. A true Twilight fan should also be able to see and understand the views of all the characters – which means no “I hate Jacob”‘s! It’s just therapy! Whatever your going through, whatever kind of situation, relationship, you can find one similar hidden in the book somewhere. It’s just amazing, and I’m sure in 200 years, they’ll still be printing it! Or they’ll be some kind of electronic book with the dialogue in anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. AliceRoxx says:

    And for all those that haven’t read it yet, and you like Harry Potter, you should read them. I was in love with the Harry Potter franchise before hand, but this totally stepped up reading for me, and brought fantasy worlds to another level. And if you don’t like Harry Potter, well give this a try anyay, its more about the love ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love the Twilight books. I have read them 3 times and will begin my fourth time this coming week. To get ready for New Moon. I have seen Twilight like 45 times and have already got my tickets to see New Moon. These books take us to a fantasy world where anything can happen, yet has actual places in the US. It makes it more real to have the places in the book be real. Bella is a character everyone can relate to. not ever finding the place that you shine. then figuring it out after the fact. You can find things you have gone through in these books, breakups and love triangles along with enemies whether they be friends or vampires. So this books relate to Everyone. that is why I love them.

  13. April Kouf says:

    So many girls are bombarded with “no-good” men just trying to get into their pants. Edward is restraining himself in so many ways that females find it irresistible and extremely attractive. A man who protects, saves and puts her needs above his own; does he exist? In Edward Cullen, yes. After seeing Twilight I read all four books and fell in love with the character myself. Rob and Kristen are in almost every way in real life Edward and Bella and no one is more perfect for the rolls.

  14. This is what I submitted on RR’s website:

    Twilight. Wow, that word means alot to people across the globe. The world of Bella Swan seemed to make the line between reality and fantasy disappear, with the romance and drama worthy of Romeo and Juliet status. It allowed women to imagine how it would be to be everything to a perfect man. When I first heard of Twilight, I actually thought it was cheesy. But then I read the famous excerpt from the back cover and dove eyeballs first into the mysterious world of Forks. I’m glad to say my mind is still trapped there and has no intentions of ever coming back out. I could almost see Bella like she was standing right next to me as Edward revealed his secret to her in the woods. I could almost hear the crack of thunder as the Cullens played baseball. I could even feel the pain of Bella as James broke her leg and then her relief as Edward broke him. When Twilight was released in theaters, I saw it. When it was released on DVD, I saw it a few more times. And when New Moon and Eclipse were in production, I auditioned for both for the role of Leah Clearwater. I’m glad to say my mind is still trapped there and has no intentions of ever coming back out. Oh and one last thing: TEAM JACOB <3

    PS: Sorry I just wrote my own novel there, lol.

  15. I know, I feel your pain. There’s always Breaking Dawn ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. seen the movie 10-15 times?
    uhhh. hmm.
    i lost count some where over 100.

  17. Just as a heads up everyone..
    I just went and entered this sweepstakes. Had a couple paragraphs full of stuff about how much I love Twilight, seeing the movie 19 times in theaters, flying from the east coast to go to Comic-Con and so on.
    Figured the prize would be something good. Tickets to the premiere? Private premiere party with friends? Chance to come on the show and meet Rob Kris and Tay?
    Think again. All you would win is ‘Rachel Ray’s Big Orange Book.’ Nothing interesting. Nothing even having to do with Twilight. After you fill out the form you have to click enter here for sweepstakes or something. Then it takes you to a page all about how you are now eligible to win it. AND you even have to become a member of the site to finish all the steps.
    Just thought I would let you all know..

  18. I am probably one of the extremely obsessed twilight fans out there. I’ve read the books about 30 times each and I can’t stop!I know quotes by heart directly from the books. I have the movie MEMORIZED, i know every single line in it. I listen to the New Moon and Twilight Soundtrack everyday. I bought my tickets to see New Moon a month ago. I am counting down until November 20th. The wall in my bedroom has huge posters of the actors. Everyone loves Edward because he is so dreamy and gorgeous, but as a TRUE Twilight fan, you would love him because while you’re reading the book, you think you’re Bella and you love the relationship between them. I talk about Twilight 24/7 and I am planning to see New Moon in theaters every day of my week off for Thanksgiving. I lost my New Moon book on vacation, yes i took the whole series with me to Europe(i live in CA),and went crazy! As soon as I returned home, I went to go buy it again. That is how much I love the series.I want to live in Forks so badly!Jacob vs. Edward is not a big problem for me, Edwrad is perfect for Bella, but Jacob is perfect as her best friend. I think over it many times to decide. Pretty much, my whole life revolves around Twilight. Everything I say/do has to do with it! If someone brings it up, I’ll go crazy and talk about if for hours. I have entered many contests for Twilight but haven’t won any. This would change my life if I won. Thanks for the maybe-opportunity Rachel Ray! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I have been called back from the producers numerous times and have had three over the phone interviews already for this segment….should hear if i got it this week!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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