New Moon Soundtrack Rocks the Charts!

According to HitFix:

“Just as we surmised this weekend, the soundtrack to “Twilight Saga: New Moon” slides up 2-1 this week on The Billboard 200 new album sales chart, after going through its first full week of sales. Led by all-new tracks from Death Cab For Cutie, the Killers and Thom Yorke, “New Moon” sold 153,000 copies this week, a 33% increase.

It was beat out last week by Michael Buble’s “Crazy Love,” which falls to No. 3 this week on 102,000 sales.”

Read the rest of the numbers on Hit Fix


  1. Congratulations!

    It was a really well-done soundtrack. I can’t wait to see the exact song placement in the movie.

  2. I absolutely love the soundtrack. im glad to see its doing well! =)

  3. I knew it!! Gosh I was so worried that no one would like indie or those type of music(honestly, I’m more of a bubble gum pop music type, I’m I’m open to all kinds of music)!

    I love Michael Buble, but New Moon deserves to be Numero Uno! I haven’t bought mine yet! Wait till the movie comes out!

    • Ya, I was a teeny-weeny bit worried too…but once again, Twi-Hards have shown their EXTREMELY good taste! 🙂

      But I don’t know HOW you’re able to hold out till after the movie to buy/listen to it!

  4. I was one of those people who just didn’t get the music on the soundtrack when I first heard it.

    But I’ve listened to it over and over, and I now LOVE it!!! The melodies are so haunting…which I think suits the themes of New Moon perfectly! The lyrics are beautiful…

    My gosh… “Tell me when you hear my heart stop…cause there’s a possibility I wouldn’t know….”

    Jeez…that’s sad…

  5. I’d love to find out but Amazon lost my copy in shipping. DOH!

  6. I already bought mine a week ago together with the collector’s edition of new moon book. I’ve been playing it several times during the day, everyday, i so like the rock/alternative feel of it. I was even playing it one time as background music when i was reading the cullens vs volturi part in breaking dawn(like for the nth time already,lol), and it added fun to it, brought out new emotions. Really love the soundtrack

  7. I knocked accidentally off the display due to my klutziness. lol. I haven’t bought it because I ran out of money.. 😀

  8. I was surprised that it wasn’t #1 the 1st week. The soundtrack deserves the #1 position. It’s excellent. I like it even more than the “Twilight” soundtrack.

  9. Amazing soundtrack, and definitely better than the Twilight soundtrack in my opinion. I love the fact that most of the songs were composed especially for New Moon.

  10. I still love Flightless Bird and American Mouth on the Twilight soundtrack, though.

    Brilliant choice by Kristen.

  11. I love the soundtrack. It captures the feel of New Moon so perfectly. I can’t wait to find out how it’s incorporated into the movie! And my fave songs right now are Equinox and Possibility.

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