Bronson Pelletier Armageddon Expo

CDM Magazine snagged Bronson Pelletier between sessions at Armageddon Expo. “You know that you’re at ARMAGEDDON EXPO when there are literally no lines in the girls bathroom. You also know when BRONSON PELLETIER (of ‘Twilight’ saga / looming ‘New Moon’ fame) is in the house, able to be judged by the sound-level of screaming girls. Here’s a tip for all you wannabe-future Mrs. Pelletier’s, the boy likes oreos.”

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  1. He’s a ham! so funny and approachable.
    Check out his dimples!.. never noticed before.

  2. Melissa12345 says:

    omg i love spock! lol xD

  3. I love Oreos too!

  4. lol it’s so funny to see screaming fangirls all over bronson… he’s my cousin and i see him a lot and i laugh at the fangirls who are just like ‘OMG he touched my hand’ xD
    soooo funny… Booboo xD

  5. [x This guy is pree Hawt! O_O Haha. But Jacob is still my #1! Lawl, I met this guy at dunseith powwow this past summmer.. Hes funnny and cool. =]I Never thought he would be on New moon. Can’t wait too see it.;)

  6. its at nz

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