Bronson Pelletier Makes A Fan’s Day

Bronson Pelletier really made the day of a young fan in New Zealand who has been struggling to overcome cancer.

New Zealand’s TVNZ has the story and the video of the encounter.


  1. How sweet is he he is so cute

  2. cute, will listen to it when I get home from work… really looking forward to see him here in Denmark next month…..

  3. I’m so glad to see the wolfpack members getting around and making themselves known. Bronson is very cute, and so great to have made someone happy who so needs a shot of happiness right now.

  4. Is bronson coming to Denmark ?? :O
    And he is sooo cute ;p

  5. That was really sweet. Bronson seems like a really great guy and easy to talk to. It’s nice to see the cast’s personalities shine through in videos like this.

  6. The Twilight Saga cast members are all such nice people.

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