Pumpkin Carving Contest Deadline Extended

Not being a champion pumpkin carver, I didn’t realize that people tend to do these things last second ( like October 30th)! So to give everyone a fair chance at our contest we are extending the deadline to 11;59pm est October 30, 2009. See below for details!

The Lexicon is sponsoring its own Halloween pumpkin carving contest. Ours isn’t limited to just Rob, or even Twilight. We want pumpkins that depict the entire world of Stephenie Meyer: Twilight, The Host, even Stephenie herself. Send a photo of your World of Stephenie Meyer pumpkin to twilightlexiconcontest@gmail.com by 11:59pm est October 30, 2009. We’ll announce the winners on Halloween. We’ll give out prizes from our Cafe Press store to one person in each of the following categories: Best Book Cover(s), Best Movie Related, and Most Unique.


  1. I wish I were talented enough to participate.

  2. I entered!!! 🙂

  3. Melissa12345 says:

    i love these blog entries… less tabloidy and scandalous lol

  4. As if people can make pumpkins look that nice and arty! Wow! I’m lucky if mine resembles a basic face by the time it’s been hacked at.

  5. Every time I see carvings like this. I want a hot glass of milk. The one on the left has a wet fate.

  6. so0o who won?

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