Seventeen Magazine Goes New Moon Crazy

This came in via MyRobertPattinson

Listen up Robert Pattinson and New Moon fans, you’ll want to check this out!

Seventeen visited the set of New Moon and got juicy behind-the-scenes and insider info and an interview with Robert Pattinson that we’re sharing with you! Check out why Rob finds himself disgusting and what’s really behind his signature hair at

Plus, did you know Kristen Stewart (our November cover girl) drank Coca-Cola between takes or that Peter Facinelli practiced the stitching scene by sewing chickens together? Get all the juicy details straight from the set now:
Taylor Lautner:
Kellan Lutz:
Nikki Reed:
Ashley Greene:

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  1. Amusing. 🙂

  2. I actually have this mag and was thrilled to see the page that has the “extras” or rather the newbee’s of the cast!

  3. I like 17, I read it, but when they said this “Plus, did you know Kristen Stewart (our November cover girl) drank Coca-Cola between takes?”
    Uh, ok, that is probably the lamest set secret ever. They try to make it sound so interesting that she drank coke. I mean Coke, really? Thats not suprising most everyone drinks coke. If she drank blood, thats interesting tell us that.

  4. ScarletRubie says:

    i got this in the mail like wenesday and my fav thing was the Taylor poster thing, i didn’t have time to read the rest. I wonder how old this picture is because the dress looks or is the one from that one award show for MTV, maybe the movie awards, i can’t remember but i have seen that dress on her, a long time ago.

    • That’s the dress she wore at the MTV movie awards when twilight cleaned up, it’s an old pic cause her hair’s still long.

  5. I laughed about the coke thing. I guess people don’t expect actors to be human or something…or consume food/beverages.
    I guess at some point you have to say to these magazines, “Okay, now, you’re becoming my stalker!”

  6. I read the entire New Moon spread today, including Kristen, Rob and Taylor’s interviews.

    PLEASE….! For us who follow these guys closely, there’s absolutely NOTHING NEW in this article! I’ve heard all this stuff before!

    The only interesting thing I’ve heard lately is that Rob is working on a soundtrack for a movie. Could it be Remember Me?? I hope so. I’d like to see him do something with his music.

  7. Envy loves Wrath says:

    Hehe, yes, I did know that Peter sewed chickens. He told that story at the Twicon panel XD

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