Rolling Stone Reviews The New Moon Soundtrack

Rolling Stone of all places “gets it”. In our opinion, so many media folks don’t understand the appeal, or only get it in the most cursory of ways. Check out what Rolling Stone had to say:

“It’s a shame John Hughes didn’t live to hear the New Moon soundtrack โ€” it’s a Pretty in Pink for our vampire-crazed times. Indeed, if Hughes were making a Breakfast Club 2010, Molly Ringwald’s detention buddies would have to include a vampire, a zombie, a werewolf and whatever Judd Nelson was. As any goth girl can tell you, undead dudes are way cooler than the flesh-and-blood kind.

The genius of the Twilight saga is the way it celebrates the passion of the all-American fang hag, with Robert Pattinson as the perfect plasma-slurping pinup boy: He’s hot, he’s sexy, and he’s undead. So New Moon is a movie soundtrack, but it’s also a concept album about the bond between teenage girls and their imaginary bloodsucker boyfriends.”

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  1. Wow I’m shocked. They didn’t give Twilight a good review.

  2. That sounded pretty positive to me…

  3. cheering4twi says:

    A little off subject, sorry, I downloaded the soundtrack last weekend and I love it!

  4. All the people say the same!!! but, it is just an little thing of what is coming, I mean, the last year they recommended us the books, said beautiful things about Meyer an all the saga, now that everyone is talking about the saga, now everybody wanna discredit because all are obsessed with the vampires!! so… I can’t understand!!! why all that is good have to become bad? this is fault of marketing!!!
    Holy Shit… oh, sorry for my bad and sad vocabulary

  5. and Matt by the way you’re an idiot (sorry lexicon again, but I have to say this)

  6. What a cool review! Kudos to whomever wrote it. I haven’t gotten my soundtrack yet (what am I waiting for??) but it’s on its way. Thanks for bringing us the good stuff again Lexicon…You guys ROCK!

  7. I am glad that they get it. This sound track actually has REALLY good music!!!

  8. Yup, I love the soundtrack, too. Gets better each time I listen to it. I find something new each time I listen to it. Solar Midnight..had to have played it 50+ times and counting

  9. “…and whatever Judd Nelson was.” LMAO
    Ahh, the possibilities are endless and mindboggling!

  10. The entire soundtrack is great because it fits the mood of the second novel. I’m really liking Bon Iver’s “Roslyn” the more times I hear that track.

  11. LOVE the soundtrack!

    Didn’t think much of the songs when I heard the 30-sec samplers but listening to them in full, with the right accoustics…they’re simply awesome!

    I dare say…this OST is even BETTER than Twilight’s!

    Or rather, it suits the mood of THIS story very well!!

  12. I agree with everyone else! When I first heard snippets of the songs I was a little weirded out. But now that I have the entire soundtrack and have been able to jam with it for over a week now, I’m hooked!!! Each and every song obviously has a place in this movie. The melodies are haunting and the acoustical guitar in many of the songs is amazing! I’d never even heard of most of these bands before. Its opened up a whole new world of music for me!


    What’s YOURS??

  13. ‘Possibility’, ‘Satellite Heart’ and ‘The Meadow’ brought me near tears.

    ‘Monster’ and ‘Friends’ ROCK!

    But all the rest are great too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Satellite Heart, Meadow, Meet me at the Eqoix(yeah me can’t spell) and White Demon I loooove those. Friends was fun too. I cannot wait 2 see the scences that they are in! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ok…here’s my opinion!

      Friends has something to do with a wolfpack scene.

      Possibility and Satellite Heart are obviously Bella’s zombie scenes where her heart is completely shattered.

      No Sound But the Wind and You Belong to Me have to do with the Italy scene.

      Hearing Damage – again Bella’s Zombie scenes but from Jacob’s POV.

      Meet Me on the Equinox is the general theme song.

      White Demon Love Song – when Bella is having nightmares about Edward.

      That’s all I can think of right now! lol

      • Oh! Shooting the Moon – maybe a wolfpack song? idk…

      • I agree with you! and have one to add:
        Solar Midnight- a Jacob song. Has to be.

        “When it’s Midnight and it’s colder, pull you closer I can see you through.
        When its daylight, solar and it’s over, it’s just me and you.”
        I THINK I have the lyrics/chorus right. I’ve been listening repeatedly for a week. OMJ

  15. Haha…I’m sure everyone’s trying fit the songs to the scenes…LOL!

    • ok love the soundtrack, and sooo glad Im not the only one trying to fit the songs to the scenes! and btw Roslyn my fav. boy does that guitar sound familiar. hmm!

  16. Glad to hear they gave it a good review. I guess we all think alike. I, too, had my doubts when I heard only parts of the songs online, but now that I’ve listened (over and over) to the complete soundtrack, it has won me over! Like the first Twilight Soundtrack, it’s now on constant repeat.

    I like the whole CD, but love Possibility, Satellite Heart, and Friends. And The Meadow. I’ll be picking up The NM Score next month, for sure too!

  17. I have always liked indie music and was familiar with a few of the artist already (Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, Lykke Li, St. Vincent who is featured on one track…) so I just knew I had to hear it in full and lives up to my expectations.

    The first soundtrack fits in with the first film and the second soundtrack really fits in with the second film. I hope it continues that way.

    Oh, and Rolling Stone gave a glowing review in case anyone doesn’t understand their tone and use of english. They really do GET IT. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I was surprised they gave it such a positive review, the “cool” media tend to want to pick on us twihards! But being compared to the 80’s great, Breakfast Club, John Hughes is major. Those movies never won an Oscar, but they are like a time capsule of our lives. Those are the movies people are still quoting, those are the movies I show my kids when we talk about “When Mom and Dad were kids….. (wow showing my age here!!)

    ANYHOW…..I LOVE the soundtrack, it rocks out, it is emotional, it captures the feeling of the story.

    I love trying to figure out which song/ which part of the story. Also, I think it kicks a** that they “weave” the music so deep into the story. When I first watched Twilight, and was hearing all the soundtrack in the movie, it gave me chills. They tie it all together. What a bunch of geniuses!

    • Totally agree with you about Twilight!
      I watched it without ANY expectations at all, as I was not caught up in any of the pre-Twilight hype (unlike now!)…and Twi’s soundtrack juz BLEW me away!
      I was scouring all the CD shops after that and managed to find one copy after much calling around…LOL!

      But I muz say (again), New Moon’s soundtrack is exceptionally appropriate. Hope the vast majority of Twi-hards feel the same and that the non-Twi-Hards realise what a cool Saga this is. ๐Ÿ™‚

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