What Edward Drives…Volvo Of Course

This just in from Volvo:

Starting today, Twilight fans can visit www.WhatDrivesEdward.com and enter to win a pair of tickets to the New Moon world premiere in Los Angeles on Nov. 16 and an opportunity to meet members of the New Moon cast.

Starting Nov. 1 at www.WhatDrivesEdward.com, fans can play an interactive game to test their Twilight knowledge and solve a series of puzzles for a chance to win a shiny new Volvo XC60, just like Edward drives in New Moon.

In addition to the game, fans can watch trailers from the film, check out photos of Edward in the gallery and download New Moon-themed desktop wallpapers.


  1. Do you have to have a Driver’s license to be eligible to win the car??

  2. I can’t get the year to go lower then 2003…

  3. I said it then and now this proves it. The reason Edward’s car changed from one movie to the next is because Volvo paid to have it changed. Product placement. They want to sell Edward’s car, and the Twilight car was no longer made. Big money here. At least Volvo is taking advantage of their sponsorship deal and marketing the movie.

    And quite frankly, as much as us Twilight fans get all goosebumpy at the mere mention of the word “Volvo,” it makes all kinds of sense.

  4. Ya gotta say it looks like Volvo just paid to have him drive not only a car they still make but a more expensive car, I still don’t understand why it isn’t atleast silver… maybe they thought fans would be more likely to buy this color than the silver one? or that they could cross target fans, get the movie fans to buy this one and the book fans to buy the silver one. It certainly has us all talking about it which is I am sure what they wanted. I am just dissapointed they didn’t go with a silver sedan. I honestly wouldn’t have cared that much if it were a slightly different model, but this complete change just presumably for profit (stephenie meyer didn’t change her mind on his car I’m presuming?) is upsetting. Lame Volvo, lame

  5. Actually, it’s open to 13 year olds and up. If you’re under a certain age than your parent or guardian needs to have a license and anyone else, legal adult, has to have a valid license after that.

  6. shinyvolvoowner says:

    I know Volvo paid to have to car change hoping to sell more. yet, it does make me a little sad that its not the c30 anymore. c30 is the sports car of volvo….known to go fast, T5, over 250 horsepower and the new volvo is known for being a safe family car. It stops on it’s own when you are going under 20 mph. I dont know its just not the same.

  7. I really could care less about what car Edward is driving…. classy yes, I agree! It’s the driver that matters most in this case.
    Even tho the part in Twilight where Edward confronts those guys in Port Angeles… just before he says “I should go back there and rip those guys’ heads off.”….. anyway, how that Volvo went from reverse to forward in a split second is so awesome. I replayed that part over and over again!
    I registered on the Volvo website….

  8. I’m getting so confused. Here we see Rob with a black Volvo, and there’s a picture of him with Kristen and Taylor where he’s standing next to a silver Volvo. What IS the actual colour of the Volvo in the movie?

  9. Maybe they’ll change the color to silver in post-production?

  10. I just wanted to win the car so badly, I am 18 and have got a driver’s license, but sadly I am from Germany. 🙁
    Why is the contest only open to residents from the US, UK, Canada and France?

  11. It better be silver in the movie…i mean COME ON, don’t make it black don’t make it black *crosses fingers*

  12. Okay, I won’t say anything again, the contest is now open for germans, too!!!!!!!! THIS IS GREAT!

  13. anyone having trouble with the website it doesnt save my progress

  14. omg i can not beat the game on what drives edward the one where bella has to get to him..any hints.

  15. Does anyone know what´s the answer for riddle no. 5 ?


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