Michael Sheen Talks Aro and The Damned United


  1. Michael Sheen will be an amazing Aro. He’s such a versatile actor.

  2. I finally got a long awaited answer regarding Vamp vs. Werewolf: Yeess!!
    ..”After doing 3 Underworld movies..
    I had Vampire envy.
    (playing a Vampire) I felt far less grubby”.

    Michael is so quick on his feet.Gotta love that in a guy. HAHA ‘)

  3. P.S. Loved him as Lucian the Lycan Leader in the Underworld series. He was grubby and sweaty and quite hot. To see him as the reserved, stately elegant Aro, I’d never think it was the same man.(Alright, I’ll cop to having a ‘Lycan bias’)but he’s such a versatile actor.
    I love him in all the roles he’s done

  4. FilDeCuivre says:

    Love the way he says “vampire”! So many Brits… So many awesome accents. I don’t remember that I’ve ever seen an interview of Michael Sheen before but he seems really nice guy 🙂

  5. hahahaha “I had Vampire envy”

  6. Michael Sheen seems like such a great guy. 🙂

  7. Far to beautiful? He’s just as gorgeous! He is such a talent. A fabulous choice for Aro! Whoever cast that part is a genius.

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