Justin Chon Talks to Ningin

The Asian pop culture and current happenings website Ningin talked to Justin Chon about his upcoming plans and life since Twilight.

JI: Cool deal. So, has life here changed for you since Twilight happened?

JC: Life — I mean, in some ways, yeah. Like I get to travel a lot. Ya know, once in awhile I get recognized for something. But uh, yeah, I’ve been traveling a lot. In the last year I got to go to Paris, uh Spain, France…(laughs)haha Paris is in France, London, Florida, Korea, New York, Vancouver, Washington, Arizona, Australia, Chicago –twice…I think that’s it.

JI: Of those places, which place did you enjoy the most?

JC: Paris. Ya know what, I honestly thought I wouldn’t love Mona, I’d love Italy but uh…that’s not the case. I thought the French in France would be a bunch of high-nosed rude people, but that’s not the case. If you’re overly nice to them, they treat you with just as much respect. I think they’re just used to American people coming in and poo-poo-ing on sh**. And uh, they just don’t like that. So if you’re really nice, they’re nice to you. The thing I love about Paris was that it’s big city, but it has a really calm attitude. Everyone is just really chill and quiet. Not wild,

JI: Or frantic…

JC: Which I also love! But at the same time it’s fast paced. The subway doors opens before the car even stops — you get to where you’re going and once you get there, you relax. And I really like how everyone is into their own thing and not staring you. I remember I was on the train and some girls were screaming a song — no one gave a sh**. They just let them be teenagers, and no one was trying to reprimand them. Well, people laughed but it was awesome.”

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