Borders Details Their New Moon Line


  1. I love how she says the water bottle is “functional”

    • Very nice line though. I adore that hoodie. I just wish it came in plus sizes. Maybe Torrid could get a hold of it soon

  2. nkhptwihard says:

    I’m liking the book bands, and Alice’s bracelet!

  3. Amy Darlene says:

    I already got the journals….they are VERY nice. Looking forward to getting the bookmark bracelets.

  4. ok the girls in this are kinda annoying

  5. Actually we don’t need to PRE order the New Moon movie companion. It’s already out. I have mine.

  6. I loveee the cozy hoodie!!

  7. Who looked at these women and thought, they would be amazing to introduce New Moon merchandise. They are terrible. This video just makes me not want to shop at borders.

    And is it just me, I really have no intrest in buying any of the twilight or new moon stuff. Anywhere even, I have the 4 books and the twilight dvd, and I don’t want any of the tshirts or bracelets, or anything out there. Am I alone in this?

  8. Dang. There is SO MUCH STUFF. I think the only thing I really want are those bookmark bracelets. Very cute.

  9. All this merchandise is making me crazy! I want all of them!

  10. Has anyone been able to find the Bookmark Bracelets yet? I can’t seem to find them in the stores, on back order, online, or anything. Help! 🙂


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