New Moon Companion Debuts At Number 1

At probably the utter surprise of no one, The Twilight Saga: New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion debuted in the number one position on the New York Times bestseller list in its first week of eligibility. The book appears in the Paperback Advice category. Yes, we know that sounds awfully weird, but it’s the New York Times’ list and they like it that way.

The Twilight Saga novels have been solidly placing on the best seller lists since the novel New Moon was released back in 2006, consistently ranking in the top five from that point to today. All the the novels in the Twilight Saga are currently in the Series Book category in the children’s division. The New York Times has no subdivision for YA books.  Also, once there are three or more books in a series they move from being in the chapter books division to the series division. The Twilight Saga novels are currently in the number 1 position in the series category. The Host is currently ranked 30th in the Hardcover Fiction category.

On the USA TODAY chart, the New Moon Companion is in the number 6 position. Keep in mind that on their chart, they lump all books into one category. So, that’s number 6 of everything that’s out there!  The book is not eligible for the Publishers Weekly or Wall Street Journal lists since those lists don’t have a category that represents books such as The Twilight Saga: New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion.

Mark Cotta Vaz is the author of the companion. He was also the author of last year’s successful Twilight Companion. Last year we were able to interview Mark about his creative process in writing companion books:

You have done a lot of movie and TV based companion guides to series such as Lost, Star Wars, and Spiderman that have met with acclaim from notoriously picky fans. That’s a pretty impressive track record since many companion books don’t resonate with fans. What do you think are the most important three things to have a movie guide be successful with fans?

First, a little empathy goes a long way, and anyone writing about a beloved television or film series has to emotionally and spiritually connect with the subject. If you hate blockbuster movies, if you dislike the Star Wars or James Bond movies or whatever, you’re not going to be true to the fans of those films.

Second, it’s a sin to be boring. Behind-the-scenes books involve a lot of exposition, but the key is producing a lively narrative that is not only informative, but captures the inherent excitement of the material.

Third, it’s fun to use the main material as a springboard to bring in corollary subjects that expand upon and enrich the reading experience. Ultimately, the end result will take readers on a journey to the heart of what makes the particular subject popular and powerful, providing a fresh perspective and appreciation of the material.”

You can catch the rest of Mark’s interview here.


  1. Recently picked up the New Moon Companion Guide and truly liked it. learned some new details..i.e. where the tatoo design originated for the “Pack”. It also had comments from the cast, something that was absent from the Twilight guide. Once I started reading I couuldn’t stop until I’d finished ‘)

  2. Mark Cotta Vaz has done it again!

    The Companion is an absolute gem, with relevant quotes and comments from all the key cast and crew involved.

    And the images are simply BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I concur: it’s a wonderful movie companion. I love the commentary from each cast member, and they chose some beautiful film stills to accompany each description. Some pages were very in-depth. Well worth the purchase and a slot in my book collection!

  4. Love it!!!

  5. speechless

  6. I was really pleased with this book. It was well worth the price. The pictures are wonderful!It was really a nice read too, especially with so much being repeated or faked in the magazines.

  7. I’m not entirely sure what this book is…could someone explain please? Thanks 🙂
    Oh yeah and what ever happened to that twilight guide that was going to be published ages ago?

  8. I don’t know if I’m late on this or if nobody actually knows yet, but do you guys know that Midnight Sun will still be published?

    I found this on Stephenie’s website under Twilight Series and then on the Midnight Sun tab:

    June 2008 Update: In response to the outrageous number of emails that I have received with questions concerning Midnight Sun, I talked to Stephenie this weekend and she asked me to let everyone know that Midnight Sun is her next project. She has not yet finished writing it (and there is no timeline set up, so we all need to put a lot of effort into being patient for a while longer), but she is definitely still planning on having it published. And, after Breaking Dawn comes out, Stephenie will have much more time to focus on writing Midnight Sun.

    • I don’t think you should hold your breath or get your hopes up about this…just yet. That was posted a year and a half ago. Keep reading Stephanie’s site: look up Midnight Sun dated August 2008. She mentions postponing Midnight Sun indefinitely due to her frame of mind and moving on towards other projects. Don’t get me wrong- …From your lips to God’s ears, I’d absolutely LOVE Midnight Sun to be completed and published but I’m not sure Stephanie has enough time to heal from the betrayal of her trust that took place last summer… and besides the Lex. staff would be as psyched as any to post earth-shattering info. like that (and we haven’t heard a peep)

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