So Much Stuff So Little Time

So, if you are going shopping this weekend, and Twilight products are on your mind, we have a coupon for you if Borders is your destination. 20% off certainly puts a dent in some of their new Twilight merchandise. Here’s the rundown of the items from Little Brown, but Borders also has a ton of movie-based items.

The Breaking Dawn Special Edition will feature an exclusive DVD of the Breaking Dawn Concert Series, including a performance by Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld and conversation between Stephenie Meyer and Furstenfeld.  This hardcover edition will also include a reproduction of the personal, handwritten lyrics for “My Never” from Furstenfeld and a full–color Bella and Edward poster.  Little, Brown will be doing a one-time only printing of one million copies for the Breaking Dawn Special Edition. (August 4, 2009; $24.99)  The trade paperback edition of Eclipse, the third book in the series, will also be released. (August 4, 2009; $12.99)

The Twilight Journals set includes four gorgeous journals packaged in a collectible keepsake tin, inspired by Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Each journal features the beautiful and instantly-recognizable Twilight Saga cover art and is fully-designed throughout with images and decorative quotes from each of the books, as well as some of the classic works of literature that inspired them. (October 13, 2009; $24.99)

New Moon Collector’s Edition is a deluxe edition of the worldwide bestseller, housed in a slipcase and includes a ribbon bookmark, cloth cover and newly-designed, two-color chapter openers. (October 13, 2009; $30.00)

New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion – a follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestselling Twilight companion, this lavishly illustrated paperback will give readers an exclusive behind-the-scene guide to the making of the movie, including full-color photos of the cast, locations, and sets, and much more. (October 6, 2009; $18.99)

New Moon Trade Paperback Tie-in Edition – this movie tie-in edition will include a collectible full-color, fold-out movie poster.  (Sept 15, 2009; $10.99)


  1. I recently bought the Breaking Dawn Special Edition book and I love it! The Ed/Bella poster is from Twilight: The Graphic Novel and it’s amazing! I also bought the New Moon movie tie-in and I loved the fold out poster, only problem is there are pictures on both sides and I don’t know what side to display! lol=)

  2. I saw this at Borders and they’re selling it around 24.99 and also found this at Shopko for 18.99 and I think I saw this even cheaper online but can’t remember where I saw it. I think it was either Hot Topics or Ebay online.

  3. Rosalie's Pain says:

    I just made my own homemade t-shirt for Breaking Dawn. It reads: Breaking Dawn (n) brak eng daun. To read a 754 page book from the time you get home from work until right before sulight.(take the next day off).

    It’s cheesy but its my definition of Breaking Dawn. I don’t really buy the movie merchandise. As a matter of fact, I only own the books, the movie and the score(I think the music composed for the film is phenomenal).

  4. I want those journals! I don’t write in a journal, but I still want them. They’re so beautiful, and I’m curious to see which quotes are written inside.

  5. I have the movie companion and the collector’s edition. Thank goodness for coupons and Borders Bucks because I ended up getting them really cheap.

  6. The journals are BEAUTIFUL and come in a really nice tin. Yo can get them at Wal-mart for $17.99. I also have the Breaking Dawn DVD it was really good, but short. I loved Justin but would have liked to see Stephenie more. The fold out illustration of Edward and Bella is so nice I will probably frame it.

  7. O M G ! ! ! ! ! GUESS WHO GOT THE NEW MOON SOUNDTRACK!?!?!?! MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! IT’S AWESOMEEEEE!!!! <3 team jacob/ TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!

  8. I got the journals and they are really cute. I’m hoping that some other time they will come out with bigger ones with more pages cause these are a little small.

  9. I love Borders and usually their prices can’t be beat (on anything) but, I was in BJ’s wholesale recently and in their book section New Moon and the Companion guide were rediculously priced. They were going for around $7.99 for the “New” New Moon; featuring Bella and Jake and the Companion Guide was about $14.99. Hope it helps!! ‘)

  10. My only complaint about the re-release of New Moon for the movie tie-in cover, is that the poster is not a full size pic of the cover. I LOVED this pic more than I do of the current movie poster. Edward in the moon, the pack behind Bella and Jacob — I thought this picture captured the essence of the story than the shot of just Edward, Jacob and Bella.

    Something about the current movie poster — Bella/Kristen just looks a bit off.

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