New Moon By The Numbers

MTV talked to Fandango about the ticket buying phenomena that is The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Aside from just pure raw data about the number of seats sold, Fandango has been using a questionnaire for purchasers and shares their analysis with MTV. Here are just a few factoids:

“Obviously, ‘Twilight’ had a huge following of book readers before the first movie was released, but these results might indicate that the first movie broadened the ‘Twilight’ following and expanded its audience β€” and that many moviegoers started reading the books after seeing the movie.”

“68 percent of the ticket-buyers weren’t aware of the “Twilight” franchise until the first film was released in November 2008. So, in essence, only 32 percent of the fans who have bought “New Moon” tickets have been “Twilight” fans for longer than 12 months.”

“Sports-betting Web site has asked its odds-makers to determine how much “New Moon” will make in its opening weekend; 40 percent believe the film will take in somewhere between $66 million and $80 million. That total would put it on track to equal or exceed the receipts of the first film.”

There’s a whole list of other stats over on MTV.Β  The whole piece is, in our opinion, one of the better articles MTV has written on Twilight. It’s definitely worth a read.

Now we have to say we really agree with the article based on our very unscientific observations of who comments on our blog and forums and who we’ve seen at Twilight conventions run by three different companies this year where our staff was on the panels. We can’t count the number of people who only got into Twilight at like Christmas 2008. So often we’d meet people and have to explain that Stephenie had outtakes on her website, or they’d ask what is Midnight Sun.

The other thing about those new fans that is really cool is they all have that slightly obsessed, giddy, “I just have to share this with someone” thing that those of us who got into Twilight earlier all went through. For us it was kind of like being a high school senior and looking at a freshman who reminded us of ourselves a few years ago. It’s so cool just to see that raw enthusiasm out of people ranging from 10 to 80.Β  Plus these guys read 4 books in row and didn’t have to wait…not even, going to lie, Pel is slightly jealous about that.

The only downside we’ve seen is that when we now see mass gatherings of fans, the homemade tee shirts have all but disappeared. The commercial ones have taken over. We kind of miss that old school originality from back in the day when slogans like, “Edward Cullen: Cooler Than You Since 1917” were seen for the first time on a homemade shirt.

Anyway enough nostalgia before we get all weepy and start cyber hugging and singing Sarah McLachlan. We do have a poll because we are curious about some of the things in the MTV article.


  1. AliceKikiCullen says:

    I knew of Twilight since the 1st book due to a friend but at the word “Vampire” I cringed away. It was isn’t till May of 2008 did my b.f.f tim read it did I read it. We saw the teaser trailer (though I don’t remember it Tim does so I’ll take his word 4it) and bullied me into reading it. Lol. I was hooked ever since. I loved waiting 4 Breaking dawn…remined me of my HarryPotter days. Lol. Though I am only a year into being a twilighter I am as into it as I am Harrypotter. yeah, I get into something I getinto it to Obessive levels. lol

    • same… i got Twilight from the library in 2007, but heard about the vamps and got freaked out. summer 2008 was when i became obsessssseeddd

      • same here!
        i’ve heard of the books from the school library but didnt read them until the summer of 08 when i graduated from high school and heard that the guy from HP4 (rob) was doing a vampire movie based on a book
        I’ve only seen him in HP4 and really really (like really) liked him but never saw him again until july of 2008 when i heard he got the main role of a book-made movie named “TWILIGHT” on a TV show. I wanted to read the books because i wanted to know what the movie was going to be about. i read them all in one month!! (i know its kind of a long time when talking about Twilight books :P) Then I FELL IN LOVE with them!!!
        i even got my little brother to read them and he likes them a lot too
        TWILIGHT (the book) was the first thing I bought with my first work check. yeah no clothes, no shoes, but the Twilight book!
        after the movie came out, all my friends wanted to read them even one of my teachers asked me for my books!
        from then it wasnt the same anymore, it wasnt only “my thing” u know but i guess is great to have more people to talk to about it πŸ™‚

    • see, my niece was into them the whole time but i just thought they were silly little teenager vampire love stories that would only interest teenyboppers.. my husband and i picked it up at the movie store as one of those we could fall asleep to and not care. i was HOOKED. he asked me how i liked the movie and i said it was one of my favorites of all time. he bought the movie and all 4 of the books for me the next day. he didnt get to talk to me for about 4 days as i devoured the books. now almost every day he’ll hear some kind of twilight reference.

      i got my new moon tix sitting on top of the bar and the l.a. convention tickets in my desk. yay!

      • I’m with ya! I’m in my thirties and didn’t know of Twilight until it came to video at our library. When I then found out there was a book – I was thrilled – and finished all four books in days. I don’t even like fiction books. This was something else. I wish I could find other books that would intrigue me so.
        I just saw New Moon. Packed! The movie wasn’t as good as the first movie. New moon was rushed and the director didn’t focus on characters – just special effects. I believe the fan base is character driven – not action driven. Probably more guys will like it this way, but for the past 25 year old female, I think it’ll disappoint. I was glad to finally see it at least!

  2. I wasn’t aware of the “Twilight” saga until MTV started running trailers for the movie. Then, the whole teen thing made me wonder if it was for me. When I saw the movie, I really liked it and was intrigued. I thought, if I like the movie, I’ll love the book.

    After reading all 4 in about 5 days, not able to put it down, I’ve spent the past few months unwilling or able to leave my Twilight family!! πŸ™‚

    So, I wasn’t at the Twilight opening, didn’t even catch it in a theatre, but I will be there at midnight for “New Moon”, and proud to be a Twilight Mom!

    • I too am a proud Twilight Mom. I’m glad I’m not the ONLY one.

      • I’m also a Twilight Mom! You guys aren’t alone because all of my friends (most of which are also mothers) are Twilight addicts. We all have our New Moon tickets for the midnight show!!

  3. None of the poll choices fit for me, so I thought I would respond here. I am a high school teacher, and I was given the first book on the first day of school last year by one of my students. I wasn’t aware of the movie yet, but I had read the whole series within a week and voraciously searched the internet for more, found Steph’s website, learned about the movie and found the Lex. So, it wasn’t until 3 weeks after BD was released, but before the movie phenomenon, so somewhere in between!

  4. living in greece means u have to wait until a book becomes a movie!!:(i wish i had read them from the begining!!

    • oh,yes!!you got that right!!
      i mean we have to wait until the whole progress(translate from english to greek) before we read them…it’s annoying!!!

  5. Rosalie's Pain says:

    Umm, well, I became a fan this past July. I was at the red box station and rented the movie for a dollar because they did not have Watchmen available. OMG, I fell head over heals for the story. I automatically went and got all 4 books and read them, and read them and read them. It took me all but 5 days to get through them. Then I saw rented the movie again. NOw I own the movie and the score. I get into something really bad, but I am not bad about it if it makes any sense. I mean as much as I love Twilight and I post on here, I don’t go and buy the commercial stuff that is out there. I usually just buy the books and call it a day. This time I went as far as gettin the movie and the score. I know people criticize Catharine really bad about what a bad job she did with the movie and blah blah blah. That’s fine and all but if she did such a bad job, how did she manage to convert so many of us into Twihards. Anyhow, it’s a great story and I am happy I am part of the mess. I will be there on opening weekend to see it but not at midnight. I love my sleep.

    • ROSALIE, I just wanted u to know i left a message 4 u under your last posting with eclipse twifriend!!!

    • good point. if the movie wasnt done so well, how the heck did we all get so hooked only after seeing the movie? personally, i dont mind changes that have to be made to movies to make it move along properly. i think the new moon adaptation is going to be great and i see there are tons of differences with the book already. i love both.

    • Rosalie's Pain says:

      Does it really matter when you become a fan of something. I’m by far the youngest fan since I got the movie because the movie I wanted was not available. I am a professional 31 yr old. At work, we rarely talk about leisure time. How was I suppose to hear about Twilight when I hardly ever watch TV or listen to the radio? Anyhow, I dont think it matters when you became a fan of something. It would be like a sibling telling his younger brother that he is not as much part of the family because they are 10 yrs younger and wasn’t there from the begining of their parents marriage. HOw much sense does that make?

  6. I became obsessed at the end of May 2006. None of my friends were nearly as into it, and I thought I was alone, but then I searched everywhere online and found the newly created Lexicon after Steph mentioned it at a small book signing in the back of a 2nd hand book store. Yay! Been here ever since. And me and my friends stick to our home-made shirts πŸ™‚ we make one for every event we go to. Go Twilight Originals!!! Love you Lexicon!!!

  7. Fan since August 2007! πŸ™‚

  8. I’m so proud to say that I read Twilight about a month after it hit shelves and that I started most of my school with the obsession. It was all thanks to my sister, who had been bugging my dad about getting the book. Finally we were able to buy it and my sister read it in one night. Then I read it in one night. Then all of our friends read it in one night. And then they passed it on from there.
    Then my sister and I kinda forgot about it.
    It was one day when we took a trip through the bookstore that we were hit with the realization that new moon had come out. AND WE HADN”T EVEN KNOWN. Luckily it had only been out for about a week… so we bought a copy and the obsession reeeeally began….
    New moon is now my favorite book of the series and I am still a strong lover of the whole series. Although I have to say that the hype is a little extreme and though it bothers me, I am happy that we are showing Stephenie Meyer so much support.
    Was not too impressed with the movie.. Hopefully New Moon will be better? It IS my favorite…

  9. I remember the first time I saw the twilight book in a book store, I read the back and was like what, vampires ew. But a few months later someone gave me it as a gift, so I read twilight and fell in love. Then they released new moon and eclipse and breaking dawn I’m still so in love with the books not as obbsessed anymore but still in love with twilight πŸ™‚

  10. I started reading the books after Eclipse was published in hardcover.. I still had to wait two agonizing months for Breaking Dawn! That was fine though, I spent the summer with my friend who got me hooked, just trying to figure out the ending to the story. She was a fan since the beginning.. and I can recall her sending me links to the trailer of Twilight. Before I even knew what it was, I watched the trailer and thought, “what the hell is this…”. I had NO interest in it. But then I had surgery, I was down for a week, and my friend lent me Twilight to read.. which then led to her lending me New Moon and Eclipse that same week πŸ™‚

    I do hate how commercial some things get (Harry Potter…) but it’s nice to see people enjoying it just the same. I myself spread the love, and soon got my two sisters, my mom, and my cousin to watch the movie and/or read the books. Maybe they’re not as “original” as I am because they weren’t fans until AFTER they saw the film, but we’re all fans just the same!

  11. I didn’t even know that there were Twilight books till I had already seen the movie and found out that it was based on a book. I’ve read all the books almost a million times now. I’m glad they came out with the movie or I might have never heard of the book. (If I lived in the US, I’m sure I would have heard of it sooner)

  12. I fell inbetween two categories, but picked the one that was closest to mine… breaking dawn release (since I hadn’t heard about the movie yet)…
    I became a fan in September 2008. I had never heard of Twilight, and I had no idea there was a movie coming out. Two of my friends, two completely different age groups, in two different parts of the world, told me separately on the same day that I had to read this book called Twilight. If that’s not a sign, i don’t know what is! I was also already writing a vampire book series of my own, and so I was curious to see what else was out there anyway. So I went and read all 4 books in two weeks (that’s fast for me, lol), read everything on Stephenie’s website, and found out about the movie coming out. Now I have way too much merchandise for my own good (it’s ok… it’s matches my Star Wars, LOTR, Matrix, and other nerd collections), and I am going nuts waiting for New Moon.

  13. I was one of those people who had never heard of Twilight until right before the movie came out. From the trailers, I honestly thought the whole thing looked stupid. However, I had finished reading all the Harry Potter books during the summer of 2008, and I had been looking for something I could like as much as Harry Potter. A friend of mine was told me she was reading the Twilight Saga, and that she couldn’t put the books down. She recommended them to me. I decided to give the first book a shot. I identified with Bella right from the beginning and have been hooked ever since. I didn’t watch the movie until I was halfway finished with Breaking Dawn, I and thought the dialogue was disappointing. (Now I sometimes love the movie when I watch it, but other times all the changes bother me.) I guess I’ll answer “since Twilight the movie” for the poll even though I didn’t watch the movie until after I had read the first three books and more than half of Breaking dawn.

  14. I’d like to add that I’m more obsessed with the Twilight Saga than Harry Potter. I love them both, but I love the romance in the Twilight Saga.

  15. water lily says:

    I love all this reminiscing! For me it was Feb 2008 and I read thru Eclipse in one week. I waited for BD and got it the as soon as it was available. Same w/ the host πŸ˜‰ Saw the movie the firt day out, and again in the theater and now own it and both soundtracks. I stalk Twi-sites. I don’t buy gossip Rags, which intrude on actors private lives, or commercial merchandise. I’ve lent the series out to countless people and hope someday everyone will experience that giddy amorous excitement that I first felt, years ago, when I fell in love with Edward Cullen.

  16. I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Twilight…I mean NOTHING!!! as of February of 2008. A book fair where I teach had a copy of New Moon on display. I read the back and it sounded interesting. So I bought it, thinking it would make a nice rainy day read. Then I realized that it wasn’t the first book in the series. And being the Type A personality that I am, I made a trip to the local mall and bought Twilight. It was but a few days later that I started it. I remember exactly where I was…in the BATHTUB! lol My favorite reading place! I flew through that book in record time and then begged everyone I knew to read it. It was the most astounding work of young adult fiction that I had read in a very long time. (I am a librarian by profession and have read thousands of books.) Needless to say, I’m am now totally obsessed. My user name on the various websites I haunt daily is “Obsessedtwibrarian” (that’s a librarian who is as obsessed with Twilight as everyone else!) It changed my life…

  17. I first read Twilight in October 2007, but I heard about it from a girl at the end of 2006. So it means it’s been two years that I’ve been part of this fandom. I think Eclipse had come out about two months before I started reading. There were so few people who knew it then.

    My friend gave me Twilight, and I started reading it at school. When I came home I was unable to stop. It was just impossible. Then I borrowed New Moon from my friend’s cousin, and read it. We were four friends who read the books at the same time, so we waited for each other. At school we would always discuss about what we knew and what would happen next.

    Then I borrowed Eclipse from another friend, and I finished reading it on the day of my 14th birthday. I was so depressed because Jacob was gone, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Breaking Dawn. I had to wait until it came out. And when it did, I ordered all four books online, and I read the three first books again before Breaking Dawn.

    Now I keep reading books again and again and watching Twilight again and again. And I’m impatiently waiting until November 20th for New Moon, and I’m certain that I’ll love it even more than Twilight.

  18. I came to Twilight in an odd way. I was watching Glenn Beck on TV one night and Steph was on. I thought, cool, a writer who’s Christian and it sounds like an interesting series. Picked up Twilight, tore through that in two days and immediately ordered the next two from Amazon. Inhaled those too. Freaked when BD came out and I thought Amazon would deliver it the same day it was released (wrong). Love the series, have read them all several times now. Was there at midnight last November, will be there at midnight this November. Have let my 10yr old son read both Twilight and New Moon, 12 yr old son says no thanks. Husband kinda interested now…..Can you say HOOKED?

  19. Believe me, I miss those days too! I’ve been a fan since New Moon, so although I wasn’t the one of the first ones, I still miss the good old times were there were only a few people who were really into them. I also agree with how exciting it is to share it with all the new fans too. I mean, even though I still consider myself highly obsessed, I do admit that I’ve lost most of the giddiness. So I always love to talk to new commers so I can share all the information that I have gathered over the years.

    • i know. being a fan of something small kinda makes us feel original and then you find out you’re not.

      i love how many people love twilight. im glad i get to share this happiness with so many people.

  20. My niece talked me into reading the first two books while on vacation in Jan 2009. I liked them well enough but wasn’t hooked. I never got around to ordering and reading the final two books.

    Then I randomly rented the movie soon after it came out on DvD and watched it a day or two later And the watched it 5 more times. I could not get enough of Edward as he was portrayed by Robert Pattinson. GAH! And the chemistry between him and Kristen Stewart was so tangible. Loved it. Can’t wait for the next 3 movies!

    I went back and read the books again and enjoyed the nuances much more.

  21. I have been a fan since I believe July 2006. Basically I waited almost 3 yrs for the movie. Long time, but worth the wait~!

  22. Miss Vini says:

    I discovered “Twilight” the book, December 2008, as I was vacationing in Hawaii, & a friend suggested I read the books. She mentioned the movies, but leaving in Tahiti, I had never heard of it. (though when she mentioned it, I did remember seeing some ads on yahoo movies page) I thought: Why not?
    the day after Christmas, as I was shopping in a library book, I came across the book & decided to buy. as I was traveling back home, & then preparing for New Year’s Eve, it was only on January 2nd that I actually started reading the book. I couldn’t put it down! I finished it in less than 36 hours, (during which, I did sleep a little!!)
    The day after I finished it, I ordered the other books online, & then had to wait almost 3 weeks to get them!! (leaving in the middle of an ocean can be hard sometimes… πŸ˜‰ )
    so, in the meantime, I surfed the web to find info about it, making sure I never read spoilers! That’s when I found the Lexicon!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I also went to the movies, but was soooo disappointed to see it in French! πŸ˜› I wanted the English version!!!
    The rest is pretty common, as I read the books, & fell in deep “dependence”, checking the web every day for updates (up to now, obviously!!!!)
    Thank you sooo much Stephenie!!! Love the books….

    btw: I’m Team Switzerland!!!

  23. In a way I’m glad that I was late to the Twilight party, because I haven’t had to wait for anything except New Moon – and that has been excruciatingly long!

    I remember seeing the ads for Twilight when it came out and I had trouble seeing the appeal. I finally watched it when it came out on DVD – and the obsession began.

    I went straight out that day and bought the DVD. The next day I bought the book. I finished it in one day and was straight out the next morning to buy the remaining three books, the soundtrack AND the special two disc DVD (that I had been told was only for the “obsessed”). As soon as I finished Breaking Dawn I was straight on to the internet and found Midnight Sun and the outtakes.

    I have been reading the whole series constantly every day since. And, of course, the Lexicon is my home page. – Yes I guess I fit into the category of “obsessed”.

  24. My sister purchased Twilight for my daughter last Christmas. We all initially avoided it like the plague. My daughter had many friends at school who were very into The Twilight Saga, but she blew it off because she likes Star Wars and Star Trek. SO, the book sat on our bookshelf for a few months. Then, as summer began, I started looking for something else to read to get my mind off the academic books I’d been reading all year. That’s when I dusted off Twilight. I was hooked. I immediately finished the book, went to Walmart to purchase the others (I just couldn’t WAIT for Amazon). Soon I was spreading the word about Twilight. My daughter, sister and book clubbers at the university where I work were soon hooked. My co-worker drives her husband CRAZY talking about it. I found Lexicon (thanks). Read the draft of Midnight Sun on Stephenie’s website (please, please finish this, Steph). We’re all going to see New Moon AND Twilight the night it opens. I may not have been a Twilighter from the beginning, but my devotion to it is just as strong. Sometimes I think I’m way too old for this kind of giddiness, but hey, I love it too much to stop. Steph, We love you in Chicago! Please write MORE!!!!

    • Ali, where in Chicago do you live? My friend who lent me Twilight in 2005, is not that rabid a fan as I am anymore and I need Twilight friends in Chicago. I’m not going to the midnight show. I want to go the next day, first show while the teens are in school! I got the day off of work!

    • Oh, and I too have read the books numerous times. SO many times I’ve lost count. Love them!

  25. Well, I had heard about it from looking at it on the shelves of the teen section for awhile probably around the first year that it came out. I was intrigued by the covers, but I was growing up and didn’t want to get back into a teen book series. Then, last spring my friend started talking about it and how I would like it. I kind of dusted it off, saying it was a cool concept, but not sure it was for me. Then, probably within a month two more friends recommended it to me. After that third one, I finally said okay, I have a 30% coupon at borders, why not give it a shot. my friends said the beginning was a big slow, but I was into it right away. I finished Twilight in three days, then went to borders with another 30% off coupon (love borders coupons) and picked up new moon. Read that in five days, and then my friend told me she wanted to get the special edition of eclipse and that she wanted to get rid of her eclipse book. I waited two days to get that, then picked it up, and had them all read two weeks before Breaking Dawn was about to come out. I read some essay book that Borders put out about Twilight, and that tied me over until the book release party.

    I was aware there was a movie coming out, but that didn’t really fuel my desire to read the book. I didn’t really care to see the movie before I read the book, and afterward i was like a rabid fan digging for more and more to see.

  26. i mean spring of 08 saying last spring, if for some reason nobody caught that drift.

  27. I only have a few friends that have been with Twilight since the beginning. I randomly bought the book at an airport; never had hearing about it before. I thought the cover looked cool. It was in 2006, I think.
    I don’t mind the new fans…but when they claim to be the ‘biggest fan ever’, that’s when I want to punch them because they don’t realize that Twilight came out YEARS ago. And there have been fans that have been there for YEARS…not just for 2 months.

    • We new fans don’t mean to offend anyone, although I can only speak for myself. I’m sure there may be those who are only interested in Twilight because of the actor-who-must-not-be-named, but I’m not one of them. I LOVE the series. Read ALL of the books BEFORE seeing the movie. As I previously mentioned, I’ve read the books countless times since my initial reading. Currently reading The Host. Also spend more time than I really should looking at Lexicon and other reputable Twilight fan sites, lapping up storylines and backstories (I don’t read the rags or visit their sites, as I could care less about the actors’ personal lives). I may not have been one of the first to read the books 5 years ago, but I can truthfully say that I have fallen in love with the beautiful characters and story, and just can’t get enough of it.

      So please, no violence towards us “newbies,” okay??? πŸ™‚ Peace.

    • yeah… we hear this all the time but normally it’s music fans calling others posers who may have only recently discovered a band. “you’re not a real fan. ive been here since the beginning”

      sooooo high school. lol.

      • as if date of discovery dictates the level of anyone’s passion. that doesn’t even make sense. i only discovered my husband a couple of years ago when i was 27… long after many other girls but i know i love him more than they do. πŸ˜›

        • Well said! The reason I didn’t hear about Twilight years ago is simply because at 30 I am at an in-between age. I’m not in high school with a bunch of girls who told me about it, and my daughter is only three, so she didn’t introduce me to them. I discovered the books in my own time – so sue me! Anyway, since when did obsession have anything to do with time?

        • Twilight_News says:

          OK, this is like my favorite quote EVER addressing this issue!


        • I hear ya’! Well said.

  28. Sterling Snow says:

    I came into the Twilight fandom in January 2008. I needed some books to read over Christmas break, so I picked out Twilight (I’d seen it in a book order, which mentioned Steph’s site, which mentioned the Lex, which is where I read all the vampire and werewolf mythology before reading the books- oops!)
    I was hooked IMMEDIATELY! I couldn’t wait to get back to school so I could get New Moon and Eclipse from the library. Been an overobsessed fan since then:)

    BTW, me and my friends all made homemade t shirts for when we went to see the Twilight movie and we’re going to for all the movies. I think it shows our dedication to the books more than store bought shirts do πŸ™‚

  29. twilight.geek says:

    Woot! I was a fan since the start! I knew about the lex from my friend before New Moon came out, but I never signed up for it. I’m so glad that I signed up for it..I was missing out on so much fun. Yeah..that gets me mad too when the new fans claim that they are the biggest fan ever…and they can’t spell Stephenie’s name right or they don’t know who she is. Yeah..woot go Maine for beinging in the blue for fans from the start!

  30. My story is very interesting.

    I first heard about Twilight through my friend’s book report which was in May ’07. I then watched this segment in GMA about the release of Eclipse. I didn’t read it till October ’07 because I saw my friend reading it, who usually read good books. So I looked it up in my school’s library and was on a waiting list. I didn’t know why, but it was worth the wait. I read New Moon and Eclipse during my Thanksgiving break, then waited for BD.

    I think my story is acceptable for being a fan of Twilight before the movie since my liking came in months before the announcement.

    It really annoys me to see people carry the books around school because I know that they read it after the movie came out. Don’t you hate it when you know about something before anyone else? And then it becomes popular then everyone else loves it, and they claim they’re bigger fans? I take that as a slap in the face. It hurts to see what Twilight has become – an “in-thing” to do just because it’s popular and everyone else reads it.

    I’m proud to say that I was a fan of Twilight before those people who’d gotten into it after the movie. I’m a member since October ’07. Now I write Fanfiction and fanvid to it on YouTube.

    – Jen x

    • That’s so great, I’m a fan since October 2007 too! It also felt very strange to me when everyone started reading Twilight at school. Sometimes it makes me mad to see people read the books because they think they need to read them just because it’s popular. I miss those days when there were very few people who knew about the Saga. Anyway, there’s no going back now, so I’ve started to accept this.

  31. That is kind of horrible… in the sense that most probably just became fans because of the hype of the film and the such. It really bothers me when some people call themselves fans and they don’t really qualify as much as others, who have been fans from the very start. I have been a fan of the Twilight series since the year it was first published (2005)… so for about 4 years now.

    • I’ve to agree with you.

      The hype around Twilight now is not so much about the original books but rather the movie francise and actors and what not..

      So, I did miss the past and get nostalgic. Seeing some of the “fans” behave makes me gag.

      • I completely agree with you and was thinking the same exact thing! I really believe that a lot of the new “fans” are only fans for shallow reasons like their obsession over actors *cough Robert Pattinson cough*, who I really love but I can definitely say that that isn’t the major and only reason I love the whole series– not even close. =]
        And considering I am a more reserved type (as in I won’t scream my head off when something or someone I admire presents itself) I want to gag and do cringe when I see the behavior of those other “fans”.

    • are you guys 12? seriously. liking twilight doesn’t make ANYONE cool. as a matter of fact, it’s considered kinda nerdy and it’s not exactly a guy magnet. saying people are just jumping on some band wagon is ridiculous. stop it already. you guys are making me laugh too hard.

      • As a matter of fact, I am not 12… I am 20 years old and proudly not afraid to seem “nerdy” as you say reading Twilight would make somebody. I must point out it is coming across as if you are more concerned with a shallow aspect of this whole situation. I really couldn’t give a darn if reading and being smart doesn’t attract guys or their attentions. As you seem to be concerned with. But to contradict your statement on how it doesn’t attract guys, I’ll tell you I have a guy friend who actually got into the Twilight series because I had read it and mentioned it to him a lot.
        And do you not know the meaning of jumping on the bandwagon? Have you no knowledge of the bandwagon fallacy? Because the people who are getting into Twilight due to the hype are in fact jumping on the bandwagon since they are “joining a cause because of its popularity”. So you can laugh all you want but you are the one who is incorrect. Do I sense a little defensiveness in your tone? You can stay on the bandwagon but I much prefer having thoughts of my own.

    • this is exactly what all the supposed “real” muse fans are saying about twilighters who just became fans within the last year. muse was making albums while a bunch of you were still watching the disney channel. all this “real” fan talk is just bogus.

      • GEEZ TWIFRIENDS!!ITS a book who cares if peeps bring it around with them after the movies came out??I cant tell you how many times i have redread the novels and walked around w/the book in my hand.So who cares?To judge someone b/c they have a book in there hands is always happy to see twifriends.The whole music thing i cant tell ya how many bands i discover daily from diff. sources.The the actors themselves had no clue bout twilight until they got casted and there the one playin the characters nobody gets on them LOL.Music/novels are for everyone to enjoy no matter when they discovered them..Just have fun and chillax!!!

  32. YAY for Illinois being light blue!!! “Since the Beginning”!!! I read Twilight in 2005, but read the rest last summer.. so I did finish the series before the movie! But I can’t believe I waited so long to read New Moon and Eclipse. Just finished the 2 in time for Breaking Dawn.

  33. cheering4twi says:

    Ok so I hate to admit it…I too had no idea about twilight or stephenie meyer until february this year when my sister in law kept bugging me to read it..hat can I say, I read all the books in a week, I then tracked down a cinema who was still playing the movie (thank God) and watched that. Then of course I finished the series, finally breathed again and started the books all over again (this has now happened 8 times with the host thrown in as well.) I feel indebted to Stephenie Meyer, for the privilige to read something that was more than “just a good book” I am overwhelmed with love for the characters of twilight. and to Catherine Hardwicke for having the enthusiasm to take it on, cast it brilliantly and bring us our favourite series visually. It sounds so trivial and corny but it has changed my life. I love it and am crossing my fingers that you fine women at the lexicon will have an event for the eclipse movie as I will make the pilgrimage all the way from australia to be with all the fine womenthat make up the lexicon and thank you personally for my daily dose of twilight!

  34. audreymecki says:

    i found out about twilight from my friend read the book and saw the movie last year, i got the books for christmas but didnt see the movie until it came out in april on dvd

  35. I was a fan when Stephenie Meyer used to sell a PERSONALIZED autograph on her website for something around $10-15(:

    Andddd I read Twilight exactly two weeks after the publication date. So yes, I’d say I’m an original fan :]

    • Zookie Monster says:

      I was a fan when she went on tour and when you saw her, there’d be just about 400-500 people in the back of a Borders signing stuff! :]

      Now, if she’d go to a Borders, there wouldn’t be enough people.

  36. Fan since 2006 and can’t wait for New Moon!

  37. Zookie Monster says:

    Been a fan since May ’07! A couple months before Eclipse tour :]

  38. so one day i my family went to the library, and my mom got this book called twilight. she read it and thought it was AMAZING! so then i started to read it.(i 1st read it in spanish, which im not THAT good at so it took me a while)within 10 mins that i finished twilight i found stephenie’s webstie n cudnt stop jumping up n down, becuz i then knew dat they were making a movie! so this all happend august of 2008. i still remember going to barnes n noble, the day before breaking dawn came out n my mom super excited about it(she was almost done with eclipse at the time)

  39. i first heard about twilight late 2007 early 2008. i finally read it in october 2008 but didnt know about the movie until i looked twilight up online after finishing the first book….so idk where i stand with this whole thing….its after breaking dawn but before the movie…but i consider myself a real twilighter because i actually read the book multiple times before seeing the movie

  40. I started reading them december 07 but i had seen them on barnes and nobles waaay before that but i was sooo not into science fiction and thought eww NEXT but i jus got so curious seein it over and over in barnes and nobles that i was like ok let me jus read it so i got twilight and next day i bought new moon and eclipse!! lol i read dem so fast my mother was worried i was locked in my room w/o eating lol… hasnt been the same ever since lol… got my whole class back in high school obsessed wit it so it was awesome having someone to talk about it =]

    and da commercial aspect of twilight kinda bothers me in the way we’re stereotyped but w/e as long as the movies come out im good πŸ˜‰

  41. I picked up twilight off the shelf in November 2007, and have been hooked ever since. I quickly read twilight, new moon and eclipse and had to wait for breaking dawn. i quickly jumped on the net and found Steph’s website, twilight lexicon and his golden eyes and was hooked. i still remember the days when everyone was giving their favorite actors for the film, and how Steph had all of hers picked.

  42. For me, I started reading Twilight in 2006.

    I’ve lost some interest in it now after the books had come to a close. Rather than renewing my interest, the movie had ruined things for me.

    I dislike how the media put so much emphasis on the movie francise and commercialise what used to be a ‘special’ thing.

    Waves of new fans make it a more bitter pill to swallow. The way some of them acted, like they know everything and is the “biggest fan of all times” when they are actually screaming for THE actor makes it seems so ridiculous.

    I can’t help but to nod my head when I read some of the above comments because that’s what I’m thinking too.

    • then it’s cool there are new fans to make up for the old fan who’s lost interest.

      • Absolutely right! I really don’t appreciate all the hostile comments on here about how anyone who didn’t read the books years ago isn’t a “real” fan. Yes, a lot of people have read the series since the movie came out but that can be said of so many books.

        Can these “real” fans honestly say that they have NEVER gone and bought a book after seeing the movie adaption?

        I have read countless books years before they were made into movies, and yet I can’t imagine having the sort of ego it would require to go around accusing others of being a fraud because they didn’t find out about it at the exact moment of printing!

        Give me a break! We all love the books. If we were simply in love with the movie we would be on one of those Robert Pattinson sites talking about how beautiful he is.

        • Hell yeah twifriend!!!! U r so dead right!!!! U can’t judge some fans only ‘cuz of the time they r into this “Twiworld”… it is unfair!!! I c a lot of enthusiastics fans, talk ’bout this all the time, or other fans whose the life was totally changed ‘cuz of this books… What all I can see is just love & devotion for this series… so whats the point to argue ’bout “I’m a real fan from the very beginning”? If u are (in my case-fan since 2006-), good for you… if u don’t so, VERY WELCOMING TO THE TWIWORLD!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  43. I have been a fan since October 2006.

  44. abigael_d says:

    tbh, last year, almost everyone at my school’s talking about Twilight… i’m like… what is it?
    then i knew it’s about vampires…
    but then i found out about the actors and found out i’ve actually watched them in movies before! especially Taylor Lautner, he’s the one i really remembered since my younger bro watch Sharkboy like ALWAYS haha…

    the movie came out last year, but i refused to watch it,, because i’d like to read Twilight first…
    so i read Twilight in Feb. 2009, and i just LOVEEEEE it. then i watched the movie…
    then read New Moon to Breaking Dawn…
    i’m obsessed before ONLY with the books, not really the actors…
    but there are just videos everywhere and i became more obsessed
    and now i’m a huge supporter of the actors too haha πŸ˜€

  45. abigael_d says:

    and may i add up…
    upon hearing “vampires” when i asked a friend before what Twilight is about… haha, i thought about Dracula… images in my head: full of blood, and probably violence, and……… the story might not be interesting for me.

    but the books just magnetized me…
    “don’t judge a book by its cover” πŸ™‚

  46. This has to be a First amongst all the comments I’ve read… I noticed my 15-year-old SON carrying ‘Twilight’ around! Apparently, he and his guy pals had been reading it and so, being somewhat intrigued, I picked it up, read the blurb on the back..”About three things I was absolutely positive…” and the rest, as they say, is history.

    I must admit, tho’, that it was the movie which really got to me and made me go back and re-read the books over and over again thereafter.
    I went into the cinema with no expectations at all and Rob Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward juz BLEW me away and the rest of the amazing cast were simply wonderful. No matter what the critics say about Catherine Hardwicke, I’m forever grateful to her for helming Twilight the way she did.

    The Twi-mania has only grown for me since then and it’s been a JOY discovering kindred souls amongst my friends and on the Net.

    And yes, it does make me very irate and indignant when the media keeps harping that only teenage girls are fans…I’m 44 and proud of it!

    • You go girl, I’m 37 & LOVE Twilight (read it before I saw the movie, thank you). And about the guy thing, my daughter’s friend who is a freshman in college & an athlete also loves the Twilight saga. I mentioned that fact to a 17-year-old female family acquaintance the other day (who is also a fan) about him liking Twilight & she alluded to the fact that he must be gay. What a small-minded idiot! I truly feel that Stephenie has written a story that touches all people, of all ages, of all races, male & female, gay & straight. That is such a powerful thing & I am truly, truly grateful for her.

      • Hi Pam!

        I know quite a few guys who enjoyed the movie and even some who have read the books; admittedly, the numbers are not great but it appears that many non-fans, gals AND guys, have been quite intrigued by the New Moon trailer and are planning to watch it. πŸ™‚

        Yes, all thanks to Stephenie Meyer for the Saga, which has captured our hearts and imaginations like no other romantic book series ever has!

  47. I first read twilight in 2006, accidentally actually. I asked my dad to buy me a good book to read, and I had one in mind, but it was out of stock so he bought me Twilight and New moon.
    My obsession is still alive mwahaaha

  48. I bought Twilight for my 16-year-old daughter in late 2007/early 2008 (before the movie came out) after she insisted I pick it up for her. It was $5 at Sam’s Club. She had read only about the first 20 pages or so & never picked it up again. We then had an island-wide blackout here in Hawai’i & there was nothing to do all night but wait. W/my flashlight in hand, I decided to see what this book was all about. I literally couldn’t put it down! It had been YEARS since I picked up a book that made me feel that way. The next day I picked up New Moon & the rest is history. And it’s so funny because when the movie came out, my husband & I had a rare night out to the movies. Twilight was playing & I mentioned that that was the book I had purchased for our daughter. He asked me if I wanted to see the movie & I said “no way”…we ended up watching 007 instead (which I didn’t like). Looking back, I can’t believe how that one decision prolonged me from finding these awesome books that have really had a profound effect on me! I was teased incessantly by my son & daughter as I read thru the series even though the book was bought originally for her. Just recently, and I don’t know what brought this on, but my daughter finally picked up Twilight & couldn’t put it down herself. She ended up finishing the four books in about five days. Now it’s so wonderful to have another Twilight fan in the house to share stuff with. She now understands why I was so over-the-moon about all of it. She can’t stop watching the movie & is now reading Midnight Sun, which I told her about so she can more of a Twilight fix. Thanks to Stephenie for truly changing so many lives. Although my daughter & I have a good relationship, she is the total opposite of me & rarely likes the things I like & vice versa. Now, our love for Twilight has given us this common ground where we giggle & get share our excitment w/each other about Twilight.

    • Tiffie'Joe says:

      Loved this story! Thank you so much for sharing! I long for the day I’ll have my own daughter to get hooked onto the series! Or son for that matter, haha.

      • Thanks Tiffie’Joe! We often oogle over how great Taylor looks & then she gets great enjoyment of reminding me that he’s her age, not mine. But it’s so much fun! And as I mentioned before about us being total opposites, she’s Team Jacob & I’m Team Edward, but we swoon over both of them so it’s all good:)

  49. I began to notice this Twilight Saga when I saw the movie trailer of Twilight and was so intrigued with this super hero gesture to save a girl but in plain clothes not in costume of Superman. By curiousity we rented the DVD and was surprised to learn that there was a book first and that started everything. I’m waiting for my order to deliver for Breaking Dawn. The first three books I read for three days. It was this beautiful romantic love stories that we seldom hear now.We hear more about couples in separations and divorces in real life that we begin to confused what really love is, the reason why we are obsessed with this story. We are fascinated about this ingredients of how to stay “’til death do us part” relationship and how the characters handles the ups and downs despite of the differences and circumstances. In fact the author just hit hard core the very essence of the beauty of falling in love forever because it really does exist.


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