New Moon Soundtrack Out Today!

Here’s a reminder from Summit:

“It’s finally here – THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON soundtrack is in stores TODAY! Head out to any store to pick it up, or get it on iTunes with bonus tracks here!

You can also head out to Hot Topic tonight at 7pm to be part of the Soundtrack Release Parties!! All Hot Topic locations will be playing the soundtrack in its entirety, plus you can hear exclusive messages directly from the soundtrack artists. If you buy your copy of the soundtrack during these parties you will get a special NEW MOON gift! Click here for more information.

The soundtrack features all original and exclusive music from artists including Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Muse, Thom Yorke, Bon Iver & St. Vincent and more! Visit ( to learn more about the soundtrack.

In case you need one more reason to run out and buy it this weekend, it has recently been revealed that the CD booklet will fold out into a Cullen poster. See the image to the left.

Amazon has a deal for today, $4.99 download. TY to Holly for pointing that out!


  1. The cd is not out in the uk yet. All the adverts and shops are still saying monday. Not happy.

    • You can still stream it on the myspace page though until then.

      The claw hand and Jasper’s face are still and issue for me!!

  2. why isn’t it on spotify when it’s on itunes?? thought it was sony or something that’s giving out the cd?

  3. Devon061381 says:

    Whoa iTunes wants $12.99 for the standard version of the soundtrack, and $14.99 for the deluxe!!! Holy crap who are they kidding??!! Amazon MP3 (follow them on twitter, @amazonmp3, and they’re on facebook too!) has a Daily Deal every day, and today it’s the standard New Moon soundtrack for:


    Yes, $4.99!!!! Only today!!!! Get it NOW!

    iTunes can go shove it. Highway robbery.

  4. I think somebody forgot to tell the retailers down here in Texas about the early release. 🙁 My husband went to Target, Walmart and Best Buy this morning and no copies were out for sale yet. The lady at Best Buy told him the release date was the 20th when he asked for it, even after he told her about the early release. I think I may be buying the $4.99 download…you can’t beat that! Thanks for the info!

    • same here…I went everywhere and no one had it out. Did the record company remember to inform the retailers? Very unhappy.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one but that still really sucks!! 🙁 I’m curious if anyone else was able to pick this up at a retail store today?

    • ScarletRubie says:

      Texas, as expected, is a little late with the info, not surprised.

    • XxLornaxX says:

      i went to best buy too and they told me the same thing, but i told them their website says its available so after about 30 minutes of standing around and talking to a manager they got the box out of the back and finally handed me a copy. I really like the soundtrack it has a melancholy feel to it which i like. the fold out poster is awesome to.

  5. I want my pre-order!!! I will never make the mistake of pre-ordering a cd from iTunes again! I have to wait until the 20th to get it seems even though I could just cancel and then repurchase, but then I will have 2 copies of Satellite Heart.. and would have paid for both. $1.29 isn’t much money for me, but if all us suckers who pre-ordered it canceled and then repurchased, all those $1.29s would add up quick and iTunes would make quite a bit of money. Not exactly fair!!! Seems almost like a scam to me!

    • I got my pre-ordered download from iTunes today. I think they were just a little late in delivering it to people because the release date was just moved up.

    • Well, that’s what I did. REALLY wish I had known about the Amazon sale before I did that.

      Though I do have to say I really like the Bonus Track Solar Midnite by Lupe Fiasco.

      I’m really enjoying this soundtrack. I have to say the Meadow piece was haunting. I can’t wait to see where all these songs are placed in the film.

  6. Some retailers might have had trouble adjusting to the changed release date. My local shops have the CDs in, while others may not.

  7. ok question … i know the actual cd comes with a poster if you buy it, but does it come with the bonus tracks like the itunes version does? i’m trying to decide which to buy..i’d like the poster but the bonus tracks are more important!

  8. The soundtrack is not out until the 20th here in Canada….booooo.

  9. twiightgirl68 says:

    Just heard the New Moon soundtrack and it’s not “happening with me ” !!! Very disappointed ! The songs are weird , except for MUSE and The Killers , and there seemed to be no connection. I wish they had invited Paramore back and “The Meadow” is very pretty but doesn’t have the “Edward soul” in it like Bella’s Lullaby ! I wish I liked it better , maybe after viewing the movie it will work better , but I have my doubts !:(

    • twiightgirl68 says:

      Also wanted to add… they made a BIG mistake by not having Robert Pattinson do a cut on this ST ! Very disappointed ! 🙁

    • I don’t think it’s supposed to have “Edward’s Soul” in it. And I don’t think of it as Bella’s Lullaby, it’s something different. I picture Bella “remembering” Edward during her depression. But, we won’t know forsure until we see the movie.

      • twiightgirl68 says:

        yeah , you’re right , I do need to see this film first for me to catch the spirit of”The Meadow” , I do like it , like I said it is pretty , but it’s different , but it’s suppose to be right?? (^_^) Can’t wait till November ! I already have tickets !!

    • Do you even know anything about music at all!? Seriously, you should get ur ears cleaned. Bella’s lullaby and every other song on the Twilight score SUCKED SOOOOO MUCH it ruins the movie for me. It sounds like the lame music u hear in a “soap opera”. The “Medow” song is what the Lullaby should have been in the first place.

    • So what’s the difference in “I belong to you” from Muse on this cd and on theirs??? Can anyone tell me?

  10. Got mine from Itunes today…LOVE IT!!
    ‘The Meadow ” is so beautiful..feel like I’m there ‘)

  11. I got mine today! I checked Target first but they didn’t have it, so I went to Barnes and Noble and got it there. Some songs can be a little boring but I still love it. And I’m sure after I see the movie I’ll love it even more 🙂

  12. Twilight9009 says:

    I preordered mine online and actually got it yesterday. I’ve listened to it 3 times since I got it and I love it. CW made a great choice when he selected the bands for the soundtrack.

  13. SingingMoon says:

    I got my soundtrack at Walmart last night at 10pm. I couldn’t believe they didn’t wait til midnight lol. So far, my favorite’s are Muse’s song, The Meadow, & Satellite Heart. I can’t wait til the movie! 🙂

  14. Someone should have told Hot Topic that it was to be released today… cause they were having pre prerelease parties today! lol… cool… might get it…

  15. too easy and too great to pass up the Amazon deal! TY for posting that!

  16. Does anybody know whether there is going to be a soundtrack of the score too, like there was for Twilight? (p.s. it’s really too bad that they don’t have the same composer. Carter Burwell was absolutely brilliant!)

  17. @twilightgirl68 You’re kidding me right? The New Moon soundtrack is arguably much superior to Twilight. These artists are supremely talented as can be heard in the melancholic rings of their voices when singing the beautifully constructed lyrics. Lykke Li’s Possibility is absolutely heart-wrenching. Exactly the kind of tone of music needed to express the emotional state of Bella in New Moon. Satellite Heart by Anya Marina is fantastic as is the penultimate song by Editors. Paramore were fine for the lead single of Twilight but this is an absolutely far superior collective of artists. Just compare the reviews between Twilight Soundtrack and New Moon Soundtrack (FYI New Moon scores far higher). Please don’t call songs that don’t employ the emo melodies of the Twilight soundtrack “weird”. That’s an insult to the artists themselves and to the Twilight Saga too.

    • Word.

    • Kevin, you’re my hero. I’ve waited for someone who appreciate all of these great artist and their songs. I agree with every word you wrote.

    • Kevin, I agree with you. This CD is going to be a huge hit. I love Possibility and Satellite Heart (this seems to refer to Bella in the way that she feels since Edward has left and she will wait for Edward no matter how long it takes) Absolutely great! All of these artists should be acclaimed and appreciated for their wonderful music…

  18. The Gift is a Cullen Crest Key Chain, it’s black and white. Kinda cool.

  19. So.
    I have mixed feelings.

    On one hand, I love the new soundtrack…but on the other…I do miss having the more happy feel…

    But NM isn’t really yeah. haha. 😀

    My favorite…is Monsters so far. And the Meadow one. So pretty.

    And I got my free Hot Topic gift: Cullen Crest keychain.
    And I won another one from a trivia game. =D

    • Glad to hear someone else likes Monsters too! It sounds like it should accompany the wolves doing their runs through the woods.

  20. I’m a little disappointed with this soundtrack…I think the one from Twilight was much better…really missing Rob 🙁

  21. Switzerland says:

    i went to chapters and they said it was the twentieth.. someone fked up.

  22. This is an AWESOME soundtrack.
    I love it MUCH more than twilights soundtrack.

    True story.


  23. yea, i got home from work and my little brother was still up and he was like “look what i got for youuuu!” haha they drove all over the city to find it tho. finally some guy went into the back of the store and got it for them. haha and he gave them 2 dollars off of it. lol anyways, i LOVE it.

  24. twilight.geek says:

    I love the soundtrack. I went to get it and the person said “your here already?” Maybe I shouldn’t have gone right as the store opened. The soundtrack is really good but I have always likes Stephenie Meyer’s playlist of New Moon…and it’s my favorite book.
    My favorite song is Possibility By Lykke Li. But really all of them are great!

  25. i am so inlove with this soundtrack
    but i must say that i don’t understand why jacob’s missing from the cover.
    this is his book, really.
    i don’t understand why edward is front&center when he’s hardly in the book at all.

    but i LOVE the soundtrack.
    totally much more my style than the twilight one, what with bon iver & band of skulls

    brilliant, the whole thing.

  26. AliceKikiCullen says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! It’s just perfect 4 the movie!!! I like the 1st one a little better but only because it’s more my personality all happy and what not. Lol. IT TOTALLY ROCKS!!!! Oh nov. please get here faster!! I wanna see which scences are with which songs!!!

  27. I just want to by individual songs that I like from it. But in iTunes a lot of them are “ALBUM ONLY” 🙁 anyway I’ll wait till I can buy individual songs. I’m almost certain that I will only like a couple of songs for I’ve never heard of any of these Indie bands before.

  28. la_petite_femme says:

    i really Love the soundtrack!! Good job to whoever compiled all these indie artists together

  29. I bought the CD today, not reading about the 4.99 from amazon. overall, I like a lot of the songs. Sure, it’s not super upbeat and peppy, but I don’t think that they’re bad. It’s very interesting…and slightly distracting me from my homework…oops!

  30. Ha yeah same here ally!.. Its lik should go do homework.. But oh soundtrack need to listen!. I really like it!. Its so.. I mean like Satellite Heart is so um true! Nd Hearing Damage.. Wow.! Just all so cool! Though i’m still kinda meh about meet me.. Its growing on me like.! Uk 1st comment thats so strange.! Got it in hmv today, i am in ireland lik But our hmvs are th very same.! Well okay maybe u didn’t go to hmv… Um well right.. Well yeah the album is th coolness.!

  31. I can’t believe you guys can get it for $4.99 from amazon. I bought it off the Australian iTunes site and it cost almost $22.00! The soundtrack is growing on me. I am forcing myself to listen with an open mind and remember that the songs will have more meaning after seeing the movie. The only disappointment was that the bonus video clip of “Meet me on the Equinox” doesn’t have any of the scenes from New Moon in it. Such a shame because in that shot of Edward entering the meadow, I think he finally looks like that beautiful statue that Bella sees him as.

    • Hey Mel, I know exactly what you mean about that scene where Bella sees Edward in the meadow. He looks absolutely amazing and beautiful! I simply cannot wait until Nov. 20.

  32. I got the CD at Hot Topic and it is really good. I especially like the Meet me at the Equinox and Satellite Heart. White Demon Love Song by the Killers is good too. It is neat to try to figure out where the songs are going to be in the movie. I think “Meet me at the Equinox” is talking about Bella trying to the square in Volterra in time to save Edward. Can’t wait for Nov. 20…Team Edward!

  33. I feel like Chris Weitz/Alexandra Music-Person (can’t remember her last name) picked my brain and made this soundtrack just for me. That’s how happy I am with this music choice. Simply and heart-wrenchingly perfect. Alexandre Desplat > Carter Burwell in EVERY way.

  34. I absolutely adore it! My favorite is, hands down, “New Moon (The Meadow).” It’s amazingly beautiful. It’s exactly what I thought Bella’s Lullaby should have sounded like that. That’s the kind of song I’ll play on repeat and cry to on a bad night. And a song that I’ll play on repeat and write to, feeling all nostalgic and emotional. Excellent excellent job, Alexandre Desplat! And I think it’s better than the first one. On the first soundtrack, the songs fit well with what was happening in Twilight but I don’t think that the way they were put in the movie was executed very well. And I know that New Moon will do a much better job of that. I love the songs on this. Most of them are hauntingly emotional and a bit tragic just like New Moon is and I know they’ll be a great addition to the movie that I know will be spectacular even without these great songs.

  35. wtf!
    walmart and target dont have it in my town!
    and todays the 18th and i live in AMERICA!
    they keep saying it comes out on the 23 of november.

  36. nevermind says:

    stupid actors sucky actors!!! why cant it just stay as a book…the movie ruins everything!!

  37. I’m so disappointed that Jacob’s not on the poster! Besides Bella, obviously, he’s the main character in the book. I LOVE Edward!! but Jacob should have been the one on the poster.

  38. its obvious that bella is a mary sue just by looking at the cover.

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