IESB Interviews Jack Huston

Christina Radish from IESB snagged an interview with Jack Hutson, Royce King II, about his upcoming projects including Eclipse.

IESB: How did you get involved with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? What is it like to become a part of that whole phenomenon?

Jack: I literally just got back last Saturday, from filming my last little bits on it. I went in for David Slade, who’s the director, for another part that was written as a 19-year-old freshman who’s blonde-haired and blue-eyed, which I knew I wasn’t. That couldn’t be less like me. But, I went in and took a very different spin on how the character was written, and went a little nuts in the room, and David and I really got along, so he said, “I wanna get you in this movie somewhere.” So, he called me up a couple weeks later and said, “There’s this other part. Would you like to do it?,” and he offered me that.”

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  1. OMG so they filmed the scene(s)? Yay!
    All I can think about in my bead though is the parody M^2 did! LMAO! Like running around the kitchen calling rosalie crazy while she slowly but creepily followed him around lol!

  2. So glad they are including back story…

    • ME TOO KAREN!!! AH love kol.wait maybe im having a brain fart or somethin,is that the right time period?? To me it looks like the 20s am i wrong? I havent read the book in a while…

      • AliceKikiCullen says:

        No it’s the 30’s. but if mermory services me right (yeah…) I’m thinking that the clothes didn’t change too much from the 20’s to the 30’s so they are the right outfits. But my memory isn’t the greatest so may be wrong. 😛 But OME I can’t wait for Eclipse!!!! I loooove pictures!!! Lol.

      • yeah I feel like the clothes stephenie described were a different time period, maybe my imagination just got carried away though.

  3. Rosalie's Pain says:

    My favorite chapter in Eclipse is Unhappy Endings! I am so happy that they are including this in the movie. I also hope that they include Jasper’s back story as well. Rosalie Hale and Leah Clearwater are my favorite characters by far. I think they are the most complex characters and they are both open about the situation they are in. When push came to shove Rosalie became Bella’s true protector. I think the series showed that the women were stronger towards the end. When you hear about teh Volturri, everyone fears Jane. In Eclipse we find out that the only reason James was such a good tracker and could hunt so well was because Victoria knew exactly when to escape. Then Bella becomes the shield that can protect anyone from mental powers. When Jacob turns the reins to Leah, the packs are more organized and in tune(remember it was always chaotic with the pack when Sam was the Alpha, they always had issues LOL). Oh well, just a thought. Anyhow I am glad they are doing Unhappy Endings. I cant wait to see Rosalie in a wedding dress going after her would be husband. In the book I could not stop laughing when she said the was very theatrical about the whole thing.

    • Rosalie’s Pain I’m glad to see that other people see that the Twilight books aren’t just about vampires but that include characters about strong women who have suffered things in life that can knock you down but also help you build up.

      • Rosalie's Pain says:

        Hey Veronica,
        this is actually my favorite chapter in the entire series. It is what my screen name means. I’ve felt Rosalie’s Pain. I know what it’s like to almost have everything you ever dreamed of and then vanishing away. After Edward leaves Bella, I cried so much. Specially after I turned the pages and they were blank pages representing the time that was passing by. I’ve been in Bellas shoes and know what is like to loose your “first” love. However what Rosalie went through was so much worse. I had a very difficult time getting through Unhappy Endings. Yes, I lost my first love and it was hard, but when I lost the one that was suppose to be everything I ever wanted,it was so much harder. And just like in Rosalie’s case, my “true love” was a complete fraud of character.

        • omg rose!!! SO sorry to hear your story, I do hope that you have many bright days ahead!!! and that one day when your truly ready you do find your edward cullen.. just be happy with yourself twifriend i send you a big hug in the meantime xoxo lisa

          • Rosalie's Pain says:

            Hey Lisa! thanks for the sympathy. I do hope as well that one day I find my Edward Cullen, in the meantime I am enjoying life. Believe it or not, I’m glad that my “true love” ditched on me. Our deffinition of commitment is totally opposite. His niece told me about all the current things that go on with his new relationship he left me for. All I can say is that after the storm, the sunlight did come out. Also, although I thought I was not going to be able to live without him, here I am doing just fine 3 years later.

  4. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Yeah this one of my favorite chapters in Eclpise can’t wait 🙂

  5. I’m really looking forward to this part because I really loved Rosalie’s backstory. It was really sad and so intriguing too. I love Cullen stories.

  6. Kathleen loves vamps says:


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