Ilyana Kadushin Launches New Site

Ilyana Kadushin who narrates the audiobook versions of the Twilight Saga has launched a new website. You can find her site here.

We were able to meet Ilyana at the Summer School in Forks convention back in June. She’s a multi-talented lady who not only does audiobooks, but she’s records her own music.

Ilyana writes a bit about her Summer School in Forks experience and a side trip to La Push:

“…one of my favorite scenes and parts of narrating Twilight; were the scenes at La Push beach and when we first hear about the Quileute legends.  When I got to actually go to La Push and stand on the beach with all drift wood, surrounded by stunning scenery with a Native American elder who told us stories as we stood around a roaring bonfire…i got chills and in a good way! So much of the first part of Twilight contained these really awkward and stressful scenes for Bella with her father, at her new school and of course with Edward. So it felt like a relief for Bella to go La Push and talk to Jacob about the area, it’s natives and the stories and legends. I like the scene (Chapter 6 “Scary Stories”) between Jacob and Bella, when they first meet and as he is trying to both scare and excite her with his stories. I liked this part so much that I read it aloud on NPR radio during an interview about Twilight. These Quileute legends and stories then appeared in the other books as well, told by Billy Black and other members of tribe and I looked forward to telling these parts of the books very much.”


  1. Rosalie's Pain says:

    I don’t do audio books, they bore me for some reason. That being said, alot of my favorite parts in the Twilight Saga are the human parts. For some reason I just think the are great and hilarious. In New Moon, one of my favorite parts is when Bella is telling her dad that there is gangs in La Push. I can’t stop laughing everytime I read that part. I love how she is all worried about Jacob and Charlie doesn’t care because he thinks that Jacob is in good hands with Sam. I also love when Charlie and Billy Black are fighting over the phone over Jacob not hanging out with Bella anymore. That part is so funny and touching at the same time. The chief is concerned about his daughter, it moved me and made me laugh uncontrollably at the same time. New Moon is so freaking funny to me. Its actaully the most complex book in my opinion. Just as it is funny, it made me cry so much with Bella’s depression. I’ve felt the whole that she has felt. I hope they can catch all this emotions in the movie.

  2. We love Ilyana’s Audio Books! Check out the review I did on her!

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