Ashley Greene on The Twilight Review

The Twilight review snagged an interview with Ashley Greene. The various mediums of acting can have very different requirements and advantages, what medium do you prefer to work in film or TV and why?

AG: I like both. There’s good and bad stuff in both. For example, films are cool, you can see all the producer’s work and you can go to awesome places like BC for the Twilight Saga, for example, but you have to be apart of your family, friends and people you love for months. But that also means I have fun traveling around the world and I have great great great 3-months-vacays. Now, TV… is cool. Crew and cast are so awesome, is like work with your 2nd family because you know EVERYONE. But it takes more time to film and is like high school schedule and blah blah blah. So… I guess both are cool, but I’m more into movies than get a job in some TV series.

See it all on the Twilight Review. It came to our attention after this article was posted that the interview was conducted with an impostor who duped the Twilight Review. It is our understanding that the matter is under investigation by Ashley Greene’s legal team.


  1. It’d be a little strange, but still great to see Ashley in a TV series. But I think she’s more well suited for movies.

  2. She looks great and more mature in that hairstyle.
    I agree she should be in movies.

  3. FilDeCuivre says:

    That interview was great! Haha, I love the thought of Ashley, Jackson and Xavier singing Katy Perry and annoying Rob 😀

  4. This was the fake interview!!?!?! Wow, I totally bought it!

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