Taylor Lautner Flips Out!

Taylor Lautner was spotted on the beach yesterday where he was doing a photo shoot for an upcoming issues of Rolling Stone.

You can see other acrobatic and just plain smoldering shots over on Entertainment Wise.


  1. Rachel M. says:

    I hope he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone…that’d be amazing. 😀

  2. That boy… Mmm… 😉

  3. When does this issue come out? Def gonna pick it up.

  4. OMG….yum….i wish my hubby had that bod. and he’s sick of seeing it on my desktop! He’s not just great to look at but he makes we wanna get back in shape too. Of course, it would be a lot easier if I were 17 again!(sigh)

  5. wow hubba..he’s jailbait, jailbait..keep telling myself that

  6. Holy Crow but he’s hot!! Cougarbait… lol

  7. He is so good, and he looks great on the motorcycle! I just can’t wait for New Moon!

  8. Yummy!

  9. O.o



    hehe. um….wow. 😀

    *looks for nearby convention* *mutters* must meet must meet…. lol

  10. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    He is to darn sexy. Selena Gomez should be super happy. There is this kid who is in one of my classes who looks like Taylor when he was on “Sharkboy and Lavagirl” and I think to myself with a little workout everyday he can turn out to be like Taylor how he is rite now

  11. It would be so sweet if he was on the cover! He is so adorable! I’m really starting to love the wolf pack!

  12. OK I can die now. ONLY 17 ONLY 17!!! Keep repeating that to myself.
    I can’t believe he can do those flips on slippery watery sand. I always cringe when I see it because I worry he’ll hurt himself. But sure is nice to look at at the same time!! TEAM TAYCOB all the way!!!

  13. abigael_d says:


    he and the photos are the equivalent of the word “BRILLIANT” 😀

  14. Singing Moon says:

    I have a feeling that, because of Taylor, a lot of people will switch to Team Jacob by the time NM comes out. I really wish Taylor would play it low like Kristen & Rob have been. He’s getting to be overrated.

  15. I havent seen a lot of Taylor craze lately, actually. I mean sure, more than Rob right now, but I mean, New Moon IS kinda Taylor’s movie. He’s getting the same ammount of attention as Rob was before Twilight came out.

    Mmmm… I love Taylor. So cute 🙂

  16. OMG.
    i hope he’s on the cover!

    gooo taylorrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. iiiiiii’m going to have a heart attack when i go see new moon.
    i can tell.

    he is so. hot.

    it hurts my feelings.

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