Get a Free Shirt From CafePress

The other day we blogged about a contest CafePress is running (click the banner for details)

They just contacted us to say thanks for letting people know about the contest, and they want us to be able to give a free CafePress tee shirt to one lucky Lexiconer as an additional thank you.Β  So if you you’d like a free Twilight themed CafePress tee shirt respond to this entry with the words “pick me” and we’ll pick someone at random at 12:00 (noon) est October 10th.

Now you can pick any Cafepress Twilight Saga Themed shirt that you want from any CafePress store if you win. You can see the vast number of stores here. Of course in a shameless bit of self promotion, we’d be thrilled if you picked something from the Lexicon’s own store πŸ™‚ Check out some of our designs below.

Also if you are planning on attending a convention, the totes bags come in super handy. Not only do you need something to carry your camera and souvenirs around in, but the bags sign really well . So, you could have the actors sign your bag.


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