Dracula Sequel Penned by Descendant

According to the Vancouver Sun, Canadian resident and Bram Stoker descendant, Dacre Stoker, has written a sequel to his great uncle’s novel that started it all. The book is entitled Dracula: The Un-dead and “is set 25 years after the events of the 1897 novel, and focuses on Quincey — the son of the ill-fated Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray from the original tale.”

When asked to comment on the current Twilight craze Dacre Stoker said, “They call them “sparkly vamps,” he says. “And I’m trying to say we’re all born from that same page that Bram wrote. Every generation rediscovers it. And while (Meyer’s) vampires may be different, she’s bringing a whole new generation of young vampire fans who eventually are going to get a little older and want to see other vampire stories and what their roots are.”

You can check out Dacre Stoker’s site here for full details on the book.

So what do you think? Any interest in this sequel?


  1. A simple question: WHY?

    • HEY twifriends without bram we would not have twilight…Think of it as the 1st ed and bella.I love dracula and will check it out, love the movie as well..Hm despina well alot of peeps love the orginal story, and always wondered what if?? They never got there b.bawn moment hehe. Love mina and john….

      • actually, vampire folklore was around before bram stoker. that’s where he got it from. was he just the first to pen a fictional story that was famous?

        • HMM bird i think he was the first to get published it caused a big to do when it came out..My sis says the orignal archives are in the philly museum.Hm i think it 1st came out in europe im thinking london but dont quote me twifriend have a great weekend twifriend!!!!DESPINA maybe you will change your mind twifriend who knows!!!!

      • But this isn’t “Bram”… and I bet the ONLY author of this book is Ian Holt, and they just needed the Stoker surname to have it published…. It sounds pathetic, like “Mr Darcy’s Diary” or any other sequel written hundreds of years after the original novel…
        Sorry if I’m not enthusiastic…

  2. I have read several vampire books and still I am thinking…not interested.

  3. He’s right. Twilight will bring new vamp fans. And I thought he was very gracious in the way he spoke of Meyer’s work. He could have been very nasty about it, but he wasn’t.

  4. I agree with Moonjenn. He may be piggybacking on the vampire craze, hoping that his name and the current fandom will sell a lot of copies. But he didn’t insult Stephenie Meyer at all, just said she brought something different to the table. And I can respect that!

  5. I guess I am showing my age, but I would be interested in reading his work, just to see if he has the magic touch like his ancestor to bring life to the undead.

    • I agree, I feel old reading the Twilight Saga but I do Love it. I have been obsessed with Vampires my entire life and would love to read this new novel that follows the original Stoker. It gives you the X rated version that everyone tends to look for in a book.

  6. Sure, I’d read it! I love Vampire stories!!!!!

    • i wouldn’t say i love vampire stories and is in this just cause of the genre. i think i speak for most twilight fans that we love this as a love story first and the folklore is second. that’s why we don’t get all the crap about whether it’s true to folklore and yada yada. we don’t care. we love the story of love.

  7. There was also a “sequel” to the original book called “Mina” that focuses on Mina and starts on the train ride to hunt the count down. I’ve been trying to read it but work is too busy! 🙁

  8. AliceKikiCullen says:

    I concure with Moonjenn very easily could have been nasty but gave it the due it should get. I am not a big vamp person, Twilight is more romance than horror that’s why I like so much more than like buffy. Not that I don’t like buffy. ;P Though I would like to read the “orginal” vampire tale and the new one just for the heck of it. It is a classic after all.

  9. I am not interested to be honest. I just love Twilight vampires!

  10. genevieve says:

    most definetly i mean i loved the orignal i have neem into vampire movies in books since way before twilight (which i love btw) and it is always refreshing to read something new. to the genre that never dies \_/ cheers!

  11. genevieve says:

    oops tha was supposed to say been not neem thats what i get for responding while im on the phone lol

  12. Dracula is THE greatest vampire story of ALL time. Let’s hope he can do his ancestor justice.

  13. Drakula is the best book ever written on the matter of vampires. That’s a fact. While I am cautious he will be able to be in the same arena as Bram Stoker (who was a legend) I will be hopeful.

  14. I am 34,a huge fan of The Twilight Saga (obviously) and Stoker’s Dracula…but…I look at this the same way I look at other old stories that shouldn’t have a sequel/prequel… It will never (or more than likely never) match the genious of the original and there is a good chance it will be corny/campy, so why mess with a good thing? Some stories are meant to be told as Trilogies, Sagas, and even long series. Some are masterpieces being just one story and should be left at that.
    (Sorry to ramble and I will get off my soap box now. It’s just I am a huge fan of Phantom of the Opera, book and play, and have been since I was 13 and the play first premiered, and now Andrew Lloyd Webber is making a sequel Broadway production based on an awful sequel that was written years ago and I have a lot of resentment and disappointment built up over stupid sequels now!!! 🙂

  15. Well, it could be interesting, but I think I’ll just stick to my favourite Twilight vampires too!

  16. This might go either way… But probably it will go the wrong way. I’m just sensing that this might fall under the same category as “Pride and prejudice and zombies”. And come on, there is no way this will top Dracula. Ever.

    Another thing, according to the cover he didn’t write it himself. Ian Holt is listed as a co-writer.

  17. I respect Bram Stoker for technically being the first ever of the written vampire stories and making up the lore but it is anti-feminist and I have positively no interest in seeing the second one, unless they turned everything completely round. Oh, and it has to be quite bad so I can laugh like all Dracula movies.

    • Actually, it’s not anti-feminist if you consider the time period it was written in. The feminist idea has only come about in the last 50-75 years or so. Also, the meaning of the term feminist has changed since the idea’s conception. Originally, it didn’t mean women doing whatever they wanted, whenever and however they wanted. It just meant getting the right to vote and equal legal status. Besides, what is anti-feminist about Lucy getting to actually choose who she wanted to marry? Or Mina being so actively involved in her husband’s work? That is feminist for that time period.

      Anyway, off of the soapbox. Another absolutely incredible Dracula sequel is a novel called “The Historian.” It’s a very, VERY long book but I loved it from the first read.

  18. I’m a sucker for a sequel – I’m one of those people who read the sequel to Gone with the Wind. And I also love vampire stories. So yes, I’ll read the Dracula sequel. I actually already heard about this – there’s also a graphic novel sequel being done by Tony Lee that is endorsed by Dacre Stoker. Looking forward to reading both.

  19. I loved Bram’s Dracula and have always loved vampire stories so I will keep an open mind and check it out. Whether I like it or not will have no impact on my love for the Twilight Saga.

  20. erm. why?
    twilight aside (just for a moment tho), just because this guy happens to be decendent of bram stoker doesnt mean he can write a sequel to it!!! it makes no sense whatsoever.

    • actually, in the past, we have looked to the descendants of many greats whether they may be artists, actors, politicians, royals, or athletes. in this case, bram stoker’s descendant has lived and breathed the genre so much that he may very well be a great person to continue the legacy. who knows.

  21. I like this guy, his views aren’t bordering on troll-dom.

    But seriously, it could go well, if people aren’t original purists. That’s what ruins perfectly decent things a lot of the time. Don’t get me wrong, the book might end up being really bad fanfiction, but it could be very good.

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