Debut Video: Meet Me On the Equinox

Here is Death Cab For Cutie’s Meet Me on the Equinox. What do you think, will it be as popular as Paramore’s Decode?


  1. papermoon says:

    death cab- no contest. the song is better, the lyrics are better, the musicians and definately the singer are a lot better.

    i loathe paramore *shudders* sorry, i know that’s not the popular opinion but i can’t help it.

  2. I really like the song,it took awhile,but it has grown on me.Now with the video out its even better.Chris did an awesome job,so beautiful!!!! Cant wait to the 20th,so close,but not close enough!!!!! My friend and I are bringing a box of kleenex for sure,I cried a little watching the first few seconds of the video of the break-up

  3. Completely off subject, but I just got a hold of the Companion and all I can say is OH…MY…GOD!!! I seriously can’t think of a single scene, detail or prop that isn’t in this movie! I take back every doubt I ever had about Chris. He has done an incredible job and the next 40 or so days is going to crawl now that I know what I am waiting for!

  4. Well regardless of the video, it’s still not going to make me like the song any more. Not a fan of it and I like a wide range of music.

  5. Nothing will be as good as Decode

  6. I wonder if those clips are really the ones that are in the video? Or if they are waiting till the movie premiers. That just didn’t match up for me.

  7. I am not feeling it. It is so boring and it is nothing compared to “Decode.” They should have tried to get Paramore to write another song for “New Moon,” im sure that song would have rocked!!!

  8. I liked the song and the video. It left me wanting more of what New Moon is going to have…despair, pain, anger, loneliness- that whole feeling of betrayal. Yeah, I felt it.

  9. ok, this is just my opinion, but i LOVE this song. i honestly love it 500 billion times more than decode. i didnt really feel the emotion in decode that shouldve connected it to twilight. might just be me, cuz im not a huge paramore fan…but with equinox i can feel the kind of hopeless feeling that makes me think of bella and new moon in general. great great great song. LOVE IT!

  10. I enjoyed the song and the video. It had the key elements featured in New Moon- despair,loneliness,anger, betrayal.
    It left me wanting more..

  11. I like the song, I don’t totally dig the video. Despite all the clips (which most we’ve seen before) it didn’t have the flair that Decode had. It just felt like a mush of clips instead of it connecting with the story. Decode was just awesome, the song, the video, the emotion. Like the song, but I don’t think it wa right to be the lead song.

  12. Loved the clips, but I am lukewarm when it comes to the song. It’s haunting and all, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. I wasn’t too thrilled with Paramore either…. BUT, I tell you, the clips are great. Can’t wait!

  13. Meh.

    I took to “Decode” right away but this song, it’s taking me awhile to warm up to it.

  14. Tatiangel333 says:

    Decode captured the mood of Twilight perfectly. This song doesn’t capture the mood of New Moon at all. It’s too fast tempo, it needed more of a sad feel to it like “My Immortal” or something. That was the mood they needed to capture. Don’t like it. Sorry.

  15. Amazing, very emotional, as it was meant to be, with the footage.

  16. decode will alwaysthe best song ever when it comes to the twilight saga, but this song isntt too bad. it goes with the movie, the lyrics are definitely more on point then decode was, but decode gave me such an intense feeling of emotion. Im just not feeling that with this song, but i guess its just me.

  17. Twimomella says:

    I don’t like the video. No Jacob (well, his wrist and hand are).

  18. Stephenie Meyer is a genius dreamer. She created this captivating romance novel from a dream. Now it’s everyone’s dream. The fact that I love the Twilight saga, everything and everything related to the franchise is at the very least good. This “everything everything” chorus is adequate. Some hate it, but other’s like it because it does fit the mood. Right now we are all in the mood to watch this New Moon and this video encapsulates all of it. It is not, should not be too intense..I see the video as a preface to the movie if we want more and we will have to see the movie and the music in it. I’m just glad they made movies of the books and the characters are staying true to my imagination.

  19. Yeah, the song’s not as upbeat as decode, but I really like it. I think it ties in with the plot pretty nicely. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to cry at the part where Edward leaves (and probably scream with joy when he comes back.) I can’t wait for New Moon!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Amanda Dubs says:

    I think it’s funny that all the Twilight fans are complaining about the song and all the indie DCFC fans are complaining about the band selling out for Twilight.

  21. Niiisha:) says:

    I LOVED the video! ๐Ÿ™‚ The meadow is exactly how I pictured it!:D

  22. Twilight Nymph says:

    It’s OK and I agree you can’t compare this with Decode because Paramore and Death Cab have different styles. Even though I do like Decode better they can’t be compared.

  23. The song is okay…not the best. You can’t really compare Decode & this song…totally different. Maybe it will grow on me.

    Don’t watch the video on mute, either. The lead singer’s actions look completely insane without song.

  24. Stephanie says:

    My kind of music… Decode was too — I don’t know, maybe too mainstream for me.

  25. was actually watching MTV today was just about to flick away when I saw a certain red truck going along a road and I’m like ah! it was the first time I heard the song.. I didn’t know what to make of it.. I mean i loved Decode straight off but I could have been maybe a tinsy bit biased there as I love paramore, ha well guess i’ll have to hear it again but the clips i was kinda like oh i’ve seen all these before .. kinda.. but haha seriously can’t get enough of Edward hallucinations! that underwater one is so.. sad … and amazing!

  26. LaTuaCantante says:

    I CANNOT wait for the movie. I love the meadow scene in the beginning of the video with Edward standing to the side. BEAUTIFUL. The song has grown on me too. It captures first love breakup really well. Should I be bringing my New Moon kleenex to the theater (thx TwilightFreak) ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Loved it i dont think that even coves how I felt when I saw the video

  28. brittiany says:

    I’m not feeling the song either I guess I’ll have to wait until the movie. I loved decode alot better.

  29. Mary Jane says:

    I desperately tried to keep an open mind before listening to the song once I had learned of the title, since the title in and of it self made me truly wonder about the quality of the song, especially hoping that they weren’t going to make the giant mistake of actually using that specific line in the song. Now that I’ve seen the video and heard the song, I realize that my initial apprehension was well deserved. The song is overwhelmingly droll for something that is supposed to encapsulate Bella’s emotions. Not to mention the fact that the overall timing of the song with the timing of the lyrics seems off. I understand that there’s the heavy depressive facet that needs to be addressed, but what about the pain that goes with it?…the power of that pain? The previous videos show Bella screaming in agony during her nightmares realizing that the life that she hoped for had essentially died with his departure, in essence making it seem as though she had died with her future. Where is that despair, that utter, desolation? There’s a difference between solemn disappointment and infinite, depressive pain. Unfortuantely, I feel as though this song more attempts to hit the first and totally miss the mark of the later. Please, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not stating that DCFC is a poor band, but I simply feel that this attempt was not their best work and truly should have been deliberated more before placing it on the soundtrack. As with everything, take it with a grain of salt.

  30. Twi~dancer72 says:

    Decode is soooooo much better. Paramore should have been on the soundtrack cuz honestly, i dont recanize ONE band. This song is ehhh. The footage was AMAZING!!!!! the meadow kicks twilights blue butt

  31. I actually like this a lot better than Decode…idk I never really liked that song much. The footage is awesome and I’m so glad Twilight’s blueness is gone lol

  32. I didn’t like Decode…

    But this is about fifty times worse. Bring in some real music, please?

  33. PrettyOddxErica says:

    for all of you hating on this song and video obviously dont have good taste in music
    death cab for cutie is one of the greatest bands out there because all of there lyrics are real things that happened and all of there songs have heart and soul and meaning behind them
    so get over it stupid fan girls
    this is the perfect song for Edward/Bella/Jacob
    and New Moon

  34. ehhh…seems kinda repetitive…I’m not really feeling it either. Decode was great, and I don’t think Equinox is close to topping it. hahahah DEFINITELY need some new moon tissues!!! watch…they’ll seriously have them. but who wants to blow snot all over edward’s face? lol not meeeee

  35. It’s just OK. I didn’t buy the Twilight soundtrack because I didn’t like all the songs they picked for that movie either. My favorite song on the Twilight soundtrack was Linkin Park, Leave Out All the Rest.

    Looks like I’ll just pick the songs I like from iTunes from the New Moon soundtrack as well.

  36. Hate the song- it’s so boring. I love decode! And the video… the video is even boring, I love the NEW new moon shots, but them playing in that old house? I mean c’mon guys. I wonder who picked this boring song for the whole “New Moon” movie! Decode really captured Twilight. We need a song to really capture new moon!

  37. amoremorte616 says:

    You know, I’ve NEVER cared for Death Cab.
    But this song… and not just becuz of it being on the soundtrack. I’ve officially gotten over the phase where I like everything that touches Twilight.
    But this song is catchy, and…well, I like it.
    And the vid is cool. I mean, I like the way they did it how if you didn’t know about the movie (which would mean you’re cut out from the outside world) you could still follow along with the story line. And I like where it ended. Its a great way to promote the movie, and the tune went along with the feeling of New Moon. Remember ppl, New Moon isnt all about Jacob. Its about bella’s sorrow, too.

  38. I’ve known DCFC for a while now and I really loved the song from the first time I heard it as a whole. Their idea for this music video was to show us passing of day, the morning, afternoon, evening. And I think it would be a good one, but you’ve got a feeling something’s missing here. There’s nothing spectacular at all, nothing that can suprise us. But if I want to stay true, Paramore’s Decode wasn’t something extraordinary for me too. It was even less enertaining, cause I’ve just seen some band members running in the forest and playing. DCFC have had some concept but it’s not well exposed.
    Even the footage is still the same thing we see all the time in trailers. New parts take about 15 seconds? More or less. I wish ther was some more action. Now I have to say it’s a little dull and incomprehesible.

  39. I really loved this! I feel like the song is perfect for NM. To me its somewhat somber which totally fits the story. I love DCFC and I loved the way the video was put together. Thanks for posting it for all of us to see. <3 ya Twilight Lexicon!!

  40. OMGsh!!!! I LOVE the video!!!! <3 And the song is great!

  41. Zookie Monster says:

    I really loved the new footage! The meadow is, not kidding, exactly how I pictured it! It was absolutely marvolous, even how the sun hit the grass and the surrounding trees!
    Chris Weitz, for the millionth time, us Twilighter love you for eternity ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I liked the song, just not the emotion they put into it. Haley Williams and her gang were very much into “Decode”, which I liked a lot. But I think I like the footage more in this video than I did in “Decode.”

  42. despite ll the negative comments… I think the song was pretty good. Of course, I’m biased because I loved Death Cab before anyone knew they existed. And is it just me or did the lead singer get a huge makeover from the last video they did… I think it was “Cath”. Anyway, I don’t think it’ll be as popular because their music is sort of an “acquired taste” so to speak. But still I think its pretty good.

  43. stephanie says:

    i think this song definately fits for new moon. yes decode was great and i love paramore but i think death cab for cutie did a really good job. as for the video, i didnt like it much. there was hardly any new footage. twilight and new moon have two totally different moods to them so of course the song isnt going to be like decode. anyways love the song and i cannot wait untill i see new moon ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Hmm… The video has made the song a little better. It’s just so lazy sounding. I really thought the first single would be a song that would try to stir our emotions, not put us to sleep!! Hopefully the rest of the soundtrack will atleast compare to Twilight’s.

  45. I really realy love this video and the song is also great. I think that some of the people who do no like it say that because they either do not quite understand the connection the song has to New Moon or they just do not have an ear for different types of music. I loooooved how at the end of the video one half of the room was lit and the other was dark. I think that it’s a bit of a metaphor for how Bella feels throughout New Moon because one side of her heart is dark and not there because of Edward’s leaving her and the other part is lit and hopeful because of Jacob’s company and friendship.

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