Debut Video: Meet Me On the Equinox

Here is Death Cab For Cutie’s Meet Me on the Equinox. What do you think, will it be as popular as Paramore’s Decode?


  1. LOVED THE NEW FOOTAGE! my heart broke when I watched it. Chris did an absolutely amazing job with this movie. the volterra scenes and the medow are EXACTLY how I pictured it!

  2. I’m just not feeling that song. And where was Jacob? I hope the rest of the soundtrack is better than this.

    • seriously. this song is really, really boring. i’m not feeling it at all. it does not at all even come close to eliciting the level of emotion as “decode” by paramore.

      as a matter of fact, it’s annoying. my husband is not a twilight fan at all but he enjoyed some of hte music on the soundtrack like black ghosts and paramore. my husband and i change the channel every time this song comes on the radio. i told him that it’s going to be on the soundtrack and he just said, “oh.. im sorry”.

    • i think that “everything, everything ends” will go down as the laziest chorus in history.

      and ther eis something about the lyrics are sung that just doesn’t match with the music.

    • 4stringqueen says:

      Yep, I’m not feeling this song either. I absolutely love “Decode”, but this one just doesn’t do it. Then again, I’m not into DCFC (too emo and whiney for me).

      • And Decode isn’t ’emo and whiney’? LOL. I think this song is perfect for NM, the lyrics fit very well with the book and the feel of the song is great, very sort of bittersweet. And I absolutely love the chorus! But it’s understandable that it’s not for everybody, Decode was more mainstream than DCFC.

  3. this video isnt working for me but I found a youtube version:


  4. Love Death Cab, however not the best song. Definetly not as good as Decode. And i LOVED the new footage. Looks much better then Twilight.

  5. So when does that song go onto Itunes so I can get it!!!! – awesome and haunting song!

  6. TwilightFreak says:

    ok im done ranting now ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ok kristen looked stunning at the beginning when we see her facing the camera in the meadow, and then slowly turns around to look at edward….she looked sooo pretty!
    And seeing more of the breakup scene broke my heart! I’ll definately bring a box of kleenex! I wonder if they’ll have New Moon kleenex by then?……who knows- probably.

    • new moon kleenex great!!!

    • Ok, that was awesome! New Moon Kleenex, handed out free to every girl that passes through the theater doors! You all know we’re going to need it! Hell, I’ve read New Moon atleast a dozen times, and it still makes me cry. I can only imagine how heartbreaking SEEING it will be!

    • I’ve been a DCFC fan for years. They’ve definitly put themselves out there, for this song. Watching the video, listening to the lyrics; perfectly done. Their last album, Narrow Stairs, was amazing, but this song trumps even that! I doubt it will catch on as well as Decode did, only because, I believe, you have to appreciate DCFC, and all their work a little bit to understand completely their style of music. But, for me, it fits. Better than I originally thought. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album next week!

    • OMFG!
      OR. Iโ€™M. GOING. TO. F*CKING. LOSE. IT.

      hahhh,you are soo funny….and I agree with you…everytime some picture or video from new moon comes out I just…freak out???I mean….I have a strong need to see that movie N-O-W-!!!!well…I will just have to be patient, and I will try, but I don’t promise anything…hhhh(P.S.sorry for my crapy english…not from USA,so…):)))

  7. The video was done beautifully. Before the video I didn’t really like the song but it is slowly growing on me.

  8. song’s kinda boring ๐Ÿ˜ not as catchy as Decode

  9. love it!!! feel that death cab created a great song for n.moon like paramore did for twilight.Love “let me lay beside you darling” so edward! Wish i could lay beside any of those cullen boys haha

  10. I like it, love the new footage.

  11. I think that decode was perfect for twilight, and no other song would be god enough for Twilght after that
    This song is really deep and amazing, also perfect for New Moon it describes what bella feels.
    The video is amazing too..


  12. I loved it!! i like the new footage too, i also liked the way that they worked the light at the end of the video where one side was lit up and the other was dark, overall perfect video but for some reason i still like decode better though…maybe that’s just me. And for those of you who think the song doesn’t fit New Moon; isn’t really right for it, just download it (yes it’s on iTunes already, has been for a month)listen to it a couple of times; sing along with it, next thing you know you’re in love with it. just give it time to grow on you like it did me.


  14. i dug the song and i like the band. i just wish the video was more well put. i know the movie centers around edward and bella but alittle more story would be nice. Like with the decode video they showed clips from the movie. The clips in the video were basically extended versions from what we’ve see in the trailer.The concept they had between night day was good…… but i was really looking foward to NEW clips

  15. That was fantastic.

    You can already tell by the clips in this video that New Moon is going to trump Twilight in a big way. Chris did an amazing job.

    November 20th can come anytime now…..

  16. I don’t like the song and I get that it’s all about the breakup but WTH, no wolfpack anywhere or at least Jacob? This movie isn’t all about Edward.

  17. Loved the video the song is actually very catchy well at least it is to me. I have to see this movie as soon as possible. Edward was totes hot in dat long coat!

  18. I think the movie is a great improvement over the first for sure, but am I alone in thinking that this song is just not right. The lyrics are okay but the music is so blah. I was hoping for something more sad and beautiful sounding. I just don’t get this choice at all!

  19. just when i think i couldn’t possibly be any more excited for this movie!

  20. the clip doesn’t play in Portugal, darn it!! :/ how long will we have to wait for it? :(((

  21. kehacakes says:

    I didn’t like it. Not as a whole. I think the song is okay at best, on it’s own, but I wasn’t feeling this put together. The emotion was just not happening for me here. I think the song needed to be a little more powerful to go with the images. I know some will love it, this is just my opinion, but I say it fails. This is the first disappointment for me when it comes to New Moon. Everything else has been great and really exciting, but this blows. I still can’t wait till Nov.

  22. This is a song that does belong on the soundtrack, but it should not of been the first track released. Paramore’s Decode made me jump up, scream, rant, and think I would never make it till Twilight came out. Death Cab’s Equinox made me feel Bella’s sorrow and depression, but didn’t excite me over New Moon.

  23. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I like this video better than decode. because they didnt have footage in decode. so you couldnt tell if it was for twilight… I lovedddd the new footage. I want to see it now!! omg. yeah, they deff need to come out with some new moon tissues. lol.. but i dont want to be crying on edwards face.. lol.

  24. i totally understand why Jacob is not in the music video, bc the song is about the break up. not how she copes with it. there are songs on the soundtrack that will be about bella and jacobs friendship.

  25. Bree, you are right! I love this song and the footage. Capital! Capital!

  26. debbie wazzer says:

    i want to see this movie so badly!!! i love DTFC!!! great great great!!!!! Best night evarrrrrrr

  27. white_rose says:

    Ok i really liked this vid….so good, i really can’t wait to see New Moon. It will be so awesome.

  28. The song is just ok. I like the guy’s vocal quality but there’s something missing in that song, I’m not sure what it is though.

  29. twilight + star trek fan says:

    i cant see the video

  30. O.M.G.

    it was WONDERFUL!!!

  31. Personally I like Decode more, but this isn’t bad at all. I was kinda hoping for NEW clips though. There wasn’t much to this ๐Ÿ™

  32. Loved the footage, did not like the song. It was “o.k.” at best to me. I really don’t like the lead singers voice. I thought the words to the song fit the movie, and I didn’t mind at all that it focused on Edward & Bella’s storyline. I just don’t care for the melody at all or that voice. But then again, I don’t like Kristin Stewart as Bella ๐Ÿ™ Wish that girl would smile once in awhile! (Of course not in New Moon… but I’m sick of the same expression on her face… even when she’s supposed to be happy!!!)

  33. Decode is SO much better. i wish Paramore was on the new moon soundtrack, its sad they’re not. I open to new music though and I do like the death cab song, its just a bit bland. doesnt really get me excited like decode does everytime i hear it

  34. I have a hard time comparing this song to Decode. The bands are so different. Paramore is about Hayley’s powerhouse voice. Deathcab is just more mellow. Decode fit Twilight so perfectly. Meet Me on the Equinox totally captures the mood of New Moon wonderfully. The official footage we’ve seen so far of New Moon gives me hope. It seems that Chris Weitz did a fantastic job with it (including correcting the Meadow). I think we’re going to owe him a round of grateful applause in November. I can’t wait!

  35. I liked Decode better… but this is still a good song. Just not as good as Decode. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can’t wait till the movie!!

  36. Man, been listening to Deathcab for about 11-12 years now and they have changed their sound to be much more mainstream. Honestly I think their past stuff was better and since they were indie its just crazy to me to hear that Deathcab is actually doing something for a movie! Liked the song…don’t like it as well as Decode but it fits and is haunting. Good job for the band and I hope people go listen to their old stuff.

  37. Stitch-n-Snitch says:

    LOVE it!!!

  38. Hmm, I didn’t really like Decode, but I love Death Cab and I am definitely feeling this song. It definitely sets the “New Moon” mood

  39. I liked Decode better. I thought this song was good at first, but it just kind of depressed me now. Maybe that’s it’s effect, since New Moon is a little depressing. I don’t like that they’re just playing in this house. Also, I thought that maybe since they were leading up into this big moment of Edward’s reveal in Italy that maybe they should have started playing darkness and then ended up getting lighter. That’s just a thought though. not sure it’ll be as popular as Decode though. :-\

  40. I didnt like Meet Me on the Equinox the first time I heard it, but as I listened to it more it grew on me. I do think the song is great for the breakup scene between Edward and Bella and I cannot wait until the movie comes out in November.

  41. I didn’t like Decode, and I don’t like this song either, but it’s not the songs that keep me watching the movies. It’s the actors themselves and the characters they portray…incredible. Can’t wait to see New Moon. Stephenie Meyer is an incredible writer:) Kristen and Robert are incredible actors:)

  42. I loved it! I had liked the song by itself but hadn’t really connected the characters to it. Now seeing the video, it’s like it’s a totally different song for me. It makes me feel the emotions I felt when I read about the break-up in the book. Also, the footage looks awesome. Looks a lot better than Twilight.

  43. LOVE LOVE LOVE The song. The video was very fitting,. I have to say I enjoy Death Cab for Cutie a hell of a lot more then Paramore(sp?) with Decode. Just sayin ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. love that it’s the fall and there’s a new moody death cab song for me to croon to, and the fact that it’s associated with new moon is just icing on the cake.

  45. Great song, gorgeous video. I love the clips they used and I like that it was all about Bella & Edward. This makes me even more excited about the movie. I swear, “New Moon” is going to be 100x better than “Twilight”. I can’t wait!! I don’t think you can really compare this one to “Decode”, though. “Meet Me on the Equinox” has a totally different vibe because NM and “Twilight” have such different vibes, but both songs/videos are really good.

  46. Edward looked amazing at the beginning of the meadow scene part, where he’s on the side near the trees! The black was amazing, Chris Weitz you are awesome!

  47. The song was ok… I thought that it sorta dragged on, but I liked the lyrics a lot. The clips though I thought were amazing! What Chris Weitz did with Bella’s hallucinations of Edward is amazing: it’s not cheesy, or overdone… it’s perfect! I was a bit worried that New Moon was going to be a cheesy (but lovable!!!) mess like Twilight. Now, though, I think it’s going to be fine. I have total faith in this director like you have no idea.

    November 20th, why can’t you come faster?!

  48. I now love this so and am gonna pre-order the CD i didn’t think it was gonna be good but i think Chris may have some good stuff up his sleeve i just hope that we don’t see all of New Moon before it comes out. To much could be a bad thing in this case.

    PS Nov. 20th 2009 can’t get here fast enough!!!

  49. ๐Ÿ™ i can’t get it to play!!!!

  50. I wasn’t too fond of the song previously but since watching the video, it’s growing on me. It makes me want to read New Moon again! I don’t think you can compare Decode & this song as they’re two different types of music. All in all, I loved the video. Thanks for bringing it to us Twilight Lexicon…YOU ROCK!

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