Death Cab For Cutie Gives Sneak Peak

Check the rest out on MTV. The whole video debuts on Wednesday!


  1. There is a BRAND NEW making of New Moon special attached to the Twilight film if you order in OnDemand from your television. I have comcast cable in Minnesota and on Friday I ordered the movie because in its summary of the film it said that there was a 5 minute making of special. It gives more background on the Volturi and the wolfpack. You even get to hear Aro and Marcus speak. Order it if you have it, it was only $2.99. I tipped off the lexicon to this on Saturday and they still haven’t posted it.

  2. i love them! love their music and they seem like really nice guys.

  3. Amanda Dubs says:

    Ben Gibbard *foams at mouth*

  4. does anyone know if u can get it on youtube cos im in ireland and it doesnt let u view outside of the US
    LOVE LOVE LOVE death cab

  5. I can’t wait! On 2 1/2 hours away!!! I noticed from the teaser, the band seems to be in a house that reminds me of the cottage in BD. Old style, straight out of a fairytale, fitting perfectly into its surroundings. Wonder if that was on purpose? Love the song!

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