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One of the best things about being at the Official Twilight Convention this weekend in Chicago was that they had so many new stills from The Twilight Saga: New Moon.  We posted the image of Tinsel Korey in her make up as Emily Young, but now we have the chance to bring that to you and several others in better quality.  We will place the stills below the cut so that if you wish to remain spoiler free you can.

Thanks to Creation Entertainment for everything they do for the Lexicon and the fandom!  Check out their online store.








  1. Who is that guy before Demetri?

  2. OMG!! those pics r amazing… Demetri looks HOT!! and Emily looks soooo what i picture… just WOW!! i can’t wait for NM!!

  3. FilDeCuivre says:

    I just realized something: we all keep telling how we want time to go faster but New Moon will premiere NEXT MONTH! Awesomeness! Basically 1,5 months left to wait! And those photos were amazing! I’m so glad they made the red eyes more visible this time!

  4. I don’t think I like their choice for Quil. I think Sam and Paul are the only members of the wolfpack that were cast well….besides Jacob of course. Maybe its just because I imagined them so differently in my head while reading the books, but nothing about Tyson says wolf or indian to me…

    • tyson acually has some classic indian features. if he’s not indian, u coulda fooled me. im from a northern california miwok tribe. he’d easily pass for being a member of my family.

    • Jocelyn Piapot says:


      Ha ha Jeez.. I think that all of the cast that got picked were amazing! But not hte replacement for Rachelle!

      ****And besides . . . ITS NOT INDIAN! Does it look like we come from INDIA!!! We are Called Aboriginal Peoples or Native Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!****

      jeez your DUMB!

      • miss jocelyn!!! DONT call other peeps dumb thats just plain rude!!Have some manners, im sure she did not mean it in a negative way.Yes native american is the proper term but this twifriend might not be aware of that.All we can do is educate dont hate!!!Peace love and twilight friends…

      • ok who ever called her dumb needs to back off we all knew who she meant and that the casting is jaked up wicth is true so back off there is no need to be mean to each other jeez

      • jocelyn: a person that hasn’t even mastered 3rd grade grammar is hardly an expert on other cultures nor in a position to call anyone else dumb. it’s “you’re” dumb.. not “your” dumb.

        even if you are native american indian, you don’t speak for me and can’t say what i prefer to be called. i’ll take being called an indian over aboriginee.

        • Angela ^_^ says:

          aboriginals are the indigenous people of australia so being called and aboriginee shouldn’t be something that’s suggested to be beneath you, because it’s who they are and not some degraded insult

          • THANK YOU TWIFRIENDS!!I thought i was going to be the only who said something..We should not call anyone names and that bothers me when i see stuff like this..jocelyn can say her thoughts but the rest is uncalled for.Im just happy that steph included the wolf pack into the story line .Hopefully more people have become interested in native american lore and history after reading the twisaga..

      • Actually, either Native American or American Indian are acceptable. In Washington, D.C., just a couple blocks from the U.S. Capitol, is the National Museum of the American Indian. I think that says it all.

    • Okay so I didn’t realize that I was going to cause an issue over the term indian (yes technically native american is correct- so I guess Stephanie Meyer, the cast, and every textbook writer in the US must be dumb as well 🙂 ) but that was SO not the point- bad casting was the point. I hope they have phenomenial acting abilites when I see these next few Twilight Saga movies, maybe then I’ll see the reasoning.

      • And by bad casting I didn’t mean all around… and I AM VERY excited to see New Moon (all ready have my tickets!)

  5. I’m a little older than probably 90% of you guys, therefore, I think Mr. Gil’s pic is outstanding! I really think he’s my favorite. Life hasn’t been the same for me since Twilight. Love it ALL!

  6. gotKiowafever says:

    Hi I was at TwiCon in Chicago and I got a huge Kiowa Gordon poster signed by him also it was auctioned and we won it!! I think after this convention my niece switched from Team Vamps to Team Wolfs!!! lol

  7. gotKiowafever says:

    Cole: I thought the same about Tyson I asked a question at the Twicon yesterday, I said he looks like a young John Lennon and asked if he was a Beatles fan and what is his fav song is…He dosn’t look native to me, and I couldn’t see him as Quill but when he was up on stage he kinda grew on me and I started remembering Quill’s parts in the books and it kinda fit..Any way the TwiCon was Awesome loved it and can’t wait for next years.

  8. I wonder if the pic of “mike” is during the movie date. he does look a little pale/green to me…then again, maybe it’s just the shirt! great pics!

  9. I LOVE the pictures, especially the one of the humans!! They didnt have that one at the convention in NJ when we went! So Cool!!! I love pictures, of the cast!!! See these pictures of Alex dressed as a vampire – who woulda thought he would be a super hot vamp and a super hot wolf! Damn

  10. love them and i think dat Emilys scar does look real so yea I cant wait until the movie

    • FilDeCuivre says:

      All I can say is wow! I looked at her picture hours ago and thought she looks very Emily-ish but I totally forgot about the scar! I thought it was just some hair in front of her face or something! So it does look real since I wasn’t thinking immediately what piece of plastic they might have used to get the scar 😀 I’m impressed.

  11. TwilightFreak says:

    Aaahhg only 45 days, guys! We can make it!….I think…
    Emily’s scar looks so real, its scary!
    And those red eyes are freakin creeeepppy 😀
    OMG Tyson Houseman(i think thats his name) is SO adorable! LOL

  12. Photos look great! When I read New Moon, I had a different image of Emily in mind – I thought the scars would be more severe – but from the looks of it here -it doesnt look as bad as the book had described her face – I was hoping that Emily’s scars would be a bit more dramatic

    • Yeah when I read NM I pictured way more scars, to the point that it was so hard to look at. The ones in that picture are pretty bearable and not that bad.

  13. whos the second one?! is that mike!

  14. …I don’t think the second one’s mike… It might be a newborn or something!!! *shrug*
    Time can’t go by any slower can it?!?!?! It NEEDS to be NOVEMBER aleady!!! I’m dying!!!! AH!!! *haha*

    • It’s Mike! Remember, in New Moon, Bella mentioned Mke changed his look to mimic Edward? ‘His hair was now gelled into a casual disarray, and it was easy to see where his inspiraton came from, but Edward’s look was not something that could be achieved through imitation.’ I think that’s right, I did it from memory coz I can’t rememberwhere in the book it is.
      I was reading New Moon yesterday and hoping they would keep that in! Yay! 😀

  15. the guy playing quil doesnt look native american

  16. wow everything looks great but alec scares me to death.

  17. The second one is definitely Mike at the theater. It can’t be a newborn because, well, it’s Mike, and if it wasn’t, then they would have bright red eyes…just sayin’ 🙂
    Emily’s Scars are well done as random scars go, but they aren’t what I imagined. Oh well, I’m just happy they put Emily in the movie. YAY 45 MORE DAYS!!!

  18. FWI the second one is Mike

    and I Luv all of these pics:D Emily and Quil arent quite how i pictured them but theyll grow on me eventually, and the scar looks really life like. at least that is how i pictured it

  19. is it just me… or does Mike look like Eric from Entourage?

    Is that emily? I thought her scars would be a lot worse than that… maybe i just have a gory imagination.

    Soo excited now!! 45 days!! xxx

  20. Just in case anyone has Comcast as a cable provider, if you order Twilight onDemand there is a brand new 5 minute making of New Moon special after the credits. It is really neat, you get to hear Marcus and Aro in their characters, and you get to see a little more Jacob and Bella! Check it out, I couldn’t find a link for it anywhere and I tipped the Lexicon on it and they didn’t post anything so I thought I would tell you all myself. Not sure if other cable carriers who have an onDemand feature have the same making of after the movie or not. Good luck!

  21. yani runs with the vampires (: says:

    wowww emilys scare looks awesomee and danggg Demetri you take my breath away lol yeah i know corny but true (:

  22. gil is pretty great for an older dude!! love seeing pics of him and taylor in costume together !!! they make such a great father son duo!!
    and no harming ya , quil is pretty cute! i like him for the role a lot!!

  23. I didn’t recognize Tyson. I saw his picture with his glasses. Charlie looks perfect. His eyes give me chills. Tinsel looks a little older than what I expected, but she’s still perfect as Emily. It feels nice to see the friendly faces of the humans after so many days.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Lex!

  24. that convention was so much fu
    it was my first and probably my last (because of money.) but defiantly BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE.
    “this plant…is real.” hahah. 🙂

  25. The convention pretty much rocked all the way around!! Mike and Eric are hilarious together. And Mike is just about the sweetest guy in person (and much better looking) than I could have imagined.

    Does anyone that was there happen to know the name of the vendor selling the contacts? I lost my card 🙁

  26. The guys playing the Quiliute tribe members all had to provide proof of their Native American heritage in order to be cast in the role. I read it in an article on New Moon in a magazine the other week. Just to clear up the confusion about weather Tyson (Quil) is actually Native American or not.

  27. Omg these pictures are soooo good!!! And demetri is seriously hot!!! Definitely a good pick. I really am on the fence on quil but I think I
    am going to have to see him in the
    movie to tell. And Emily really does look so good!!! She’s great and her scar looks spectacular.

  28. the pictures are so great in the pichure with all of bella’s friends are the best i love how eric looks i love how emily looks she likes soo great with the makeup and the big scars on the side of her face they did so good on the makeup for the whole cast!!!!

    I LOVE NM so far!!!!
    i already read the whole series so i want to see how they did. hopefully it will be a hit like twilight was

  29. sorry if i mispelled some things ^^^^^^^

  30. WOW i didn’t know there were so many people that liked tiwight and i so can’t wait for new moon i’ve read all the book and i have no one to go with me to see new moon oh well i might just drag myboyfirend lol
    i hope it comes out here the same tm that it comes out there i’m in canada so i don’t know if it comes out at the same time….
    these pictures are so good and i can’t wait for new moon

  31. what thee hell?I don’t like anyone apart from Mike.What the hell is with Emily I always thought her scars were more prominent. Urghh peaved off man!

  32. these comments are so hilarious and stupid at times and they end up off topic…lmao


      • If you don’t like the series, you don’t have to come to this site at all. Keep your thoughts to yourself. We’re allowed to read the Twilight Saga as well as Harry Potter and we can love both of them.

  33. New Moon is gonna suck and if you’re not down wit dat i’ve only got 2 words 4 ya!!!! SUCK IT!

  34. I meant to say that New Moon is gonna rock. Can’t wait 4 it to come out.

  35. Bella is fine as hell

  36. the real nc says:

    haters are so fudgin stupid

  37. Aww!!!! Quil isn’t as gorgeous as i imagined him. 🙁

  38. Rita Bernhart says:

    OMG!! Gil (Billy) is just really gorgeous in this picture! As much as I think the younger group is good looking, as an older (43) Native American (Iroquois) I find Gil to not only be gorgeous but extremely talented! I hope that he has a decent size part in New Moon! 🙂

  39. isn’t the dude who plays quil supposed to be really buff? just saying. that dude kind of looks like a dork to me. 🙂

  40. Nice pics.. although, not to pleased with Emily. I was hoping for huge scars, very bright, and reddish…and i thought it was supposed to pull her eye down?
    But i’ll take it, I have to! haha
    She looks like an India indian. She’s very beautiful though, don’t get me wrong!!

  41. Singing Moon says:

    I got my New Moon movie companion yesterday and am enjoying it. I really like reading how they took such great care to make the film. The pics are amazing! At first I thought they would give it away, but they didn’t. They do reveal some minor things, but nothing major. Looking forward to soundtrack AND the movie. Have to get my tshirt first haha 🙂

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