Team Switerland Friday:Wallpaper Time

Novel Novice is back with a ton of wallpaper featuring new images.


  1. Ah! Cool! I’ve been looking for a good wallpaper with everybody! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great wallpaper – but Jaspers face bothers me SO much!!

  3. These are really AMAZING!! My only problem now is having to try and pick one. Thanks a lot.

    • (Bearing in mind that I have a Mac, so it may be labeled differently for you) I just save my wallpapers in a file. Then I go into my desktop preferences, then wallpaper & screensaver settings and then I choose the file. Then I set it so it changes regularly. I have over 70 wallpapers on rotate. My husband is thrilled (sarcasm intended). Hopefully this will work for you. Nobody should have to choose (especially those of us who are Team Switzerland).

  4. lirael cullen says:

    those are awesome and i gotta agree with Lena, jasper looks like he’s over doing the expression just a lil too much..

  5. Really really amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!

  6. Wow, I love this wallpaper!

  7. Luanne Contla says:

    Do you have any more twilight wallpaper tips as in web address for good ones. i had them at my last job and got one day one at new job but dont remember where. more are blurry at full screen size. Please help and thanks for this one its great.

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