Hot Topic New Moon Collection Goes Live!

Check it out at Hot Topic


  1. $78 dollars for a frickin’ jacket? Umm….no.

  2. You know it’s all going to sell out – especially the dress.

  3. Since when does Bella own a Cullen crest ring? *goes to look through all the stills she can find*

    • Yea I was wondering the same thing when I saw that. Maybe she’ll get one at the end of the movie, when they vote on her joining the family. Or maybe Edward will just give her it.

      But I like all the stuff they have. Now I have to decide which t-shirt I want to get..

      • I saw that ring also, maybe he gives it to her not as a marriae proposal maybe at the end at the vote? here they insist on her joinin the family! thats wot im guessing, but she def has one on the film or it wouldnt say prop replica… the same with edwards masen ring ??

  4. Have no desire for merch cept maybe an oversize tee to sleep in, but I do understand some people really like to deck it. To each their own. It looks cute and fun.

  5. The Bella Cullen Crest ring really concerns me. Surely they are not going to mess up that big and have her accept Edward’s proposal!

    • Chris said that the first proposal (at the end of New Moon) would be done in a very sudden way so who knows. I was worried about Bella’s ring at first, but then I realized that she is very clear that she wants to be a part of the family but does not want to be married, so a Cullen ring would be a way of meeting in the middle. I like the idea of the Mason ring too. I think it’s a way to remind everyone that Edward once belonged to a different family, and this would later tie in when he starts bringing out the Mason “baubles” he has been saving.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Can you say overpriced merchandise?

  7. Sorry but wanting to dress like them is too creepy and besides they mostly wear pretty bad stuff in the movie.

  8. Crunkactress says:

    i love the dress…but 98 dollars plus 12 for shipping?????

  9. hmm..if you really want a’s called Wal-mart and get it on sale for $5. LOL…I just love how they keep trying to make money off people!

  10. u know they have really good stuff mainly the necklaces and bracelets…
    but they also have really creepy-only-crazy-obsess-fun-will-buy things like the umbrella with Edward/Rob’s face on it i mean really?!
    dont get me wrong i really like rob and all the other actors but i would NEVER buy something with their faces on it for me thats just plain creepy and weird

  11. 81 pictures from the twilight companion

    • new moon*

    • aww they deleted it

      • You’ve probably found it by now, but if you just search You Tube for New Moon Companion and then narrow it down to the last week you can find it. Unbelievable pictures. Everything is just like the book (Yay!) Right down to the pack munching on blueberry muffins and Edward and Bella’s awkward last picture!

    • Are the rings one size fits all or adjustable? If I buy one will it fit or what? I might end up waiting a few weeks and going to an actual HT store to buy stuff. I do like some of the necklaces too, they’re really cute.

  12. Theres also a New Moon line of clothings going on at Nordstrom, its in the Junior section of the website and just opened up for online buying today. I think they’re going to put the clothes in stores much later though.

  13. lirael cullen says:

    i love the dress… i think i should be able to afford it..

  14. twilight9009 says:

    i love most of the merchandise. some of it is strange, but for the most part we, the FANS, should be excited about this! the release of merchandise only means november 20 is getting closer!!!

  15. many fans were talkingabout this when we first saw the cullen crest what Bella’s item would be. They have to continue the line of thought as the crest is a major part of the movie folk lore. There is a great fan fic online that lays out a possibility on how each person got their crest from carlisle. This is great. Remember guys. The movie is an ADAPTATION. It is thing that “could have happened”- Stephanie M.

  16. Keri Lynn says:

    The dress, jacket and 2 t-shirts are available at Torrid as well.

  17. papermoon says:

    i do like bella’s dress- i’d like it even if it wasn’t in New Moon– but i’m not paying HT $100 for it when i could take that money and pay a cosplay seamstress for a better quality copy of the dress and jacket together.

    HT has gotten absolutely ridiculous with their prices- especially at a time when most people are broke.

  18. im sooo heading over there b4 nm comes out!!! so why does bella have a cullen ring? what it says means she wears one in nm ryt? and the mason ring?

  19. I love the series, but I’d rather not waste my money on merchandise.

  20. be chill people just cuz bella is gettting a crest doesnt mean its an engagement ring!! nobody freaked when they made the cullen crest to begin with im sure they would never screw up the stroy that way!!!!!!!

  21. eternitys_charm says:

    some stuff are really nice, i love the new necklaces and the edward charm bracelet (im getting it) but as for the dress and the umbrella and things like that, its just too obsesee…kinda creepy.
    the dress! $100!!! my aunt can make me that same dress for a lottttt less.

  22. wolf chick says:

    i love all the stuff! however, i wish there was a shirt with the wolf pack on it. They keep forgetting about them =(. i def. want the team jacob bracelet though. I may hold on a shirt…ill see

  23. and yet again, there is very little to choose from for the guys. i know, I know, it’s mostly ladies, but twi-guys, as we all know, are very real!

  24. Bit disappointed with the tshirts/hoodies; I prefer the unofficial ones from cafepress personally. I like E & J’s charm bracelets and most the necklaces, especially Victoria’s – bit confused though as it’s supposed to be worn quite long and it says the chain is 19″ – surely that doesn’t fall low enough does it?

  25. I will have that dress. And all the other things. I love Twilight and new moon and eclipse and braking dawn (braking down isn’t realased in Denmark so I reat it on english it is “hard” (looking for another word))

    But i’m coming from a little country in europe called Denmark and it costs many money for transport (er?).

    I’m not as good as english I’m 14 and have had english in my shoole (er)in five years now. but i’mnot really good

  26. Thank you Chris
    Now, I’m happy.

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    but I’m really happy for your words Chris. It’s the first time i’m writing on an amarican website, and with this reaspons and such a good answer, i am happy, I don’t no what i else can say. But but I’m really in a good mood now. It’s such a good better than an amarican person say that. I haven’t a lot of selfconfidence when it’s my english we talk abovt.

  28. Are they going to make Jasper New Moon T-Shirts? becuase thats the only new moon merchindise that
    im buying lol

  29. great collection … love the green dress … can’t wait for November to come

  30. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I really want the necklace and alice’s chocker i wanted it since i saw on the first poster that came out of Twilight.

  31. Unophaphymn says:
  32. i love Victoria’s neclace,but what exactly hangs from it besides the 3 rings?

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  34. What’s up everyone, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say hey. Hopefully I posted this in the right section!

  35. What’s up everyone, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say hey. Hopefully I posted this in the right section!

  36. CaitlinDoe says:

    What is the link for the fanfic about where each one got the crest? I’ve been looking for it and can’t find it! Thanks!!!

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  42. newmoonfan says:

    im sorry but those shoes with that dress make her feet look huge.

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