Shaunna Cross to Pen Catherine Hardwicke Project

Shaunna Cross who recently wrote the screenplay Whip It based on her own novel Derby Girl. Collider was able to do a brief Q&A with Shaunna about the project.:

“According to Cross, she’s not exactly sure where the project falls into Hardwicke’s schedule as the director is developing both “Hamlet” and the “Red Riding Hood” project at Warner Bros. But with Cross telling us they’re going to go out for casting soon, that probably means whichever film gets the financing together first, that’s the one Hardwicke will do.

If you’ve ever wondered why a director attaches themselves multiple projects, this is the reason. You can have a great script with a great cast, but if the money isn’t there, it’s not getting made. So what directors do is develop many films at once and whichever one gets the money gets made.”

See more on the project on Collider.

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