New Photogallery At Yahoo

There are fabulous newly released New Moon pictures from Summit.


See them all on Yahoo! Ty to Rachel for the heads up.


  1. eternitys_charm says:

    wow! awesome!!!
    one question though, why is jane in the front?
    aro is the leader…
    still the look so awesome!

  2. Yowza! I agree, too much emphasis on Jane. But still awesome.

  3. Maybe Jane is in the front because she is the guard, and protecting the Volturi. Alec is in the back to protect any threats from behind. They are protected from all sides. Well, that’s what i think, plus, Janes cool!!

  4. True, becasuse i remember in the book, that when Aro, Caius and Marcus moved in the Volturi lair, a whole group of people moved with them. Chelsea always has her hand on Aro’s back becasue she is a shield!!

  5. Jane is in the front because it’s Dakota Fanning and she is the bigger US “star”. Still love the poster tho!

  6. yeah, it could be marketing! Putting the more wel known actors closer to the centre, so it will draw in a bigger audience!

  7. I love these ! WOW THE movie is getting close.

  8. Wooww the wolf pack is looking ferosh!

  9. Aro’s shield is Renata not Chelsea.

    Love love love the posters.

  10. Hi I just want to know why New Moon is out in cinemas in France from the 18th November, as everywhere else its from the 20th November.

    • I noticed this too… it seems that France and a couple other countries are getting to see it first as early as Nov 18 and 19.

      • In Australia it starts on Nov 19, but that will make it Nov 18 in the US. I’m amazed that we are getting to see it before you guys. Normally it takes 6-12 months to get movies from the US. I could be wrong, but maybe Summit is hoping that if they release in other countries first, the internet will be buzzing with good press and that will increase ticket sales in the US.

  11. Great poster! But is it just me, or has Jane’s hair colour changed here? She was blonde in the trailer…

  12. Wowoweewa! Hot dang those pics look good! I am sooo hoping it comes out on time in Japan… like that movie Transformers which was big blockbuster came out a week earlier than the states!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for the same release date…or I will fly my twilight-loving butt back to the states just to see it on time!

  13. BOO HISS! There’s like two new pics…hurry up November 20th!!!

  14. AliceKikiCullen says:

    OME!!!!! THese ROCK!!!!!! Giggles. Ah, Novemeber why can’t you come sooner? Lol. Dakota is SO jane.

  15. CANT WAIT TWIFRIENDS!!!!! AH the clothes will someone tell me who is the stylist?? Look the volturi good job, but alice and the rest ahhhhh oh lets hope for eclipse they have more $$$$ for a clothing budget …hehe

  16. Those pics are fabulous, the Volturri are awesome, the pack looks great, they are beautiful! (need more description?)lol Can you tell I’m excited?

  17. this is fantastic, think Michael Sheen should be in front, but since they feel this is a teen type of movie they put Dakota out front. Michael is the better actor, and his character is the leader, he should be out front. aside from that, they look awsome

  18. It makes complete sense to me why Jane is in front. You can tell from the picture that she has that “don’t mess with the Volturi” look. And Michael has that little smirk that says, “Just try it!:)” Like other’s have said, she is there for protection.
    And, the pic of Rob, by himslef… Nice, very very nice:)

  19. TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

    omg, great photos!! obviously photoshopped thoough, I think that’s a bit annoying. All right, maybe you’d airbrush the skin of the vamps to make them inhumanily beautiful but leave Bella’s out then. (she’s gorgious anyway). The first pic looks great, but Edward’s head is photoshopped big…?

    And is it just me, or has Jane changed haircolour? Wasn’t she blonde in the trailer??
    love it, though. Can’t wait for New Moon! It’s gonna be so much better than twilight!! 😀

  20. The pics look great! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that pic of Rob, but I have to say that Taylor and the Wolf Pack are looking good too. YES!!

  21. Has anyone else noticed that the Volturi poster looks eerily similar to already-released pictures of each individual vampire? Come on, give us some new photos…

    • They seem to have taken limited pictures of each character and keep releasing different combinations. They are starting to look fan made.

  22. I don’t know about you guys, but this Volturi poster looks like something a photoshop obsessed fan cooked up over the weekend. The proportions are all screwy (anyone else notice how Jane’s head is 1/5th her total height? Normal body proportions for a young “tween” are about 1/7th, 1/8th). Not to mention, she’s put in a way so that she’s almost as tall as Aro, when he’s standing directly behind her! He would have to be several feet in the back (probably close to where Alec is standing), to be so close in height.

    I’m not saying these have to be perfect, because it is a poster after all, not an anatomy textbook. But as far as posters go, its uncomfortable to look at, and far from pleasing to the eye.

  23. I feel like in pic 14, Caius should be saying “Dude where’s my car?”…

  24. Gorgeous posters. I like the fact that they’ve got a Cullen poster, a Volturi poster, and a wolf pack poster. I was excited when they released a ‘bad vamps’ poster for “Twilight”. It’s nice to see all of the different characters being represented/promoted. Also, I’m relieved to see a picture of the wolf pack where they actually have their shirts on.

  25. Alex Meraz looks hott! Hehe…..

  26. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I love the new posters.

  27. I just love this poster!

  28. awsommmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee but they left jane blonde but its supposed to be black and short

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