Happy Birthday David Slade!

A happy birthday to David Slade!

David hits the big 40 today!


  1. Happy Birfday David, May you have many more Happy Days !!


  2. Happy Birthday David! I hope you have a good one. =)

  3. Happy Birthday David!

  4. Happy birthday, David!

    I know some Twilighters may be nervous, but I love your work.

  5. Happy Birthday David,

    Thank you for taking care of Eclipse. It’s my favorite book!!!! Have a wonderful day and many more.

  6. happy birthday David!really. please don’t screw up Eclipse

  7. Happy Birthday!
    Hope you have a great day.

  8. Happy Birthday David Slade! Please try to be as close as possible to Eclipse while filming the movie.

  9. Happy Birthday david!

    Yu will do a great job I know you will and add some kick the twi vamps need!

  10. Twilight and Eclipse are my favs of the Saga so I hope David Slade does the job right! I am worried….I liked 30 days of night, but its not the genre that Eclipse is …. :O

    • I am a little nervous having just watched the trailers of 30 days of night and hardcandy…both R rated movies, and very dark movies. This is also a love story or love triangle…not a horror flick. 😉

  11. Happy B’day, David–a fellow Libra! Love reading your tweets about Eclipse–can’t wait for this movie!

  12. Happy Birthday David!!!!! Hope you actually get a day off but if not what a great way to spend the day filming my favorite book (Eclipse) Please don’t leave out the spend the night scenes when Bella stays with Alice and Edward comes home early thats a real good one. But I know you will do great. Happy B’day again.

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