Mike Welch Film At Tucson Film Festival

The festival will be held October 9th – October 11th. Lost Dream will be on Sunday ( October 11) at the Historic Rialto Theater downtown Tucson at 9 P.M. Across the street from the theater is the famous Congress Hotel where John Dillinger was finally caught and killed.

Short Synopsis:

Two college students, Perry and Giovanni, develop a delicate friendship based on their mutual suicidal behavior. Perry, the son of a corrupt Congressman, is tormented by his position in society. Giovanni, distraught by a troubled childhood, has lost his desire to live. Together, they challenge each other’s existence in search of salvation.

Note the film is intended for mature audiences. It wasn’t been rated by the MPAA, but if it were it would be an R rating (we assume) so use your judgement.


  1. Just a note: Dillinger was ID’d at the Hotel Congress in Tucson and arrested, but later escaped from prison. He wasn’t killed until he was leaving the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

  2. haha ooh goody i live in tucson! looks like i’ll be paying a visit downtown on october 11th eee!

  3. I wish I could go, I live a few hours away but have other things going on that day. I’m happy to see events happen in Arizona!=]

  4. yay i live in tucson too!!! yay me and brother are going to the film festival

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