What’s It Like to Make It to the New Moon Soundtrack?

Two of the relatively unknown bands, unless you’re an indie music person, have told both EW and MTV what it’s like to be on the New Moon soundtrack.

According to EW, some clean underwear may be needed :):

““Monsters” is one of several leftover songs that Schiltz recorded under the Hurricane Bells moniker when they didn’t work for his main band, Longwave. “It’s a little more rocky, up-tempo, than the stuff that’s on the Hurricane Bells MySpace page — it’s got some fuzzed-out guitar,” he says. Schiltz’s manager quietly got the tune placed on the New Moon soundtrack, keeping him in the dark until approximately last week. “I got an email from the director [Chris Weitz] saying that he wanted to use it as maybe the first song in the film, and I started kinda s—ing my pants!”

MTV has St. Vincent A.K.A. Annie Clark (seen in the photo via Wire images) on the record:

“We recorded the song for the joy of it, and then it looked like the ‘Twilight’ people were interested in using the song for the movie,” she explained. “So it pretty naturally happened.”


  1. that sounds awesome can’t wait to hear the soundtrack!!! 😀

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