Boo Boo Stewart On RadarOnline

Boo Boo took out some time to chat with RadarOnline about playing Seth.

Boo Boo, who just got his hair cut, has been really gracious to pose with fans when he meets them.


  1. Thats not just a fan, that is the lead singer of “A fine frenzy”

  2. He is the perfect Seth!!

  3. I like the haircut! He’s a cutie pie!

    • What a great kid!Has a beautiful energy to him. He’ll definitely do Seth justice. It’s not enough that I’m waiting for New Moon to be released, now I have to start thinking about June 2010 for Eclipse. Yikes!!

  4. I have seen a few pictures of boo-oo in the last couple of days and they are all “soft”, just slightly soft around the edges of everything but not actually blurry. Is it him?

  5. he looks awesome with that haircut. It will only be a matter of time before girls scream his name like you’d go deaf

  6. He is perfect!! My mouth literally dropped when I saw this lol, he’s really cute 😉

  7. Jacob luver says:

    woahhhhh hes the PERFECT seth clearwater =D hes soo sweeet toooooo and omg i cant believe his hair is gone =O but he still looks cute its juss i miss the lusciousness of his hair =DD gotta love him AND taylor

  8. He looks so much better with his haircut. You can actually see his face and he’s a cutie. Exactly how I pictured Seth to look like!!! Good casting!
    I wonder if he’s working out like Tsylor. Look out when Breaking Dawn comes out, he might be 30 lbs bigger… LOL!

  9. ohmygosh!! cute && perfect!!

  10. Melanie Cullen says:

    awwwhhh he’s adorable. in a hot kind of way 😉

  11. He looks like that guy in school I saw now that he got a haircut. lol


  12. Finally he got rid off that peasant hair. Now he looks so cute. Way to go, BB.

  13. Seth – Boo Boo / Jacob – Taylor …. PERFECT
    words can not express how much I love these guys
    and can’t wait to see ’em in action. I love the hair cut you are adorable.

  14. That is Alison Sudal, she is the lead singer of A Fine Frenzy her new album just came out and it is amazing everyone need to pick it up.

  15. i think hell fir in wit the cast just fine. lol. so cute:)

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