100 Monkeys Interviewed By Nardwuar

TY to SillySillyston on Twitter


  1. haha, sooo funny! 😀
    but i think the girls name (who gave the tip on twitter) is “sillysillyson”

  2. totally off the subject but i was just reading someone’s very interesting discovery about muse’s “uprising”.

    Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” + Blondie’s “Call Me” + The Dr. Who TV show Theme = Muse “Uprising”

    Hilarious!! You can hear bits of each in the song. And Billy Idol, Blondie and the Dr. Who series are all English as well.

  3. Give me more Jackson! I heart him!!! He is so unique.

  4. “Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby”? I feel like I’ve heard that song before because it’s ringing a bell. Must iTunes that.

    It was cool getting to see and listen to all the guys. Love Jackson’s accent 🙂

  5. bronwynmaye says:

    Nardwuar always leaves me in a state of awkward awe.

  6. 100 monkey’s rock my sox! Never heard of Nardwuar but he was cool

  7. what is a Nardwuar????? that was insane!

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