Fan Encounter with Peter Facinelli

A local Vancouver fan, SL,  stumbled across the set the other day on her way home from work, and this is her experience.  (Note she was standing behind the established perimeter and cooperated with the staff.)

“After taking the video of Jacobs house and shed last year, I  kind of forgot about the hidden away house, driving by on occasion, showing friends from out of town. On my way home from work last Thursday, the last thing I expected was to see was action on the set, but as I drove by the neon signs, I decided to detour past(instead of going home), and low and behold it was buzzing with action.

There were tall black screens blocking most outside views, but a small group of fans clustered on the corner assured me I wasn’t the only one who knew where  the set was anymore. Talking with the crowd, I talked with two girls who flew from Toronto to see the sets and a group of lovely ladies from Washington who drove up just for the day!

Not long after I arrived, two fairly well styled men arrived observing the set and joking with the crowd. I soon learned they were paparazzi hoping to catch a shot of our favorite stars! Later on they pulled out their super long lenses and snapped a few pictures of Peter Facinelli and the wolves talking with director David Slade. Our tiny digital cameras were no match for their long lensed professional cameras! So they let us look at the pictures off their cameras and were super nice! They left and the hours passed by.

Hearing the calls of David Slade calling ‘action’ and ‘cut’. Even a few bike revs and a male scream!! (from I’m assuming Jacob as his rib is repaired by Dr.Cullen!) Later we were asked to return to our cars out of the shot, and the fans slowly drive off, giving up! I stayed[note she moved out of the way of the shot and stayed in a different area out of the way] until it looked like they were done with the shot.

I walk down to the PA and observed as the lights were being turned off, I heard someone on the radio say ‘Carlisle’…My heart raced. I asked if they were done and the PA said yes! I looked and watched a rush of make-up artists and hair stylists leave the set, and towards the tinted window car, I saw a flash of bright blonde hair, and I yelled ‘I love you Peter’ he looked up before stepping into the car, said something to his assistants, and started to walk towards me!!! He looked exhausted! but AMAZING in his full costume! His golden, amber eyes glinting in the street light (did i mention it was now 2:30am!).

He shook my hand (I could feel the white make-up coating his hands) he  said thank you for waiting! I was just in shock and a little starstruck, I held my my camera out and he said that he was really sorry but he couldn’t take a picture with me because he was in full costume! He gave me a big hug and went on his way! I know this may sound silly and I probably imagined it, but either that fight training has given him and even more rock hard body, or he was just really in character, he felt hard as stone! heheh

That’s the closest I’ll ever get to hugging a real vampire!! Thank You Peter for being a wonderful guy and making Carlisle the amazing character we all imagined him to be!! xo Sunny


  1. MrsWhitlock says:

    That is so sweet 🙂
    Peter is sucha cutie, and I think because he doesnt have to constantly deal with the level of fame like some of the other cast (i.e – Rob/Kristen/Taylor) he can joke around with his fans .

  2. Peter is definitely the best celebrity in this franchise in terms of handling fame and interacting with fans (although I think Taylor comes a close second!). He always seems to have time for everyone and I think out of everyone (excluding Rob!) I would love to meet him most. Sunny is one lucky lady!

    • when you do not have all the crazy crowd of fangirls around you, than it is much easier to be nice and polite.
      I do admire Rob for handling the fame so well. I saw pictures and read stories that Rob went to girls to take pictures with them and sign autographs after filming Remember me (because it was 2 a.m. and just like 10 of them).
      Do not take me wrong, I think it is very nice of Peter to act like this. I just agree with MrsWhitlock and I think, that it is not that easy for Rob/Kristen/Taylor to behave like this anymore.

    • fach is #1 to fans and ashley greene is #2, not taylor. remember a month ago or so taylor wouldn’t even take pictures with fans at some gathering/banquet.

      • I’m sure we could all argue about this one for days to come, but I think its important to think in context to situations. Taylor is gaining more screaming fangirls as time passes and its not always possible to stop. Not to mention the fact that some days even starts must just want to hide in their room and sleep all day. We need to remember that although they are big stars now, they are still humans and are bound to not always be awesome.

  3. You are one lucky girl 😀
    oh , I’m so jealous here i sit stuck in Norway and I’ll probably never meet someone like him 🙂

  4. that is so alsome!!i wish i could met one of them=)

  5. twilight + star trek fan says:

    Peter is soo awesome! I wish they’d get him to host SNL :p

  6. in my opinion i honestly think peter is one of the most fan-friendly people in the industry. hes pretty much awesome.

  7. Devon061381 says:

    Awwww that’s so sweet of him! Peter just seems like such a fantastic, humble guy 🙂 It’s touching that he takes time for the fans like he does, and how seriously he takes the role. I hope he is just showered with great roles in the non-Twilight future – he deserves the best!

  8. A very lucky girl indeed. My chances of meeting Peter aren’t fab considering I’m in the west of Scotland! He’s the one cast member I’d love to meet, he just comes across as such a genuinely lovely person. Not that I’d say no to meeting any of the others

    I certainly don’t envy Rob, Kristen & Taylor the paparazzi attention they constantly get. At least Peter seems to get some normal family life outside filming

  9. Your patience paid off with his kindness…lucky girl.

  10. I met Peter once too, and I have to say, he was exhausted after 8 hours at an autograph signing for charity (that was only supposed to last 5 hours), but still gave every single person their time with him, and was very gracious and attentive. He’s an amazing man.

  11. As much as I like the others, I would have to say the Twi-cast I would love to meet the most would have to be Peter!

    He’s such a great geniune guy 🙂 We love ya Peter 🙂

  12. peter we love you. you are awesome 😀 one of the most down to earth actors out there!!

  13. Wow, what a cool story! Thanks for sharing it with us. To be up close & hug Peter in full Carlisle dress must have been unbelievable! I have to say, you have total fan dedication to wait until 2:30 a.m. With that kind of loyalty, you deserved a hug too….hats off to Peter for giving it to you!

  14. Amylovescinema says:

    Peter Facinelli is so genuine to his fans. Truly appreciative.

  15. phillygirl19119 says:

    I think they all are wonderful. Met the Wolfpack at the NJ Twi-con, they were absolutely awesome; so was Edi & Catherine. Didn’t get a chance to meet Justin but he was funny on stage. Reading everything about Peter and the rest of the cast, they all seem to be really nice as well. I just read that Rob and Kristen were shopping and stopped to take pics w/fans. Now they are still meeting fans when they can. I think they are all great. I think that we (fans) need to give them space when they are trying to just relax and take care of personal business even if it’s going to a Starbucks. They need to have some time alone to do things they like. If you’re lucky to get them while they are leaving set, that’s cool. But going to concerts, shopping, going out to eat, I think we should let them be…the paparazzi, well, we should do what we can to protect them from those nutbags as well. Nice encounter w/Peter. He’s the best.

  16. Very cool.

  17. That’s so awesome. Jenny, you did well. ;0)

  18. This is so amazing. She is one lucky fan. I wish I had that kind of luck too. Peter Facinelli is a wonderful person. Hope to meet him someday.
    *crossing fingers*
    Thanks for sharing this amazing story!

  19. lollepoppup says:

    read all the time, first time leaving a comment.

    I met P Fach in VA for a blood drive he was here promoting. He was also doing a signing with all proceeds going to red cross. He was there ALL day long. Being 34, I didn’t have it in me to wait in line with several thousand screaming tweens & teens, so we shopped all day, walking by him lots of times & where the last in the line. We were scared he would quit at designated time & us not get to him. NOPE, he waited until the very last fan was seen. You could tell he was exhausted after all day but never once did he lose his composure or patience. He seemed grateful & excited all day of all his fans coming out to support this cause with him. Even as himself-Peter, he just personified Carlisle in that graciousness and sweetness. They couldn’t have cast a better Carlisle in my opinion. It seems Carslisle’s personality isn’t far from Peter’s own. Great once in a lifetime experience. 🙂

  20. Awww, I love stories about fans meeting Peter! He’s such a great guy, like everyone else already said. He’s so gracious and kind to all the fans. The perfect Carlisle!

    And I have to say, Sunny, I envy you for getting to meet him in his full Carlisle costume! 😉 I’ve been lucky enough to meet him during a convention, but that must have been an especially amazing experience. I’m glad waiting paid off for you!

  21. Man, if I ever got to shake Carlisle’s hand and make-up rubbed off onto my hand I don’t think I would ever wash it. I’d hold hold that hand out of the shower and wash the rest of me!

  22. This man is total sweetness. I really have no desire to meet movie stars for fear they will not be as cool as one would think them to be, but him, I think he’s still be a good guy on his worse day.

  23. aww that was so sweet!! congrats =]

  24. Aww, great report! Peter seems like such a sweet guy! 🙂

  25. I was there that night, lol! I even talked to this girl who wrote this for a bit when I got there! Well congrats to her for the chance to meet peter! I am always happy when fellow fans get to have such great experiences.
    *kicking self for not sticking around for 3 more hours*

  26. OMG@ I just reread it… I am part of the “group of lovely ladies from Washington who drove up just for the day!”
    HAHA! I missed that the first time around!

  27. I know that Peter was good to my little girls when he came to West Virginia. He was gracious and receptive to the crowd. He is the best and very fan friendly and he utilizes his fame for charity and bettering the lives of those less fortunate. He is truly a wonderful man in my book.

  28. What a great guy Peter is! It’s great to read that he is as great a person as he seems!

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