David Slade: Welcome to the Weather Curse

Free ichat or whatever icon give away from my good friends at... on TwitpicWe’ve often said that the most challenging thing that the Twilight Saga directors have to deal with is the weather. It looks like David Slade is feeling the weather curse of his predecessors now that fall is coming to Vancouver. David just tweeted:

Night shoots, Wolfs Wolfs wolfs, the rain dumped on us but we had to keep shooting until 5am. Then of course the rain drifted away.”

Then he gave out a couple of icons and wallpapers via his friends at Fubear Studios. And then he corrected his grammar.

Wolves wolves wolves, my corrected english. The schedule has been a bit furry of recent. Shooting vampires very soon.

Poor guy. Given the rain and exhaustion, we’re thankful he has time to tweet, even if it does have grammar errors!


  1. It wasn’t really grammar errors in that case, it was spelling errors ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Glad he finds time to tweet to us though.

  2. sorry for the bad weather but it comes with the movies. Everything soundr amazing so far. I cant wait any longer.Cant November hurry?

  3. haha, they can’t get used to BC weather? i don’t blame them. i’ve lived here my whole life and sometimes it’s still a bit much, so very bi-polar this weather.
    the main thing they need to remember is that it always rains more at night. ๐Ÿ˜›
    rain is good, though, Forks is rainy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I can’t say anything ’til I get to watch Eclipse, but first I’ll have to watch New Moon. It doesn’t sound too bad so far.

    And of course, Eid Mubarak everyone! In *Twilight* style!

  5. I get so excited when I sign on to twitter and see things he writes about Eclipse. I hope it turns out good ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Until I see actual clips for Eclipse instead of just reading his short tweets, I’m not confident. I don’t think Slade has the same vision as Chris Weitz does. It seems that he’s concentrating only of the gore, darkness, (which only happens in the fight scene with the newborns) I hope he’ll remember the emotional aspects (and there’s alot of it in Eclipse) and includes it in the movie.

    • Couldn’t agree more!
      I feel like all I’m hearing is about the newborns & how “dark” the tone is … it has me nervous.
      Looking very much forward to seeing something to get me excited about Slade’s direction.

  7. (1) People need to remember that this is David Slade’s twitter account, not Eclipse the Official Movie’s twitter. He’s doing the fans a service by tweeting about what he’s shooting. People really need to get off his case.

    (2) I don’t understand how you expect actors to talk abut scenes, which they (a) are not in or (b)they haven’t shot yet. Judging from Peter Facinelli’s tweets and David Slade’s it seems like the majority or scenes being shot or have been shot have to do with the newborn fight, hence, why that’s what comes up in interviews. Rob, Taylor, and Kristen haven’t been interviewed yet, and promotion for Eclipse hasn’t even started yet, so I don’t know why you expect anybody to talk about anything “emotional”.

    • Thank you! It’s like some people just gripe about everything. I am so super excited about anything I get to see and some just find it as another opportunity to be negative. I just don’t get that. Nothing will ever make everyone happy, I guess. Too bad for them, I’m enjoying the ride!

      • so very true!
        I am enjoying the ride as well.. and I do not care, if eyes are gold or black, if it is too dark or too romantic. I just wanna see my favorite books coming to life.
        You can not satisfied everyone, no matter how hard you try..

  8. I’ve been enjoying Mr. Slade’s tweets & appreciate that he’s taking the time to let us know what’s going on, even if it’s just a sentence or two. I think it shows that he does care about the fans.

  9. I have lots of faith in David Slade. Many fans worry that he will ruin the “Eclipse”. But after watching his “Hard Candy” (especially that one as it’s really elaborate) & “30 Days of Night” (great piece of an atmospheric wintry horror IMHO) I’m quite sure he must be a very thorough director. Plus, I think he wouldn’t like to destroy his own promising career with any false step right now.

  10. Well I hope you’re right. But hearing Justin talk about it being darker doesn’t make sense since he’s only human in the movie and all the school parts are not dark. Graduation. graduation party etc.

  11. when they talk about the movie being “darker,” I think they’re talking about the fight with the newborns, not the overall atmosphere.

    …don’t be doubtful before the movie’s even wrapped yet. at least he’s nice enough to keep fans in the loop by frequently tweeting information.

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