New Moon Selling Out Like Crazy

As each movie chain in various area of the USA and the world put their tickets for New Moon online, one thing happens…you guessed it…they sell out.

According to the LA Times:

“Online ticket sellers MovieTickets and Fandango report that the follow-up to last year’s hit from Summit Entertainment, which sold $191.5 million worth of tickets in the U.S. and Canada, is selling out screenings earlier than any other movie to date.

“New Moon” has sold out 50 showtimes of nearly 22,000 offered on Fandango and 13 showtimes of 2,912 offered on MovieTickets. Most of the sold-out shows are at or around midnight Nov. 20, when the movie debuts.”

This will be interesting to see if New Moon breaks the total set by Twilight.  Conventional wisdom in Hollywood would suggest that sequels don’t do as well as originals. There’s one thing we’ve learned in three years of covering Twilight—forget conventional wisdom, it almost never applies here!


  1. New Moon will totally sell more than Twilight! Twilight only added thousands of new fans who’s waiting in line now together with the original book-fans 😀 and as it gets more fans, it gets more attention and even more tickets are sold. Anyone with me?

    • I absolutely agree. The fan base has definitely increased dramatically as will ticket sales. I’m so excited. I’m taking the day of to wait in line:) I already bought 20 tickets last week for myself and family for midnight! Wish I was going to the premier at the Village:( How awesome would that be.

    • I’ve got my midnight showing ticket and plan on watching New Moon at least ten times or more…cant wait. I am so excited.

  2. could you put a link to the original article, I’d love to read it. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Yea there are thousands more fans now. It will sell out quickly and I already know 15 people who didn’t get to watch Twilight at the movies. It’s going to be crazy.
    And yes Anna I AGREE WITH YOU !!!

  4. i’m so excited. Cant wait. Going all the way to the UK from Nigeria to see New Moon (and to have a holiday) because i’m not sure WHEN it comes out here!

  5. I got my tickets to the midnight screening. Woot Woot!!!! Now, i’ll just have to camp out 24 hours in advance just to get a good seat in the theatre!

  6. New Moon is definitely gonna make more than Twilight!! i cant wait I’m buying my tickets in the next couple weeks i cant go to the midnight showing cause me and my friends have school the next day but i am going the next day with my friends then we are having a new moon themed sleepover woohoo! 😀

  7. I brought my midnight tickets in the New Orleans area the day they went on sale and now I’m hearing from some friends and others, that they can’t find them. This movie and the other two will definitly beat out old Hollywood conventional wisdom!

    • I have checked and rechecked several times daily for tickets to sell at the Hammond Palace Theatre. On Movie Tickets website they are the only theatre on their list for the New Orleans area to not be selling advanced tickets.. I dont understand this. I cant get in touch with anyone at the theatre by phone so I guess I will have to go over there and ask in person. This is very very frustrating!!!!!

  8. I am really looking forward to New Moon. My 9th wedding anniversary is Nov 18th, and my husband (love him!) asked if I wanted to go see New Moon for my anniversary present. As much as I’d love to see it when it opens, I am sort of scared to go opening night, or even opening weekend. I want to be able to hear the movie, and after seeing the preview on youtube from ComiCon with all the screaming ladies, I am wondering if the theater is going to be full of screaming ladies. Any idea how long I’d have to wait for some of the new release chaos to die down, or should I just try it and hope that the screaming is minimal?

    • Thats what i am going to do is wait, as hard as its going to be to wait I would rather be able to hear the movie. So i am going to wait a week (or thats what i keep telling myself,lol)

    • Rosalie's pain says

      The best time to go and watch this movies is during the weekday. If you and your husband can take a day off, it would be the best thing to do, that way you can watch it early in the day. I will probably wait 6 days after its opening date to go see it. Although its my favorite book, I don’t want to be competing with all the other fans. I will simply re-read the book during that time. Also, I saw the new trailer and must say i was very dissapointed. It shows that the Volturi are fighting with Edward which is something that never happened in the book. The volturi come accross as vampires who don’t appreciate violence unless there is no other means of correcting the problem. They seem very civil.

      • See it opening night to experience the craziness (and history–breaking records!) of it all. Then go to a matinee to really dig in to the movie details without all the screamimg. We are all going to see the movie more than once anyway, right?

        I disagree with the Volturri statement. They have a record of gathering to them Vampires with potent powers (i.e. Jane!) and I think they love any excuse to show their dominance–whether violent (vampire baby slaughter) or subtle (telling Bella they look forward to “checking in on her” soon). IMO they are as eveil as they come.

        • Got my tickets this morning thru Fandango! Going to the midnight release! There’s school the next morning so we’ll see how the noise level will be. LOL! Darn, I’ll probably be one of the noise makers myself! LOL I’m going to the mignight show to have fun and just go crazy and let loose! Then I’ll probably go once a week thereafter until the DVD comes out! I’m 49 and my 18 yr old son is coming with me to take it all in! I’m going to the Regal Cinema’s in Marysville Washington. Anyone going there? Let me know, so we can get crazy together! Thanks!

    • If the theater has good enough sound it should drown out enough of the screamers so you can at least hear it. I’ve been to enough movies with very loud crowds and as long as the sound is up the noise isn’t distracting.

    • I fully expected the same thing the night of the Twilight movie: a theater full of screaming teens. But I was pleasantly surprised. That theater was as quiet as church. You could hear a pin drop through the whole movie. Even tweens want to see every minute so they tend to keep quiet!

      • I think if you can go during the day it will better to avoid the “screamers”. They will still be at school 😉 It is opening during the day on the 20th where I am so I am hoping it will be quieter if possible.

  9. I already got my advanced midnight showing tickets for New Moon! 🙂 Now I’ve to wait like two months to see the movie, Nov. 20 can’t seem to come any faster.

    • gabrielle stevens says

      im gonna wait till a little later cause i wanna be able to hear the movie but i cant talk cause im gonna be one of those screaming girls and november 20th feels like its getting farther every minute

  10. I’ll have you guys know – if you wait until a weeknight to see “NM” you can see it without the screamers. I do know that everyone wants to be among the first to see it (a childhood friend and I in the same neighborhood had a competition of who’d get their dirver’s license first) but I went mid-week for Twilight and all the blockbusters this summer and enjoyed casual *silent* theaters with lots of extra seating. I won’t see a big movie any other way now! 😉

  11. i just bought my new moon tickets. lol no way am i gonna miss out on a midnight showing. im gonna make a shirt to wear there that says “i went to see new moon and all i heard was screaming fangirls” lmao

  12. Anyway I will watch New Moon on the day of release!

  13. What do you mean by conventional?

    What do you mean by wisdom?

    All of the Harry Potter movies have done better than their predecessors.

    Most modern franchises tend to work that way.

  14. hey, jw if anyone knows how reliable is? my friend was gonna get her tickets from there.

  15. Just a heads up. Fandango said my theater wasn’t selling tickets online. I went over to and they had them! So check around, not just one site when you are looking for tickets.

  16. phillygirl19119 says

    Got my tickets just a few minutes ago for the 12am show. I was trying to buy my tix for the first show on Friday but they’re only selling 7pm right now. Why? I don’t know. But I’ll be at the first show on Friday as well. I’m taking off work. I’m planning to see it 2 to three times (maybe more) on Friday, we’ll see. But I will see it twice w/in a 12 hr period, LOL. I got my tickets off of Fandango. I’m soooo excited! Go New Moon!

  17. OMG i can’t wait! I got my tix for the midnight showing but its 2 hours away from where I live. I’m in nursing school and I have class and an important meeting the next day but I don’t care if I don’t get to sleep that night! It’ll be SO worth it!

  18. I’m 100% certain that New Moon will also break records, and a bigger one too. The sad thing is that here in Montreal, I can’t get my tickets in advance.

  19. I’ve got my tickets!

  20. So excited! I just ordered tickets for the first showing at one of the theaters here in Hawaii!! I’ve never been to the first showing of anything before so I’m not sure what to expect but I know there will be a massive line. Both my teenagers are coming w/me (19 & 17) as well as my niece (20) & we’re all super excited. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

  21. I got mine and my best friend’s tickets last week!!

  22. I believe it will sell more tickets the twilight did but of course I loved twilight just the same but I am going to see New Moon on Friday and Saturday I just cant wait I am so excited.

  23. I bought me and my daughter’s tickets for the midnight showing…we cannot wait:)

  24. they will sell more tickets with New Moon , I know this b/c I have a lot of friends that were not fans of the books or when to see Twilight and now they have seen it and read the books and can’t wait for New Moon so yea New Moon will surpass Twilight sell for sure …

  25. In Lacey, WA the midnight showing had already sold out the first day they went on sale. New Moon is going to make more than Twilight.

    I can’t wait…

  26. My favorite theater hasn’t released tickets yet. Won’t do so, until a month before. Have my office calendar, iphone & home computer calendar set to remind me day of. I have a dozen tickets to order.

  27. I finally got my tix for New Moon midnight so excited but kinda scared at the same time.. I have never been to a midnight showing for ANY movie so I am excited for that..but I’m afraid im gonna go off on some teens and tell them to stop screaming..hope its worth it! 🙂

  28. I have my tickets ;0) When Fandango notified me that tickets were on on pre-sale, got it immediately!!! Excited to be a part of the hoopla..

  29. I already have my tickets!!! I got them as soon as it was available for the 12:01am showing!!!!!

  30. test

    • This has nothing to do with the topic. Im just wondering why i can write comments on the Lex but cant register in your forum with above Email.

      Ist it because its a german adress? Grr… stupid tech.

  31. I bought my tickets last week from the movie theater for the midnight show! So excited 🙂

  32. I was looking at a documentary on Star Wars the other day and they were talking about how some movies are unable to break the sequel curse. However that didn’t apply to Star Wars and it certainly won’t for the Twilight saga. New Moon does have it’s challenges and based on what we’ve seen so far,Chris Weitz was able to pull it off. The first film did great,but critics dismissed it as a typical teen movie.So for those that hadn’t read the first book,most thought it looked like an episode of Buffy the vampire slayer. This second film will be alot darker than the first and that should make at least some of the critics notice that this isn’t just a story for teens.

    • I think New Moon will be significantly better than Twilight. I think the first movie left out several key issues from the book e.g. Edward’s struggle to stay away from Bella and then struggling to stay with her. They brushed over that so much and it was core to the last half of the book. What we have seen from Chris so far shows us that he will stay truer to the story while translating it properly to the screen e.g. more action with the Volturi.

  33. I bought my tickets yesterday thru Fandango – early show (a.m.) of the 20th. Last year, it was empty at that time for Twilight! I am hoping it is just as empty b/c I got to hear every word w/o screaming.

  34. I don’t know how you can wait till the week lol .. we have a 21 years and older room in our theaters so I’m excited about that because no teens or kids are allowed.


  35. It really is hp vs twilight now, with it coming out in the same year, I;m guessing twilight will get either 2 or 3rd highest grossing film this year?

  36. new moon sorry.

  37. Just got got my tickets! Yay…but now I’m worried that I will not get to enjoy the movie much because of the screaming fans!!LOL!!

  38. Our little theater doesn’t sell tickets ahead of time – you go, stand in line, and buy them. That’s it.


  1. […] Luna en línea, cosa que solo pasa una vez…adivinaron…están agotados. Según LA Times: “Los vendedores de boletos en línea MovieTickets y Fandango reportaron que la continuación del éxito de Summit Entertainment, el cual vendió $191.5 millones en boletos en U.S.A. y Canadá, está agotando las presentaciones más temprano que cualquier otra película a la fecha.” “Luna Nueva” ha vendido hasta agotar 50 funciones de casi 22,000 ofrecidas en Fandango y 13 de las funciones de 2,912 ofrecidas en MovieTickets. La mayoría de las funciones vendidas son alrededor de la media noche del 20 de noviembre, cuando la película estrena. Va a ser interesante ver si Luna Nueva rompe el total establecido por Crepúsculo. Convencionalmente se dice en Hollywood que a las secuelas no les va tan bien como a la original. Ahí otra cosa que he aprendido en los tres años que he cubierto Crepúsculo — olvídate de los convencionalismos, casi nunca han aplicado aquí!. Fuente: Twilightlexicon […]

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