The End of the World Means Save Twilight?

The Sony Pictures website has a series of polls going on what items should be saved if the world ended in 2012. It’s all part of a PR stunt for their new movie 2012 which, as you may have guessed, is one of those end of the world as its premise type of flicks.

Anyway, Twilight already won as the top movie that people would preserve. It finished just ahead of Moonwalker and Star Wars.

Now, the Twilight Saga and The Host are up for contention in the literature category, and need your votes. They are also collecting nominations for music, so submit your favorite artist.

We’re wondering if some Sony executive is banging his/her head against the wall because the nominees and winners aren’t a landslide of Sony backed productions.

TY to TalithaGen on Twitter for the heads up.


  1. AHH I totally hate these kinds of movies they freak me out!!! Wow i love me some twilight but cant believe it was #1 movie good 4 them.The polls were fun to vote on but i had to vote for h.potter,lord of the rings and than our beloved twilight.It was tough!!!Honestly i dont know if i would be thinkin bout any of this stuff if this really did happen LOL

    • i voted for the same exact movie series. i know everyone feels affinity for stephenie but the host was really not a good book. there were far too many similarities to twilight without coming close to it. she shouldve gone for a new formula instead of giving us bella in new wrapping along with the recycled love triangle story.

      i dont fantasize about two men beingg in love with me and i just find it creepy.

      • Um…The Host is way better than Twilight will ever be. The “love triangle” is not a “love triangle” at all, its a square. The Host is on a whole other than Twilight. The characters are uber-different and much more interesting. Stephenie’s writing is very mediocre in The Twilight Saga, she said it herself that she thinks The Host is her best book and I agree.

        • cameron is funny. the triangle is a square. the bottom line is that the host was the same old recycled formula from twilight. the host girl was this supposed selfless martyr that did everything for everyone else but herself just like bella who also had two guys in love with her. im a green person but i dont appreciate this kind of recycling.

          who cares what stephenie said about her own writing.. of course shes going to say its good. duh. no one else thinks its good.. they dont even think so in twilight. twilight is just good cause the story was so good. i love twilight more than anything else in the world but im objective enough to know that the writing wasnt good just like mine isnt. so what? the host sucks even worse.

        • if stephenie meyer never wrote twilight, the host wouldn’t even get mention anywhere nor would it even be a top seller. even stephen king had a couple of duds. dont get all offensive. sheesh. you make twilight fans look bad always getting defensive about everything.

          • oh, and guys, im i wrong for not liking how they’ve done up edward in new moon? doesnt he look older? i know the franchise is trying to expand its audience but edward is supposed to be 17. theyve got him looking as old as robert pattinsons real age. me no likey

  2. …:(..I’m scared

  3. I voted Twilight for #1 and Harry Potter for #2. I also nominated the Twilight Soundtrack for music. I’m so obsessed, lol.

    • i voted twilight, harry potter, and lord of the rings. i think it’s pretty horrible how many vote for the host. it shows theyve really not read any of the other great stories out there to know how insignificant it is in comparison. it really makes twilight fans seem obsessed rather than objective. the host would never have barely caught a publishers attention.

  4. I voted 1# Harry Potter Series, 2# Wuthering Heights by Emily Bontë and 3# Twilight Series 🙂

  5. I would preserve ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ the is one of my all time favorite movies even though its based on a book by S. King who I lost all respect for when he was a douche to Stephenie. But I’d have to preserve Imogen Heap and Florence + the Machine when it comes to music. I would have to definitely save the Twilight saga and Jane Eyre for books.

  6. I love Twilight, but honestly it beat such things as lotr, harry potter and various others? I’m sorry I love twilight but lotr and hp are timeless.

  7. I voted Harry Potter #1, Twilight #2, and Romeo & Juliet #3

    As much as I lovelovelove Twilight, HP came first.

  8. Wait…twilight beat out star wars? there is something wrong here…I mean I like twilight as much as anyone but the movie was that great.

    • Zookie Monster says

      Honestly! Star Wars is a legend. :] I own all 6 movies, and each one is fantastic (Okay…maybe the fourth and second weren’t my favorites…) But I actually dislike that Twilight’s the movie to save…Sure, nice movie, but there’s more fish in the sea, guys >_>

  9. *sorry I meant wasn’t that great

  10. I’m a lover of Twilight myself so keep that in mind, but seriously the movie being the #1 pick as THE movie to preserve?! And some Twilight Fans wonder why there’s so many Twilight-haters out there?? This could be a very valid reason why a lot of people roll their eyes at this franchise’s name.

  11. wow thats sweet that twilight would be perserved!!! 🙂

  12. I definately voted the books # 1, and they are, it just can’t be denied. I’m hoping the movies get better and better, cause, truthfully, and i’m sorry, it just wasn’t the epic of Lord of the rings or Harry Potter, or my favorite, To kill a mockingbird….or on and on. I would fight you about the books tho’, they belong number 1 and would be my choice over and over…..more Steph, more….

  13. Zookie Monster says

    What. Twilight is THE movie to save? Man, I’d save all my Terminator movies! *Clutches Terminator, Titanic, the Twilight BOOKS, and her cardboard Edward* AHHH! 2012!

    It’s a hoax 😀 lol But I really want to see that movie!

  14. The Twilight movie is something I’d much rather forget. =/

  15. I missed out on voting for the films but am quite surprised by the results.

    Anyway, for the books category, I chose Harry Potter #1, LoTR #2 and Twilight #3. Though I’d save ALL my books if I have the choice.

  16. In litterature, I voted #1 for the Twilight Saga, #2 for the Host and #3 for Pride&Prejudice. I hope Paramore wins in the music category.

  17. okay wow twilight ? It was goo but not great it should be New moon lol but anyways i wouldn’t take anything with me i would want to be with my family the whole time.. .:/

  18. yup i agree! not 2 mention the up coming twilight saga movies!

  19. I did not vote in the movie category…but for me…i would save my LOTR extended and deluxe edition trilogy…those movies are Epic! a Masterpiece.
    In the books I voted 1-Twilight Saga 2- Bibble and 3- LOTR (Tolkien series)….I know there are classics and wonderful books that might better represent humankind…but for me the Twilight books are sacred…it is the story of my dreams and i wanna have it with me forever!

  20. I voted for the Twilight series. I could live without the Potter series.

  21. That is just sad. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the books, but seriously? Preserve the Twilight movie over all the great classic films out there??? You can tell the primary age range of the voters…::rolling eyes::

  22. Hahahahaha yikes…let’s let the Twilight MOVIE burn…the Series was great though haha just the Movie we can forget. Honestly it was AWFUL…yeah I don’t want to be rude but CH should switch professions? I think it’s crap that she’s getting ALL of this attention for putting together a crappy movie. It’s really SM fame she’s riding off of. Hahaha yes it was that awful to me haha SO HOPEFULLY BUT NOT LIKELY they will REDO Twilight haha.

  23. I’m sorry…The Twilight Books are ranking higher than the Bible?!?!? Honestly, religious significance aside, it’s the most influential book in the history of the world, and you’d throw that aside for a pop culture phenomenon? I love Twilight and I defend it quite avidly, but I voted #1 Bible, #2 Pride and Prejudice, #3 Lord of the Rings

  24. Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.