Catherine Hardwicke In Guinness Book of World Records

According to Reuters:

“When it comes to some of the biggest movies of the decade, Guinness World Records has it covered. JJ Abram’s re-imagination of Star Trek made it into this year’s book as the “Most Downloaded Movie Trailer (24 Hours)” with 1.8 million downloads on in the first day and more than five million in its first five days of release. Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, has captured the hearts and wallets of millions while claiming the record for “Highest-Grossing Movie By A Female Director”.


  1. Go catherine! Well deserved too!

  2. Congrats Cathrine!! She deserves it!!!

  3. Very cool! Well deserved 🙂

  4. yeah…she deserves it SO much…I hope that the New Moon will be as successful as the Twilight was. 🙂

  5. cool! Congratulation Cathrine…

  6. Im sorry but she does NOT deserve this honor. Twilight would have been huge no matter who directed it because it already had a huge following. But in my opinion she was a huge problem with the movie. I dont think she truly cared about what the fans wanted. She made that movie for herself and I was SOOOO glad she got replaced by Chris Weitz.

    • Omyy,,

      I completely agree with you,,
      she missed so many important parts in the book. She missed when they were falling in love,, all she cared about was the action,, and lyke you said that she Made the movie for herself.
      And,, on top of all that,, Many people don’t lyke twilight beacause of the first movie. Ihope Neww Moon changes their percpacective .(:

  7. Congratulations, Cathrine!
    You have done a great job with such a tight budget. You have found Kristin and Rob who fit in so amazingly well as Bella and Edward in many people’s mind. All the best in your future!

  8. Ok I will say she did a good job casting rob and kristen

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