David Slade Reveals Eclipse Mountain Vista

David Slade it back on Twitter again. This time it’s a Twitpic of the mountain top location. Can we say sleeping bag anyone?

Poor David is having a bit of a rough time. Recent filming at Jacob’s house caused him to have an allergy attack because the place is a working goat farm. Now is bringing us the mountain scenes David tweeted, “6am mountain. A black bear strayed close to us. We shoot solid through, sunburnt and tired we return at sunset.”


  1. whoa…i’d like to be IN the tent with the three of them 🙂 can i be a p.a.? extra? coffee girl? man, what i’d give to be a part of the filming production… i’ve ranted so much just because of a mountain scenery picture oh god i’m embarassed lol.

  2. The pic is beautiful, love the colors!!!

  3. What a trooper. 🙂 Beautiful pic!

  4. It’s so gorgeous.. I cannot wait for that movie!
    Kinda sucks that they are having a hard time though.

  5. Peace.Love.Twilight. says:

    haha wow. sounds like my luck that david slade is having…so wish i could see a pic of the sleeping bag!!! or possibly taylor and kristen…

  6. I imagined it different, like in a forest with trees and snow on the ground during the scene when Jacob and Bella kisses. Remember Bella was trying to get Seth to talk and was throwing pine cones at him? Plus, it was supposed to be really cold, hence Jacob was her “space heater”. Oh well I hope they get it right. That landscape is beautiful but not what I imagined for that scene.

    • Edit: Maybe it’s the first kiss between them, when Bella punches Jacob?!?

    • Uh… that doesn’t look kind of cold? Lol, maybe it doesn’t to most people… I’m a Phoenix girl, so it looks pretty cold to me! 😀

      But Cathryn below made a good point: when they have to do on-location shoots, they often have to “add” the weather details during post production. As cold as it can get in Vancouver, I don’t think it snows there in early September. (I could be wrong?) I’m sure they’ll do what they can, so that the “space heater” part makes sense.

      I also have a feeling this isn’t the exact location, since there’s no film equipment in sight… The trees are probably closer in the place where they’re shooting, and that’s definitely a forest in the background. But I guess we’ll see when official footage is released! =)

  7. The editing team will probably add the snow and stuff later.

  8. Wow, that’s really gorgeous! I can’t wait to see that scene in the movie, if it’s the one with the sleeping bag… It’s one of my favorite scenes in Eclipse. (Actually, it’s probably my favorite scene with the three main characters in all the books!)

    The location looks fantastic. I hope David Slade starts having an easier time of it, though… Seems like this film has definitely had some challenges so far. Hopefully, everything will come together in the end, and it will be worth all the hard work!

  9. I’m actually having a hard time imagining the three of them in a tent (how big is it anyway?) with the cinematographer with a huge camera and david slade directing..what a crowded scene lol.

  10. Wow, that’s beautiful. I’d so love to be there.

  11. man that pic is gourgous and ive already seen the movie and i live in the sunshine state so i cant tell if its cold or not but it could be

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