Ashley Greene on Breaking Dawn

Ashley Greene discussed Breaking Dawn with MTV. What’s very interesting is where, according to Ashley, they are with that project right now. To us, it seems like they are in the “Well it would be fun to do, I’d totally do it, but there are not firm plans yet” stages.


  1. I totally agree with Ashley. Deciding to make BD would “kind of be a no brainer”. Just waiting for a release date to be added to the official website. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. HAHA of course their gonna make BD. I mean we all know the next two movies are gonna do just as good, if not better the Twilight, so it really is like Ashley said “a no brainer”. Keep the fans happy is all that you relly need to do ๐Ÿ™‚

    • RIGHT ON Kelly/ALISON,Please of course they will make it..We have to finish the journey.Thats like not making the last H.Potter movies.SUMMITS probably doing this just so they can get as much hype as they can. YES not my fav. but we must see BELLA in her wedding dress and see that crazy baby.

  3. Amen.

  4. I can’t wait to see this movie come to the big screen. To see Bella and Edward get married will be so beautiful. Loved, loved, loved the book!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rosalie's pain says:

    With all the hype surrounding Twilight, I think we might get a Twilight overload. I’m trying not to read magazines about whats going on and staying away from other websites as well. I do this just to keep the memory of the books intact. I liked Breaking Dawn, but it was not my favorite. My favorite part was Jacob’s book. I loved what Katharine did with Twilight and I hope the new directors dont ruin what she did. I love the world she created and even the scenes she added that were not on the book. I felt they went with the tory very well. Also, the Twilight Saga is a love story before anything else. Im not sure we fans are dying to see special effects that are superior and jaw droping every other minute. Its a story about teenagers falling in love and dealing with pain when the love is not returned.

  6. Totally agree.

  7. With the success of New Moon and Eclipse, how aer they not going to make Breaking Dawn into a movie? No one can possibly say that those two movie aren’t going to do well: they’re the most anticipated movie of this year and most likely next. Money=movies.
    Though I do agree with some of you in the sense that the last book was useless and pointless (my least favorite book in the series). But I’m still going to see it, not matter how much I hate Renesmee, because I’m a Twilighter.

  8. Summit has already confirmed they will be making it. The first time I read BD, it was shocking to me, However, reading it the second time, I totally got it and I am excited to see it brought to the screen. All I can say to those of you who don’t like BD, don’t spoil it for the rest of us. Just because you don’t want to see the film, don’t ask that it not be made. It’s part of Bella’s story that doesn’t end with Eclipse. I’m sorry though, that you weren’t able to enjoy the entire series that is totally amazing.

    • Yisel Cullen says:

      I agree with you Jo Ann…personally I loved BD since the first time I read it…i’m not gonna say that i woudn’t have change some things but as a whole it is good as it is…in the saga is my 2nd favorite.
      I’d love to see the movie…the wedding…Nessie…all the vamps that appear at the end…if some of you don’t want to see the movie (in case it gests made)..don’t watch it…it is very easy…but don’t ruin it either for the rest of us who want to see the end of this story in the big screen.

  9. I really hope that they make BD! It is my favorite book in the series. I know not everyone agrees with me on that but it is still part of Bella and Edwards story and I would like to see it all brought to life on the bigscreen with all the castmembers returning and get to see what the Denali sisters are like!

    • I agree Beth. Although New Moon was my favorite, I loved Breaking Dawn too. C’mon, Bella as a vampire? That is just totally awesome! Of all the things I want to see on the big screen, that is my #1. Also the part where Bella & Edward finally make love–I mean they’ve waited for so long & now they’re married. To finally consumate their relationship & love in that way & to see it on the big screen will be beyond awesome. I mean its a huge tender moment! I’m for BD being made all the way!

  10. Please, Ashley, come back for Breaking Dawn! She’s the perfect Alice. She can’t be replaced. I so really want Breaking Dawn to be made into a movie(or maybe hopefully two!), but I also don’t want the cast to be changed at all. Otherwise, the movie would be ruined.

  11. Envy loves Wrath says:

    Exactly. Do we really need to add a poorly-made R rated movie to the Twilight world?

    • Twilight_News says:

      Regardless of if you like Breaking dawn as a book or not, the movie will not be rated R. Scenes won’t be anymore gruesome than what is on ER, so it won’t be R.

  12. all the peeps that think they shouldent make bd r crazy!i love that book just as much as all the others.all the books are so alsome they would be crazy if they dident!with all the same peeps,it wouldent be the same if they start taking the peeps out and adding new ones.i love this saga and i usually dont get into the crazyness=)so that says alot!i would love to be a movie extra in any of the movies the storylines are so great just everything about it is special.

  13. phillygirl19119 says:

    Breaking Dawn is a tab on the official Twilight Saga website. THEY ARE DOING BREAKING DAWN. It’s just about logistics probably w/the actors projects and release dates. I’m sure the script has been “quietly” in the works for a while. They would be fools if it isn’t. It’s also deciding if they are going to make it into one or two movies. I think that’s the debate. What’s feasible. So, they cannot lock in the air dates until they decide on one or two movies. They would be fools not to have commissioned some special effects company not to develop Nessie as well. Frankly, I think they can do it in one movie unless they want to drag out the pregnancy. I can’t see it. It’s not like Deathly Hallows whereas you cannot cut anything because every detail in the book is needed because it effects something else. Breaking Dawn isn’t like that. A 2 1/2 – 3 hr film ought to do. But I think like in New Moon, the final confrontation will be totally different from the book. I think there will be more deaths of witnesses and attacks between the Volturi and the witnesses. It’s not going to end quietly like the book w/just a bunch of tension. However, if it’s two movies, the pregnancy will have to be the bulk of the movie w/it breaking at the arrival of Irina seeing Nessie and Jacob as a wolf. That means the second film would have to be about the gathering of the witnesses, Bella’s training and then the final confrontation. The logistics of Breaking Dawn as a final movie is tricky because you have to figure out to keep it interesting as a “film”. It’s one thing as a book but bringing Breaking Dawn on film is a tricky proposition. I think to save money, all of Jacob’s book will not be from the perspective of Jacob particularly as a wolf. He’s going to be in human form for a lot of it. I can see that being edited from Bella’s perspective and not as Jacob’s. But this is just my opinion, we’ll see. But no matter, Breaking Dawn will be a movie. Summit’s not that dumb.

  14. this is 1 of the best sagas in the world,i am twilight geek and it will be amazing when breaking dawn comes out on the big screen, oh and for ppl who dnt like it pls dnt ruin it 4 others who love the books & the movies

  15. i am not looking forward to a BD movie. my eyes might bleed, just a little.

  16. BD just totally ruined my happy little twilight world, so I rather they dont make the movie, cos honestly it can only end up being crapy :/ I DID LOVE the twilight saga until I started reading BD, and I DO like the movie, and I am looking very much forward to November, and also to see what the do with Eclipse, but I REALLY hope something will get in the way of making BD. Just give Eclipse a made-up ending, it can turn out better, just spare us from BD on the screen. Jacobs book was the only part that started out decent, and even that got ruined big time! ๐Ÿ™ It’s just soo aaargh… just split Eclipse into 2 movies, make a nice fight, some funny moments, some background stories, and then make a suitable ending, that would be worth so much more…

    • If you didn’t like BD thats totally fine! But there are lots of people who did and want to see it on the big screen. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t make it. Just dont go see it if they do, simple as that! Other people shouldn’t be left out because some people didn’t care for it. You have a choice whether to see it or not, if its not made, no one has a choice. No need to be selfish because of personal preferences!

  17. Hey, did I stumble onto the wrong website? Isn’t this Twilight Lexicon where all the Twilight fans go to get their daily dose of all things Twilight? Yes, it is! Well there seems to be a lot of haters visiting our site. What’s up guys? Breaking Dawn was an awesome book. Bella & Edward get married, they have Nessie, Jacob will always be in Bella’s life & all will be happy & good in this Twilight world we have come to love. But seriously, whether you love it or hate it, we have to see this saga through on the big screen. It just wouldn’t be complete wtihout a Breaking Dawn movie.

  18. Just because I think one of the books is CRAP (which it is for those of us who knows what a good book is) doesnt mean Im a hater, if you read my post you would actually see that I quite like the other books! and the movie, and also the trailer for New Moon. I do however have an opinion, and it cant all be wonderful…

    • I’m curious Christina as to what qualifies as a good book? I wasn’t aware that there is a certain criteria that must be met in order for a book to reach “good” status. I guess having legions of fans who actually do love this book and selling millions of copies (still selling and on the best sellers lists) doesn’t count. So what does? Care to enlighten us?

    • Let’s see Christina, since you feel like educating me with your trivial opinions, let me educate you with a fact. The word hate means to dislike someone or something intensely or have a strong distaste for something. A hater is someone who displays those emotions towards a particular person or thing; like the dislike you so eloquently described. And that’s fine. Personally, I try to be courteous & practice mutual respect towards everyone on this msg forum, whether they share my likes or not. Calling something “CRAP” that I or one of our fellow Twilight friends like just ain’t cool.

  19. I can’t wait to see BD made into a film and at the moment it’s just a waiting game to see when pre-production will start. The studio had no idea how well the first movie would do and it charged out of the gate to the tune of $70 million the opening weekend. That gave them the confidence to greenlight New Moon and search for a new director as well,since Catherine wasn’t going to direct the next one. I think it goes without saying that seeing how exicited everyone is about this latest trailer,New Moon is going to do better than Twilight did. Once the first weekend grosses come in,both fans and the studio can sigh in relief. Summit will then start to figure out a shooting schedule for Breaking Dawn. I cannot wait to see the wedding and Bella as a vampire protecting her family. BD ties up the storyline from Bella’s pov and it would be great to see the last book become a movie.

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